Australian Xbox One Hands On with Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse and More

We road test the biggest Xbox One launch titles

Microsoft Australia invited the Aussie-Gamer team to Sydney where we went hands on with the latest builds of some of Xbox One’s flagship titles.

Video games on hand included Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome, Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 and Kinect Sports Rivals. Ancient fighting title turned next-gen free-to-play Killer Instinct was also playable, as was racing simulation Forza Motorsport 5.

Set to the backdrop of DJ talent Ruby Rose, we had ample time to check out all the Xbox One had to offer. Many of these games are set to be playable in public at EB Expo this October, and most will launch alongside Xbox One come November 22, 2013.

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  • Kurt Biz


    • Tynan Muddle


    • deeboy17

      Yeah like Killzone.

      • B_Boss

        Uh..KZ is 60FPS in Multiplayer.

        • Brian Bishop

          Not a constant 60 though. Let’s all be honest here. Both systems will have games that are not at 60 1080. Get over it.

          • B_Boss

            “get over it” lol? Nothing to “get over”.

            Yes, it won’t be a constant (even though there are reports that it is very constant) but your statement is in error unless you meant SP Mode. My statement simply meant that it will be (MP) more 60fps than not and by all accounts that seems to be true.

          • Brian Bishop

            No, I meant MP. Your first statement was in error as the MP will run mostly in 60 but “mostly” is not constant. You just made a blanket statement that it will run at 60 which would lead most to believe that it was constant. I was merely pointing out a fact that that is not the case.

          • Maxcer Maxcer

            we already had games at 60FPS and 1080P this gen. WipeOutHD was one of them. it’s more about what the developer does. It’s much easier to sell a pretty 30FPS game to the casuals because they don’t know f%C& all.

          • Tynan Muddle

            A game at 30FPS isn’t bad in any way. That’s like saying a masterpiece is crap because the painter only used one colour.

          • benbenkr

            Bad analogy. A painting is to look at, marvel at, and that’s it.

            A game is to be played, experienced and to be visualised in. A game moves, a painting doesn’t.
            Granted, 30fps isn’t bad when done properly in the right context of games. But it’s hard to deny that 60fps is better than 30fps for the most part.

          • Maxcer Maxcer

            it might not be bad but 60FPS is always better. when you set up PC games you always go for high framerate first, then resolution, and when those are stable you start turning up all the bells and whistles. at least that what i do.

          • B_Boss

            Doesn’t matter what the other console will have when you read my post. I was merely responding to deeboy17’s post. The reports seem to imply that it will be 60fps moreso than not but it isn’t a dealbreaker and one sure as hell cannot (and should not) imply that a console is ‘better’ because of this news. Relax. You get over…whatever it is you werent over lol. I’m fine.

        • MnMan

          Killzone doens’t look as good graphically as BF4 on either console. BF4 runs super silky smooth 60 frames on X1. BF4 has dedicated servers on X1 but not on PS4.

          Basically an X1 does everything a PS4 does, plus a ton of other stuff. That is why these Sony fanboys are so eager to self validate on any article about the “other system”.

          They secretly want it. Incidently you don’t see this same nonsense on playstation articles, as xbox fans are not all that interested in that machine based on its incredibly limited capabilities.

          • B_Boss

            I’m not sure how this turned into a fanboy orgy but as I mentioned before, I was merely responding to deeboy17’s post. Anything else concerning which console is “better” or not is irrelevant.

        • Brian Ruiz

          No it’s not.. It’s not at a locked 60fps. They stated that the framerate drops at times.. The PS4 isn’t as powerful as you think.

          • B_Boss

            60fps as in a ‘generalized’ rate. I know of the dropping frames and I honestly never specified what I thought about the PS4’s power. I was merely responding to deeboy17’s post.

  • Javier

    Killer Instinct day one.

  • Axe99

    To be honest, Crimson Dragon and Zoo Tycoon are the only exclusives in the launch lineup that interest me (and Crimson Dragon has the edge by some margin). Did you get a look at either of these?

    • Brian Bishop

      I did. I’m thinking about picking up Crimson Dragon but only if (please don’t bash me) I can play it with the Kinect and not have to use a controller. All the latest game play videos are with the controller.

      • Axe99

        Haha, deffo no bashing in order, you should play what you want how you want :). I actually enjoy a good motion gaming session, but health isn’t what it is these days, and lack the energy for them, so am pretty much gamepad/mouse+kb bound these days (one of the reasons I’ll start next gen off with a PS4 – but I’d be very surprised if I didn’t grab an XB1 at one stage). How was it, and how did it feel with a pad, or did you just play it with Kinect (in which case how was it with Kinect :)).

  • Joe_HTH

    LOL! This is some Sony fanboy levels of bullshit right here. I’ve had some time with Ryse, and this entire article is bullshit.

    • Brian Bishop

      I must admit that I was shocked about the section on Ryse. In my personal opinion, Ryse looks to be one of most beautiful games coming out this next generation even though it’s at 900p upscaled to 1080.

    • Tynan Muddle

      This was online multiplayer mode, we didn’t get a chance to check out the solo/campaign mode. It wasn’t impressive to me at all. Perhaps the most impressive part of it was that they put it on a massive 100″ screen. The graphics were bland, the gameplay was boring. Sorry, that’s just my opinion.

      It was, obviously, a pre-launch demo. The final product will be more polished. Nothing in the demo, though, was exciting. Not because I’m a Sony fanboy. Not because I hate Xbox. Not because Nintendo are paying me to write crap about the competition. I just personally didn’t like it.

      • Steve Denninger

        I don’t like it either & i’m a xbox fan boy. What was the tape covering on the xb1’s?

        • Tynan Muddle

          They looked like an access port (sort of like a battery cover). I just assumed they were there to allow easier access for the developers to get inside and tinker with whatever (probably an easy-access USB port or a way to add more hard drive space during development).

          These were development units, by the way.

    • Brad Long

      I was at the event for Aussie-Gamer too, and I can say for sure that Ryse was incredibly underwhelming. I thought Forza was fun, Dead Rising 3 was pretty awesome and Kinect Sports Rivals was wonderful. No Sony fanboyism here. Ryse was bland, boring, and downright confusing at times.

  • Steve Denninger

    Great review. 1 question. Why is there tape on the top of the xb1’s?

  • John Mumpitz

    B…But Kotaku said Kinect 2.0 is bad and it doesn’t work at all?! Are you a Microsoft-Shill?!

    • Brad Long

      Not sure if troll?

      Look at Press-Start’s coverage, they thought the Kinect 2.0 was as awesome as I thought it was.

      • John Mumpitz

        Good to hear! :)
        I wasn’t serious, it was more like a hint to a Kotaku article: 😉
        sony fanboys said everyone who believes that kinect is awesome, is a MICROSOFT SHILL. lol
        this is ridiculous! Kinect 2.0 is going to be awesome! ;D

        • Brad Long

          Oh good, lol. I commented on that story, I’m chunky_droid on Kotaku. At least Serrells was nice enough to respond to my message, I guess.

  • Realitista

    Yeah, as a father this is the ideal console for me. Some hardcore games for me for the occasional time I get to play by myself, lots of good party games for the kids, and media handling for the rest of the time. Perfect family console.

  • Elbee23

    I was at the EB Games Expo this weekend and got to try out a few of the games listed in this article. I suspect the journalist demos and Expo demos were the same thing.

    Overall, I was really underwhelmed by the Xbox One, and no, that’s because I am a Microsoft hater or other system lover. I’m a gamer, I go where the games are.

    The problem is, the line up for the XBone is just not grabbing me, and I can’t really see it grabbing me within 6 months of it launching. :-(

    I did try Ryse, which had the promise of a good action adventure game, like Dark Souls or Monster Hunter. It is just that the controls felt really off, with collision detection and countering opportunities just feeling absolutely terrible. There were brief moments when everything clicked together and you could chain and counter through groups of enemies, but in reality most of the time I was just fighting the control scheme rather than the enemies, which is never where you want to be in that genre.

    Certainly, it looked great, running at 1080p with great shadows and lighting, but then I think about another game I tried, the new Ninja Gaiden game coming for 360 and PS3, that had average graphics but ridiculously tight controls. I just can’t see them tightening up such a critical issue with under 2 months until the game is avalible for sale.

    The other main game I tried was Titanfall. There was a tonne of hype for that game at the booth, and the queues were ridiculous, even as an express gamer. I finally did grit my teeth and got in for a gameplay session.

    Again though, I was disappointed actually playing it first hand. I’m not a COD player. I don’t really care for twitch reflex games as my muscles don’t always work, and I tried to look beyond the hype, which they really were pushing hard, to see the game as a whole.

    It was worrying to me that Titanfall will be online only. You have to use an internet to play, and it looks like the main story mission will basically be an excuse for a series of competative play maps. I like to pause and take things in, which is easy enough to do in single player campaigns, but forcing me to always be playing the equivalent of a deathmatch or conquest map is a big turn off to me.

    The two innovations that Titanfall brings, that being the verticality and manueverability of the pilots and the difference in gameplay that the Titanfalls (mechs) bring to combat… well, it just was not clicking for me. It’s too easy to just stick to running around on the ground. In theory you can wall run and double jump and mantle across the map – in practice for me it was just hard to get it to do what I wanted to do within the brief playtime I had.

    The Titans are big lumbering mechs. Yes, they can run fastish, but due to their size and the accomodation of pilots it can be a lot harder to move from A to B due to buildings being in the way. It just gets too easy when piloting them to just become a slow moving turrent, and… well, it just wasn’t happening for me.

    Yes, the time I had in actual gameplay was short. Yes, the graphics were nice. In practice though, it was all a bit meh to me. Maybe with time one could get use to maneuvering or the finer points of mech combat, but the way I see things with the basic lack of a single player mode, I just can’t see that to be an easy skill set to acquire. It feels like they are actually pushing mediocricity in playstyle by the way things are set up, rather than really using what are suppose to be innovations.

    I didn’t go hands on with the other games. I couldn’t really care about Dead Rising 3. Let me call a spade a spade, that game is an excuse to mass murder crowds of people, and it does so under the guise of calling them zombies as justification for doing so. That’s not really my cup of tea. :(

    I watched Forza 5 – it looked like a realistic driving simulator, which again does not hold much appeal for me, I usually just get too bogged down in details for me to enjoy those games.

    Killer Instinct looked nice, but gameplay wise for a fighter it looked quite average. Button mashing and cheap shots tended to work for the average player from what I saw, and I’m not really into fighters that seem to want to go down that path too heavily.

    The new Kinect Sports game I am worried would cause troubles with an old injury I have. Yeah, it might be fun, but in practice I find that style can cause me too much grief physically.

    I didn’t try World of Tanks, but I think I would prefer to try that on PC. If the only thing at launch is something I would likely enjoy elsewhere… then that is maybe not the launch line up that would appeal to me.

    Once again, I just need to say this at the end, even though most people would not have read this far. I’m just trying to be honest here, and the XBone launch window just was not grabbing me at all. Bring out good, exclusive games that appeal to me, and I am the first one to sign up. If you don’t do that though, well, maybe I’ll have to give that launch window a miss. :(

    • Brad Long

      Thanks for the incredibly detailed response. I agree with you on a lot of your points. Titanfall purely felt like COD with giant robots for me, and when I was in a Titan that was the only point I managed to actually kill anybody.

      Pretty underwhelmed to be honest. Though the Kinect 2.0 itself was a blast I thought.