Aussie-Gamer.com was founded in July, 2010 with the idea of a fast, clean, easy to navigate video game news website with a growing community. We cover a wide range of video gaming news and include editorials, opinions, interviews and reviews.

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For any media contacts regarding content use, source enquiries, advertising or general questions, please contact our Media department using the form at our Contact Page.

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Aussie-Gamer.com encourages interaction from the community. We will never disclose personal information to any 3rd party. We believe in fair use for all users, our team of moderators actively monitor posts and remove any offensive material.

We reserve the right to ban users who abuse our services. Our forum has a “reporting” feature to allow users to report offensive posts or users to the moderator team. We do, however, advise due caution that would be required on any internet website with various users.

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Aussie-Gamer.com has an interactive chat room, available to forum members. We hold no responsibility for any comments or opinions expressed within this service. Should an offensive member cause grief, one should report those parties to a moderator. Moderators on the forum and chat rooms can be identified by their username colour. Moderators are either Red, Blue or Green. While we try to monitor the chat rooms at all times, it is sometimes impossible. If the chat rooms contain offensive material, please report the offender and close the chat window.

Insults, “trolling”, “spamming” and general destructive behaviour will not be tolerated. In severe cases, your username may be banned from use of the website.

Illegal content submitted by users on Aussie-Gamer.com will be handed over to the Australian Federal Police, along with your computer’s IP address, your name and email address, and any posts you have posted on the website.

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Aussie-Gamer.com uses standard 3rd party software that most websites use. Such software is used for various purposes as we explain below. We strive to ensure security of our users. Please read the terms and conditions on the 3rd party software pages for more information.

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Google Analytics collects anonymous data from users so we can have an understanding of how many people access the site, how they access the site, how long they visit, and what pages they look at. Please note that the tool does not collect any personal information, it’s just a tool to help us improve the website for our visitors.

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We use Google Adsense for our advertising solution. If you have intrest in advertising on our website, please contact the Media Department (details above).

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In addition to Google AdSense ads, we also serve ads through the Integri platform. Please see the above link to Integri to read up on their privacy policy.

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Aussie-Gamer.com uses the services of Disqus to host comments on our website. Please see the link above to lean more about Disqus and to review their privacy policy.

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All parties who make or submit content for Aussie-Gamer.com – which is all content bearing our logo or used on the Website in news posts, forum posts, blogs or other – including video, “The Wrap”, podcasts, all other media, written, spoken or recorded, which also includes images and graphics created for the website agree the submittal becomes exclusive property of Aussie-Gamer.com and its owner.

The Owner has full control over how the material is used on the website or externally. For the purposes of copyright, Aussie-Gamer.com is the owner of all content submitted to the Website.

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Please read our Privacy Policy at this link.

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