Don’t Be Hating on the Mewtwo-Lookalike in Pokémon X, Y

Mewtwo's new friend is the stuff of history (and rumours)

During the latest broadcast of Japanese variety show Pokémon Smash, Nintendo and Game Freak revealed an all new Pokémon for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

Having been with Pokémon series since it first landed in Australia way back in 1998 (Charmander for best.starter.ever) I’ll admit when my eyes gazed over this new Pokémon – who sports a striking resemblance to fan-favourite Mewtwo – I felt a small part of my childhood slip away.

While so little is actually known about this mysterious Pokémon – including type and name – there’s no doubt it’s somehow connected to that 150th entry in the Pokédex. Even the official English Pokémon X and Pokémon Y website strongly suggests as much.

“How could this be a thing?” I asked myself on Sunday morning as I looked at the official image online. “How could Game Freak do this?” Much like many other “veteran fans” I thought this a mockery of those special memories of carefully trekking through Cerulean Cave in search for the legendary Mewtwo. How could they tarnish them by introducing an all new Forme? Or, even worse. An actual evolution.


Who's that Pokémon? ....Um

I’m not going to waste time by speculating on what the connection to Mewtwo could be, rather I’m going to stand up and say despite a brief trip down “WTF” lane I’m willing to embrace this.

If anything, new Forme’s on existing Pokémon – especially Pokémon that for the most part have faded into the background in most fans’ minds – see the spotlight once more cast back onto them. Think about it in the context of Mewtwo.

Back in the Red and Blue days he was the Pokémon to have on your team, bar done. Now, Pokémon fans are inundated with numerous “super-ledgendaries”, not to mention a growing roster of pseudo-ledgenaries, all vying for their attention and spot on players 6-Pokémon strong team.

Not only that, so many rumours and shady GameShark codes circulated around the primitive internet regarding Mewtwo. The most prominent was the much fabled Mewthree rumour, which involved a Lv. 100 Mewthree appearing in the spot where you caught Mewtwo if you managed to fill all 150 pages of the Pokédex.

And when I think about this rumour – along with the countless others that have had their existence wiped from the internet, sadly – this new Pokémon marks a fairly significant moment for all us Red/Blue veterans. No matter what this Pokémon ends up being, be it a new Forme or something else entirely, for a brief moment we are able to live in a world where Mewthree – one of the most prominent Poké-rumours ever – may indeed be a thing.


This is what millions of kids went nuts over back in 1998

For my money that’s pretty incredible. While this may go to great lengths to highlight my fanboy mentality towards this series just that little too much, this is like discovering that the Santa is in fact real. Despite everyone telling you for almost fifteen years he isn’t.

What do you think of this new Pokémon? Does it dash your childhood memories, or are you ready to embrace change and see this series march into a bright future?

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  • Joe Owens

    Maybe he was hiding under that truck near the S.S Anne all along, and we just couldn’t figure out how to move it…

    • Tynan Muddle


      I think it’s awesome, though. The lab guys genetically made Mewtwo, but that doesn’t mean they only had one prototype, or stopped all their research when they were… well, okay, come to think of it, Mewtwo did kill everyone…

      • Jayden Williams

        Maybe Team Rocket make a return, who have created a new Mew-form? In the anime it’s TR who ‘made’ Mewtwo.

        • Tynan Muddle

          It all went down on Cinnabar Island in the game.

          Originally, the lab was destroyed, presumably when Mewtwo escaped.

          In the later games, when the Pokemon Mansion appears in the same spot, we learn that a Mew was found and impregnated with a genetically altered Mewtwo. I can’t remember if the context meant that it was THE Mewtwo we all know from the game, or ANOTHER Mewtwo.

          Either way, THIS new Pokemon might be the result of that Mewtwo breeding with Mew.

          We shall call him Mewmew.

          • Jayden Williams

            Mewmew? Get out.

          • Tynan Muddle


          • Jayden Williams

            Mewthree or GTFO

    • Jayden Williams

      You sir, win the internet.

    • Stuart Philip Hannon

      Well that just made my day. WHAT WAS THAT DAMN TRUCK DOING THERE?!

      • Joe Owens

        That truck nearly drove me to insanity, I tried for weeks to figure out what to do with it.

  • Juhis815

    I just don’t like that Mewtwo’s new forme has tail sticking out from HIS head, as I honestly feel tail should be in the same place where tailbone is located around pelvis, but maybe I’ll get over this somewhere in near future…

    • Tynan Muddle

      Well, no one ever said it was a Mewtwo forme, Nintendo just said it LOOKED like Mewtwo 😀

      I guess it’ll all be explained when we get our hands on the game, which is looking awesome I might add

  • Chaza123

    I think it looks awesome! maybe an unknown prototype of mewtwo?
    either way, he/she will deffo be making my team purely because of how amazing it looks!

    • Stuart Philip Hannon

      Don’t speak too soon squire! We don’t know what the rest of these Pokémon will look like yet!

      • Jayden Williams

        This guy speaks the truth. You’re forgetting that amazing possible bug/flying/normal/whateveritis Eeevultion. Not to mention that fire/fighting starter :p