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    New Battlefield 3 Maps Gain New Conquest Domination Mode

    Battlefield 3 will be getting a new batch of maps in June with the release of battlefield 3: Close Quarters downloadable content. Now, new information about the pack has come to light. The download pack will leave out the option for new "Rush" style modes, which sees teams either attacking or defending "MCOM" stations. The team from The Battlefield Blog explained the decision in a post today: " more.
  • By on March 19, 2012

    Nintendo’s Closure 60 Years Away; Who Has Egg on Their Face?

    The most valuable video game company in the world is less valuable than it was a few years ago; slow hardware sales, lack of game releases and competition from a computer company. Oh to be a tech journalist right now. 2011 was a strange year for video gaming, largely due to the amount of "doom and gloom" surrounding the biggest flag for the entire industry; Nintendo. Suddenly, video games were more.
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