Exclusive First Look: Blast ’em Bunnies on PlayStation 4

Aussie-Gamer checks out a very early build of the game!

A couple of months ago, the lovely people at Nnooo invited the Aussie-Gamer team to check out a title that was, at the time, unknown to the general public. That game was announced yesterday as Blast ‘em Bunnies, which will be made available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

Aussie-Gamer had a test run of the PlayStation 4 version, and as a disclaimer, we should mention that this was a very early build of the game. Nonetheless, the game was a tonne of fun to play. Probably best described as an “endless turret shooter”, our character was armed with various fruit and vegetable themed weaponry such as carrot shooters and pumpkin bombs. The aim was to take out as many Bunnies as humanly possible before they get too close to you and kill you.

Turning and aiming made use of the PlayStation 4 controller’s gyroscope, which we can only assume will also be the case with the 3DS and Vita versions too, while a bit tricky to aim at times, we were promised that the controls would become tighter, and the trailer released yesterday is a strong indication that the controls are indeed a lot tighter now.

The titular Bunnies come in a vast array as well, with Bunnies that burrow through the ground much like Bugs Bunny, large Bunnies that can take an immense beating, fast Bunnies that leap through the air to assault you. Our favourite Bunny, though, was called the “throat slitter”, a Bunny that would occasionally appear with a baby Bunny in one hand, a dearly carrot (now a knife) in the other. Shoot him quickly, and you save your Bunny, not to shoot him though, resulted in health loss and a pretty grim (but hilarious if you have my sense of humour) scene.

While our time with the game was pretty short, and the game was only in its early stages, it was a lot of fun to play. The trailer released yesterday looks like the team have done a lot of work in a very short amount of time, and Aussie-Gamer cannot wait to catch up with the game again at the EB Expo this coming weekend.

We also chatted with the Nnooo team in depth about Blast ‘em Bunnies, as well as their new foray into publishing, their thoughts on DLC, throat-slitting, the “indie scene” and much more, so stay tuned for that, it will be a very interesting read, indeed!

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  • Elbee23

    I am at the EB Games Expo this weekend and got to have a chat with the guys at Nooooo in person as well as see their bunny game as well as several other Australian Indie developers works.

    Although it is not a triple A blockbuster product, pretty much everything I saw was fun and interesting in it’s own way, and it was great talking to the developers in detail about their products, something that is harder to do compared to the larger developers.

    Still though, I will be there all weekend and look forward to seeing all sorts of things at the Expo. 😀