Don’t Buy These Games Until the Nintendo Wii U Version is Released

Nintendo’s gutsy move to barge into the HD console war half way through a generation has thrown a spanner in the works of video game releases this year.

Nintendo Wii U will feature state of the art high definition graphics, the potential of which can produce twice as powerful games as the PlayStation 3. Aside from raw power, the console also sports a large touchscreen controller which adds functionality to all Wii U games that has never really been seen before.

Still, there’s tonnes of great games coming out this year before the Wii U is released – the question is, should you run out and buy them on your current console, or should you wait for the Wii U and it’s undoubtedly enhanced version later in the year? To make this decision easier, we’ve put together some games that are so attractive on Wii U, that you must wait before you buy them on your current consoles.

Darksiders II

Genre: Action/Adventure Release Date (PS3, X360): June 29, 2012

Vigil Games is bringing Darksiders II to the Nintendo Wii U, presumably as a day 1 launch title. Published by THQ, the developers have confirmed the game will use the Wii U controller in unique and interesting ways. Vigil was among the first developers to get their hands on the Wii U development kit and actually had a demo of the game ready for E3 last year, which took them a mere two weeks to bring over to the new console.

In the months since, the developers confirmed the title had reached “visual parity” with the other consoles, though they were hardly finished. They went on to say the Wii U version will be the “definitive version”. That’s reason enough to wait a couple of months, we think.

Ghost Recon: Online

Genre: Third person shooter Release Date (PS3, X360): TBA 2012

Tactical Shooters will be Wii U’s strong point and this year’s free-to-play title from Ubisoft, Ghost Recon: Online already looks all kinds of epic on Nintendo Wii U.

Details are sketchy on how the title will work with it’s PC counterpart, but it seems that you will be able to connect to friends who use the PC version. The Wii U version is also likely to ease up on the “rental” aspects of the in-game items (such as the ability to “rent” better guns, for a real-world price, for a limited time). But the coolest reason to wait a while for the Wii U version to come out is how Ubisoft are using that touchscreen controller.

Not only is it your hub to all your weapons, maps, and player data, it also uses the built in microphone and stereo speakers to use voice chat, independent of the TV/sound system sound. This is a great feature as you can kiss your nerdy headset goodbye and actually interact with other people in the room. The video below speaks for itself.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge

Genre: Action/Adventure Release Date (PS3, X360): March 23, 2012

Ninja Gaiden in indeed a cool series, and this one will be the hardest to wait for as you’ll find the game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as early as next month. Still, the Wii U version is sure to be worth the wait for a couple of reasons.

Team Ninja are adding in a couple of different control styles for the Wii U version, and will allow players to use the touchscreen to slash through enemies, not unlike how the Nintendo DS’ Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword works. There are other advantages, though. Team Ninja, the developers of the game, have confirmed that the HUD (heads-up display) will only appear on the screen during battle.

This is because HUD’s are so 1999, and displaying a health bar, while functional, is ugly. With the Wii U controller, however, the health bar can be moved down to the touchscreen, leaving all the action in glorious 1080p high definition clear from distractions. Since Ninja Gaiden 3 is one of the most gorgeous games to be announced thus far for Wii U, we think this is a very, very good thing.

Aliens: Colonel Marines

Genre: FPS/Horror Release Date (PS3, X360): October 2012

Aliens: Colonel Marines is said to be the “true sequel” to James Cameron’s masterpiece, Aliens, and follows a team of Marines who are sent to search the U.S.S Sulaco in search of Ripley. The game is set for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but there are a couple of compelling reasons to wait that little bit longer for the Wii U version.

Again, it’s largely thanks to that innovative touchscreen controller. The development team have confirmed that players will be able to play through the entire game on the controller alone, with the TV switched off if they like. This puts an incredibly powerful home console game in your hands, allowing other family members to watch TV at the same time.

Secondly, the screen can be used (while using “TV+Controller mode”) as the in-game motion tracker – a must have for hunting Aliens. The motion tracker will work as you might expect; you can sweep the controller around as you would a real motion tracker, looking for signs of life infront, behind, below or above you.

It sounds like Gearbox, the developers of Aliens: Colonel Marines are excited about Nintendo’s new console. Randy Prichard told website Kotaku, “The Wii U is really bad ass. We have a lot of great ideas that we’re already working on.” back in June last year.

Batman: Arkham City

If you haven’t picked up Batman: Arkham City yet, wait a few more months for the Wii U version to come out. While not a great deal of information has been announced for the Wii U version, Martin Tremblay, President of Warner Bros Interactive was justifiably excited about the Wii U.

He has been quoted as remembering the first time he laid eyes on the new console; “I was very excited,” he said. “It is a new way of engaging gamers. It is a new way of broadening the audience of gamers in the future. It is absolutely exciting.

“This new console will allow us with our key franchises from LEGO to Batman to really shine in new ways.”

Batman: Arkham City was announced for Wii U at E3 last year, but quite some time has passed since it’s release on other consoles and whenever the Wii U will actually become publicly available to own. Because of this massive time gap, there is a lot of excitement about how the game will be enhanced for Wii U. At the very least, it’s likely it will be some kind of “special edition”, complete with obligatory bonus discs and freebies. Remember, good things come to those who wait – and wait we shall.

Nintendo has already garnered quite a strong third party following for Wii U, and apart from Pikmin 3, no first party games have been announced. Rumored already is Mario, F-Zero and Zelda are ready to ship on day one. This could mean the Wii U will launch with one of the highest calibre of launch titles of any video game in history.

What other games are you looking forward to on Wii U? Are there any games out that you want to see enhanced by the new controller?

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  • Xino

    good stuff

    but the gamers will still buy them and COMPLAIN that devs are forcing them to buy ports with extras.

    i didn’t even know Batman Arkham City is coming to Wii U

    • RougeElf

      Hahaha so true – and then they’ll buy the Wii U versions and complain that they already own the originals.

      Gamers are awesome ^__^

  • Anon

    I’d rather wait for games built up for the system than buy ported stuff.

  • Guest

    A Zelda game on day one? Unless it’s a SS port, there’s no way in hell, buddy.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t say “no way in hell”, unless you know something for certain? I mean, a ‘Four Swords’ type game should be quick and painless for Nintendo to whip up for launch…

      Anyway, it was a reference to a rumor ;p

      • Anonymous

        Been waiting on that four swords game for 6 years now. The Wii couldn’t handle HD graphics but I didn’t think it was THAT underpowered that it couldn’t manage a decent DS to Wii link (outside a few third parties, but I think squarenix was behind the Wii’s online capabilities).
        I really am hoping the Wii U can remedy that and we’d get a four swords port with hook ups to the 3DS.

    • Amin Amin

      Nintendo has stated they are working on games from “key franchises” to be ready by launch, although a Zelda game might be a bit of a stretch considering it is bigger than most games. I am actually banking on Mario for launch because the play formula is simple, and there is no hard story elements that they need to piece together. Pikmin 3 is another possibility because it has been in development for so long.

      • Anonymous

        I find it kinda funny, though, that the console apparently HAS to sell millions on day one for people to see it as a success… I mean, PS3 took years before it took off, yet no one called it a failure…

        But, Nintendo are going to go balls out with Wii U launch. I think a Mario game is all but confirmed, we’ll probably a Kirby announcement, and I personally have a feeling this Retro title is F-Zero.

        Not long to wait now though…. :/

  • Anonymous

    …so no one else saw that demo of super mario Mii playing out? It may have not been a real game or anything, but that was actual gameplay footage of a level with a new feature. If that was available day one I’d buy it- the system and game. I imagine a lot of people are in the same boat.

    @aussiegamer, a few people did call the ps3 a failure (the only reason I see is because they didn’t release an old ps1 title that was practically made for the psMove- impractical decisions like this show the best and worst of Sony: graphics/sound over gameplay but the determination to look to the future (and present) and not the past)

    There are people who obviously love the console, but others who don’t see it as a failure because what would that make the Wii?

    If the Wii U got a final fantasy exclusive there might be a war. Though I am looking forward to dragon quest X on the Wii U, its out this year so it’d make sense if it was a launch title.

  • Anonymous

    I’m 25. I’m not too excited for these games even if they were available now. I am hopeful for what these companies produce in the future.

  • Nintendo Guide

    Honestly, this doesn’t strike me as particularly persuasive. In some cases it comes down to, wait for the Wii U version so there won’t be a HUD on your screen, which seems like a pretty minor thing to me. You basically just name every Wii U game coming up at launch and say, wait for the Wii U version, as opposed to trying to figure out which ones are worth waiting for and which aren’t.

    • Anonymous

      But that’s not really the point of the article – the point is to point out the enhancements that the Wii U will bring these games.

      The HUD thing is very valid in my biased opinion (since I wrote the article lol) – do you play games on a Plasma? I don’t care how much you pay for those TVs, you always end up with crappy burn-in that lingers for a while. It gets distracting when you play most action games, especially when the cut scenes kick in.

      But further than that, if we as gamers are so enticed by beautiful HD graphics, wouldn’t you rather those graphics fill the ENTIRE screen, without any bullet counter or health bars slapping you in the face? I think it’s a small change, yes, but the benefit is a more cinematic, higher quality feeling to the games (I assume), and the games will be much easier for random family members/friends to watch, too.

  • Chico

    I would like to know if the Assassin’s Creed 3 is going to be really something else on the wii u, or just the same version as xbox 360 and ps3…

    • Anonymous

      An “Assassin’s Creed” game has been announced for Wii U, but they didn’t declare that it would be “Assassin’s Creed 3”. Of course, it most likely will be, but as of right now it hasn’t been officially confirmed.