Nintendo 3DS XL; The Final Nail in the PlayStation Vita Coffin?

Those living on Planet Earth will know that last week, Nintendo unveiled a hardware update to the wildly popular Nintendo 3DS console.

The “Nintendo 3DS XL” sports a massive 4.88″ 3D screen (that’s a little bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S3), a 4.18″ touchscreen and an overall slimmer form factor. It looks aesthetically pleasing, and the materials used to manufacture the console appear to be less costly, which is likely keeping Satoru Iwata’s promise that the 3DS would return to profitability this year.

This is all great stuff for Nintendo, but it may just spell disaster for Sony’s PlayStation Vita console which, try as it might, still has not managed to prove itself amongst the gaming public.

As PlayStation Vita crosses over the 2 million sold since launch mark, Nintendo 3DS is closer to 20 million and sure, it had a head start in the market, but if we are to believe the current state of mainstream media opinion, the first year was largely wasted anyway.

Meanwhile, Sony seem bullish and indeed ham fisted when it comes to the Vita. As far as they’re concerned, it’s out. It’s in the market. Their work here is done. They don’t believe they need a price cut, and Sony’s latest reaction to the Nintendo 3DS laments their worrisome approach to what they used to call the “Next Generation Portable”;

“I don’t think there has been a need for a re-look,” Andrew House, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. recently said. “We are in what is a very competitive space. I think we need to put more emphasis on the kinds of experiences that define and differentiate Vita. That is always going to be one of its objectives. But there needs to be a reinforcement on that.”

So, where is it? It certainly wasn’t at E3; the company was too busy launching a new product (Wonderbook) to even mention Vita at their press conference. Nintendo, on the other hand, haven’t shut up about their products since E3.

First there was the flurry of press interviews. Then the industry analyst conference. Then Nintendo Direct, a web stream targeted at Nintendo fans where they announced the 3DS XL and this week the company will go on record again in an investors meeting in Japan.

PlayStation Vita vs Nintendo 3DS XL

So regardless of what some people write about Nintendo and their consoles, one thing is for sure; people are talking about them! The Nintendo 3DS is being embedded into the public mind. You can’t not see an article on Nintendo or it’s consoles in any one day of casually browsing the web. But blink and you will miss the Vita.

Which is why I think PlayStation Vita is, at least at this current point in time, officially doomed. Nintendo 3DS XL looks new and fresh, there’s a huge library of games ready to go, with huge titles on the way this year and the look of the console more closely resembles the Wii U, so Nintendo’s brand image is certain to remain strong going forward.

The PlayStation Vita is a cool piece of kit, but the problem seems to be that Sony just can’t be bothered with it. Okay, so you’ve built in two touch panels – why should we care? What can that do to enhance traditional games? What new industries can be created from it? Nintendo were able to prove their hardware design concepts time and time again.

Wii’s motion controls have been copied by everyone from Apple to Microsoft and everyone in between. Nintendo DS’ dual screen set up has been proven with games like Another Code, Super Mario 64 DS and others – it’s even had a profound impact on smartphones since it was really the first device that stretched it’s screens vertically, rather than horizontally.

Nintendo DS’ touchscreen also spawned a huge industry. Since it’s release and the success of games like Brain Training, touch screens are now part of our every day life. Our phones, our TV’s, our cars – every where you look there’s a touchscreen. Apple might have taken the concept to the next level, but the artist they stole from was Nintendo.

So Vita has some cool features – but how will they enrich our games? or indeed our lives? This, above all else, is what Sony need to prove right now. Even as we speak, TV manufacturers are working on glasses-free 3D TV’s now that there’s a case for such technology out in the wild, we can envision that will be the future. I don’t really see a second touch panel being all that relevant.

PlayStation Vita vs Nintendo 3DS XL

But I want to be proven wrong here. Sony designed the console with this unique feature, why aren’t they exploiting it? Was it just put in because it could be? It seems every time Sony talk about Vita, they harp on about the “dual analogue sticks”.

Well, two sticks are all well and good, but why? How do two sticks and two touch panels make games more fun?

I have faith that Sony can answer these questions, I just don’t have faith that they give a damn to do so anymore. Meanwhile, Nintendo releases a new version of the 3DS, remarkets it, gets it out there and just mops up Vita’s mess.

When people get their eyeballs on the Nintendo 3DS XL’s huge screen, they will get it. They will understand what 3D gaming is all about, and how cool it is. Sony’s Vita will look dated and old by comparison.

It’s not too late for Vita – even now. But please, Sony show us something unique and truly inspiring. Otherwise the console’s fate is pretty much sealed.

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  • Jacob Kelly

    I agree that Sony doesn’t have much interest in the Vita (their focus seems to be on integration with it in a future PS4 world) and thus is haphazard at best atm. However, I’m still puzzled and miffed with the lack of a second analogue stick. Nintendo fanboi’s aside, it allows true control on a portable system for more hardcore type games. There’s no reason why a system cannot cater to both, and I’m sick of Nintendo only catering to casual.

    • Smash Bros Gamer

      Well, a second analogue stick doesn’t automatically make a console more hardcore. It’s a matter of preference. I have a friend who’s a console gamer and is used to a second analogue stick, and he a difficult time managing the controls of Metroid Prime Hunters for the DS (Which is a pretty hardcore FPS shooter for a “casual” console) by using the touchpad to aim. While I, a PC gamer and accustomed to a mouse, was able to control it quite easily due to prior experience.

      Some people like an analogue stick. Some like a touchpad. Others might even like the ABXY buttons to look. And they can play it just as well as any other hardcore gamer. If you’re adjusted to it, you play better. I’m fairly adequate myself with an analogue stick to aim, so if I need to switch to a different multiplayer game on a different system it’s no biggie for me. There’s an attachment out for the 3DS that has a second circle pad
      (Although, this is a bit disappointing due to the fact it was made
      specifically for one game).

      There are plenty of hardcore games out of the 3DS that don’t use a second analogue stick. Kid Icarus: Uprising (An on-rails shooter and third person shooter), Super Street Fighter IV: 3D (A side-on fighting game), The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (You should know what this one is), Heroes of Ruin (A multiplayer co-op RPG) and the list goes on. It’s not a consoles features that make it casual or hardcore. It’s how a developer uses them.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    I was a Nintendo fanboy until the 3DS. It’s such a horrendous handheld that the past two decades of Nintendo building up my respect are now pretty much rendered useless.

    The 3DS is a developer’s nightmare, its specs are MUCH weaker than the average smartphone from 2010 and the 3D effect is hard to implement AND it’s a drain on the hardware. You’ll notice that the Vita already has a superior library to the Vita and it’s only been out for a few months now in the USA; way more developers are jumping on the Vita bandwagon than the 3DS’, in fact many devs are leaving the 3DS and making games for the Vita instead(Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed, anyone?).

    The Vita is the first game system I’ve ever owned that I consider truly perfect. It has more design foresight than any other console of the past decade and it’s easily the single greatest handheld gaming device ever made.

    The 3DS’ 3D effect gave me eyestrain, migraines, blurred vision and a persistent eye twitch that lasted half a year and I only just got over a few weeks ago. Its screens are too small and the LCD tech looks very outdated compared to pretty much any other modern handheld device, the resolution is disgustingly low on the screens- 400×240 resolution? Really? I’m glad Nintendo refunded my $250 3DS system(which launched at the same price as the vastly superior Vita system, everyone apparently expected it to launch at $400) when I told them of its effect on my eyes.
    The Vita’s OLED screen is easier on my eyes than any other screen I’ve ever seen AND it’s the gold standard for quality. If it was any bigger the system would have trouble fitting in your pocket, if it was any smaller it wouldn’t be as sexy. The screen is 960×544, aka qHD; if it was any higher resolution the performance hit wouldn’t be worth it, if it was any lower resolution it wouldn’t be as impressive. They really hit the sweet spot with the resolution. The Vita’s five-inch screen is way sexier than my professional-quality 23-inch IPS monitor I use for game development, OLED gives way more vibrant colors and the best blacks I’ve ever seen on a display.

    The 3DS has a 266 MHz dual-core processor, 4mb of VRAM and 128mb of RAM.
    The Vita has a 1 GHz quad-core processor, 128mb of VRAM and 512mb of RAM.

    The difference in power is insane. One of the Vita’s processing cores and some of its RAM is used on multitasking(something the 3DS cannot do). The Vita has roughly 12x as much processing power as the 3DS(though the Vita’s cores are overclockable to 1.2 GHz comfortably, so it can have even more processing oomph), it has 32x as much VRAM and three times as much RAM dedicated to gaming alone. This pretty much means the Vita is roughly ten times as powerful as the 3DS. The 3DS is a tiny bump above the PSP in terms of in-game performance. The Vita is more comparable to a PS3.

    The Vita can multitask, it has a high-resolution screen, it’s a total beast in game performance, it has two analog sticks, a capacitive touchscreen and rear touchpad, two cameras, its AR tech is way more advanced than the 3DS’, you can watch videos on it and its battery life is roughly twice as good as the 3DS'(I get 5 hours of gameplay in Vita titles at half brightness- the optimal brightness- and around 8 hours in PSP titles, around 3 hours of 3DS gameplay and 5 hours of DS gameplay on the 3DS) and the development tools are easier to use than on any other dedicated game platform in existence.
    The 3DS cannot multitask, its screen is really low resolution, it’s a wuss in game performance, it has a lame Circle Pad Pro attachment that makes it so that the system isn’t portable anymore and Nintendo’s too arrogant to fix their mistake with the 3DS XL, its lower screen is resistive and the top screen isn’t a touchscreen at all, its AR games run at less than 30 FPS(veeery choppy) and it doesn’t track the position of markers anywhere near as well as the Vita, you cannot watch your own videos on it, its battery life is horrendous and its development tools are average by Nintendo standards, meaning meh. With the Vita game developers have a lot of power to deal with, they spend their time adding more and more to the game and testing its limits. With the 3DS game developers spend their time optimizing the game so that it runs smoothly and doesn’t look like total butt, since it’s seriously just a bump above the PSP(and its top screen is lower resolution than the PSP’s, hahaha).

    The 3DS is a total joke. This is coming from a Nintendo fanatic who just wishes Nintendo would stop cutting corners that shouldn’t be cut(specs and screen quality) and wants them to provide as good a user experience as the competition. The last time they did this was with the Gamecube. Nintendo succeeded with the Wii because casuals ate that thing up and they succeeded with the DS because it was innovative as heck; they’ve now lost those casuals to smartphones and the 3DS is the total opposite of the 3DS. Nintendo may be selling a ton of 3DS systems but there’s no doubt in my mind that the percent of 3DS users who feel ripped off is much larger than the percent of Vita users. Nintendo’s lack of foresight in the 3DS’ design has shot them in the food. The 3DS is the most un-Nintendo handheld ever made, being overpriced as heck at launch and having HORRENDOUS battery life.

    The Vita is the most powerful consumer-level handheld device in the world, it’s at a wonderful price and the developer support is phenomenal. Sony really outdid themselves here. It’s only been out for a small portion of the time the 3DS has been out and in a few months it’s getting both Assassin’s Creed Liberation AND Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, entries in two of the most popular franchises in the world. Rockstar is working on a Vita title, almost certainly GTA5 or a spinoff GTA game, and a Bioshock exclusive is being made specifically for the Vita.

    Final nail in the coffin? Shut up, you mindless idiot. The Vita hasn’t had anywhere near enough time to flourish and if you read online responses to the 3DS XL you’ll find that most people are disappointed in it. Its low-resolution screens will look even worse all blown up like that, it still only has one slide pad(just imagine the 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro, horrific thought) and it’s nowhere near as appealing on the eyes as the original 3DS model; the original 3DS design is easily the single prettiest handheld I’ve ever owned(the Vita is sleek and stylish, but it’s made to blend in against black colors with its sexy OLED screen) and the 3DS XL looks even worse than the DSi XL. Sure, it’s cool that it’ll have a matte finish and its screens aren’t disgustingly small like the original 3DS model but its design is just really, really ugly.

    I think consumers would much rather pay $250 for a Vita than a $200 3DS XL. The only way to fix their 3DS system is to release a completely new handheld on par in specs with the Vita. They’ve said they’re already hard at work on something to compete at the same level as the Vita, hopefully they’ll release it by 2014 or 2015. They’ve had a “second-pillar” handheld twice in their past, the Virtualboy and the DS, I expect it to occur again soon. If they don’t, they might as well say goodbye to their remaining fanbase. The Vita is infinitely better than the 3DS, don’t say stupid crap like “RIP Vita” ever again. It only makes you look like an imbecile.

    • SKY

      Well then I’m a incredibly awesome beast of an imbecile, because although the Vita has some great features, the 3DS has it beat. The whole ‘optional 3d’ part makes it look like a device that you’ll love whether u like 3D or not (and it totally does). It makes the games look better, once u taste 3D theres no going back. The games. Sony knows this, thats why they’re so big on 3D for PS3. I agree with the writer, the Vita has sooo much potential, its just not being utilized.

      • fanboy warfare.

        disagree with the 3d. when i play my 3ds the most annoying part is having to adjust the 3d every seconnd, not to be able to move.the system or i will loose the sweet spot. its a gimmick that just does not work well. you cant even use the motion options in games because the 3d will go out of focus.
        you also mentioned that the 3 ds upcoming screen is bigger than the galaxy s 3 if you were unbiased as you claim you are you would also mention that the upcoming 3 d s monitor is smaller the playstation vita as well

        • SKY

          Maybe you should read my comment again. OPTIONAL 3D. And in games like Mario Tennis when motion controls are active 3D turns off automatically. I, uh didn’t say anything about the galaxy s 3. And, um, the 3DS XL’s screen is 0.1 inches smaller. Your right, first thing I’ll say when I turn it on is ‘hey, you know what would make this better? a 0.1 inch wider screen!’

          You can see in a wider range when the 3D’s on, a lot more than 0.12 inches.

          And if it’s a gimmick, then why is Sony using it too?

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            GLASSES-FREE 3D tech is currently awful, and 3D IS gimmicky as heck no matter how you use it. Home theater 3D is okay, as long as you have all the equipment for it. Either way the 3DS is an abomination and I’m ashamed to have thrown my dollar vote at it; very glad they refunded it.

          • AussieGamer

            Actually, home theatre 3D at the moment have a terrible cross-talk issue – even the better panels. This isn’t an issue at all with the 3DS, obviously, since there’s no lens over your eyes.

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            Actually, glasses-free 3D at the moment has a terrible headache issue- even with larger screens. This isn’t an issue with home theater, obviously, since you have glasses over your eyes.

            I’d much rather have cross-talk problems(which I’ve never experienced, for the record) than eyestrain, blurred vision, migraines and a persistent eye twitch that only went away a month or two ago. I guess I’m almost glad the 3DS physically hurt my eyeballs, my most sensitive body part, because if it hadn’t I’d still be gaming on that flawed piece of crap.

          • SKY

            Alright, this isn’t a conversation anymore, its just two fanboys arguing endlessly about which system is better. They both have downsides, and upsides, so lets just leave it at that alright?

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            It’s an old Nintendo fanatic trying to explain to a bunch of mindless fans that the 3DS is crap. Again, I’m currently wearing Wii boxers and I’ve pretty much only gamed on Nintendo platforms throughout my life. The 3DS is the single worst game system I’ve ever purchased. The Vita is near-perfect in its design. Do I really have to remind you again that I’m a Nintendo fanboy? Ugh, well, ex-Nintendo-fanboy until they release a handheld that doesn’t suck.

            The 3DS is a last-gen handheld at current-gen prices, the 3D effect sucks(saying it’s optional doesn’t make it any better), the lack of a second slide pad was a massive failure on their part, the parts are so energy inefficient that there will never be a 3DS revision with decent battery life, the fact that only the lower screen is a touchscreen sucks, AR gaming on the 3DS is horrendous(30 FPS maximum, usually quite a bit less- very choppy), the screens are extremely low resolution, the 3D effect uses up resources it really shouldn’t touch considering the fact the 3DS is so weak and the system is too weak to really display pretty, detailed games, not to mention the fact that it can’t do the same things any other modern gaming system can without massive concessions in visual and control quality. I’m a Nintendo fanboy, but I’m willing to admit PASSIONATELY that the competition is currently better. Right now Nintendo doesn’t need coddling, they need to be told that they made a huge mistake. I want them to succeed with quality products, not to succeed because their fanbase threw money at them even when they put the end-user experience last. That’s unacceptable and you guys should realize that.

          • SKY

            Somebody doesn’t know what leave it at that means.

            Look, you made good points, but the fact is, psv has just as much downsides as the 3ds. If you want to see em, read the article your posting on. Theyre both great systems, Alright?


    • Selo Maarten

      what more can i add ? well said :) a true observer with foresight i agree with all your points when was the last time that happened

    • Selo Maarten

      except on the 3ds design part it has a horrible build quality and the vivid blue glossy colour felt like a huge downgraded piece of crap 1 huge difference there is that is that the build quality is outsstanding and does its job perfect on the psvita internal and external while the 3ds feels like a cheap plastic clamshell phone with a loose flap everything you open and close it

    • Scott Walters

      You seem to care a lot about specs, the average consumer doesn’t. Sure the junkie tech heads would likely pick a vita over a 3DS, but average gamers and indeed the average population will see the more expensive Vita, see the well established Nintendo franchises on a cheaper handheld, and buy the cheaper one. This article simply illustrates that Sony themselves don’t seem to be doing much with it at the moment, and at this point in time, the Vita looks to be going the way of the Psp. Noone said the Vita wasn’t more powerful, 99% of people also don’t actually care. Good games will be good games no matter what console they are on. I’ve been a hardcore gamer for 26 years and recently bought a 3DS instead of a Vita after waiting to see what Sony were going to do with a ‘Psp2’. I’ve used both, prefer the 3DS, and im sure im not the only one.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        The average consumer cares about what games they can get, and the Vita is absolutely the best platform to make handheld games for at the moment. It has all the control inputs you’d want and its devkits are the easiest to work with out of any devkit in history- the 360 one being a close second.

        You’re right, games do matter, and there are more awesome games on the Vita than the 3DS. I seriously hope the 3DS dies an early death so Nintendo learns humility and releases a handheld that DOESN’T suck.

    • Food Doctor

      “You’ll notice that the Vita already has a superior library to the Vita and it’s only been out for a few months now in the USA”

      ” they’ve now lost those casuals to smartphones and the 3DS is the total opposite of the 3DS”

      “Nintendo’s lack of foresight in the 3DS’ design has shot them in the food.”

      Nicholas Gatewood, with comments like that – you sure showed him… you sure did.

      PS: I hope their food is ok.

      • SKY

        Nice :)

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Seriously, I can’t get over how insanely idiotic this article is.

    “When people get their eyeballs on the Nintendo 3DS XL’s huge screen, they will get it. They will understand what 3D gaming is all about, and how cool it is. Sony’s Vita will look dated and old by comparison.”

    The 3DS looks old and outdated. As I said, it’s weaker than the average 2010 smartphone(heck, average 2009 smartphone) and its screens are sickeningly low-resolution. It only has one slide pad. It’s too weak to run Unreal Engine 3, something that pretty much any smartphone these days can handle, while the Vita is totally Unreal Engine 3-capable. The 3DS is last-gen tech at a current-gen price, the Vita is next-gen tech at current-gen price. Come on. Explain to me how the most powerful consumer-level handheld device in the world looks outdated compared to something MUCH weaker than a smartphone. I dare you.

    You seem to be really ignorant of the Vita’s strengths. The rear touchpad, useless? Really? The Vita lets you have both thumbs on analog sticks and buttons while your middle finger has accurate touch control. Let me put it this way: accurate touch control without getting in the way of the screen.

    “So Vita has some cool features – but how will they enrich our games? or indeed our lives?”

    The Vita is the ultimate on-the-go media device. You can listen to music while you game, you can watch videos on its stunning qHD OLED screen, you can make Skype calls and you can use 3G to use its social features like Near, group messaging and Party chat. It gives developers every control input they’d want, removing any blocks between them and the end-user experience.

    The 3DS is not a multimedia device. It can do one thing at a time and its Streetpass feature is completely useless for people living in suburban or rural areas. How does this thing enrich our lives? How does eyestrain enhance our gaming? Why is it that there isn’t a single game for the 3DS that can’t be played better in 3D mode than in 2D mode? “Improves depth perception” my ass, 3D throws off your depth perception because 2D is the current standard and no one is accustomed to it in games yet, in fact people generally perform a little worse in 3D mode from my experience, it’s harder to focus in 3D.

    Also, remember how the PSP started off waaaay better than the DS and it later turned around? Yeah, it looks to me like the Vita is going to do that. Nintendo’s lost most of their fanbase to the PS3 and the 360 and their casual fanbase is mostly gone due to Apple and Android phones.

    You’re just a 3DS fanatic and Nintendo apologist who’s unwilling to admit the fact that the 3DS is a fundamentally flawed device. I’m a now-ex-Nintendo-fan who wants Nintendo to start offering experiences as high in quality as the competition. Anyone who has the option of either purchasing a $170 3DS or a $170 Vita would purchase a Vita after hearing of all their features, unless they reaaally love the 3D effect and don’t mind hardcore eyestrain within half an hour or less.

    • AussieGamer

      Hey! Thanks for reading!

      I’ll glaze over the “imbecile” and “mindless idiot” remarks and suggest you re-read the article;

      My point in this opinion piece is that Sony aren’t making the Vita compelling enough. Yes; it’s more powerful than the 3DS, but so what? What good is power if millions of boxes just sit in some warehouse somewhere?

      Sony need to pick up their game, because the Vita simply isn’t selling well at all. 100,000 units in the UK vs 6 Million 3DS consoles? Even if they did have a year on shelves ahead of Vita, you have to admit that Vita has a bit of a mountain to climb to even make Nintendo worry just a little bit.

      The article isn’t exactly “pro-Nintendo”, my opinion here is that Sony need to lift their game if they want to gain market share with the Vita. Because, no matter how powerful it is, or how many movies you can watch on it, or how many mega pixels the camera is the fact remains; it’s not selling. And Sony aren’t giving people many reasons to buy one.


      • Nicholas Gatewood

        Millions of boxes in a warehouse? Is this abnormal? I’m pretty sure you can find millions of 3DS systems in warehouses, I guess that means it’s a failure.

        The point of this article is to say something offensive and wildly unprofessional for hits. The article IS pro-Nintendo, you completely ignore all the pluses of the Vita and claim that flaws of the 3DS don’t matter at all.

        Personally, I’d love to see Nintendo fail so they can step up their game. They’ve shown over and over again that they don’t care for the core gamer because CASUALS are where the money’s at right now. What they don’t seem to get through their heads is that when you build up a relationship with core gamers they’ll support you through thick and thin while casuals will stop throwing money your way as soon as the next fad gains popularity, which is currently smartphone gaming.

        • SKY

          Funny Sony Fanboy. So sad.

          • scott evil

            the sony fanboy made some good points. i have both systems and dont use the 3ds anymore. still a bit bitter that they dropped the price almost immediately after release… good way to rip people off and push them away. The guy the wrote the article failed to mention that the playstation vita has more titles at this point of its life then the 3 ds had the same point.

          • SKY

            Thats my point exactly, the Vita has upsides, but not nearly as many as 3DS. But I guess your right, dropping price makes the system way worse. A touchpad where there’s no screen is wayy better than glasses free optional 3D. And nice logic there Nicholas Gatewood. There’s 3DS’s sitting in a warehouse, guess that means its a failure, even though it has outsold the Vita by about 4 times as much since release!

            Wow. That felt good.

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            Wow, you couldn’t see the sarcasm in my post about warehouses? Idiot. A touchpad where there’s no screen is infinitely better than migraines, eyestrain, blurred vision and half a year of eye-twitching, heck yeah. The 3DS doesn’t really have upsides, the Vita has a ton.

            Nintendo has only proven with the 3DS that a.) they don’t care about the end-user experience, b.) glasses-free 3D needs a ton of work before it’s a good option and c.) that they don’t mind overcharging for products AFTER cutting corner after corner after corner.

          • SKY

            Hey, this is the same Nicholas Gatewood that replies to all my comments! Your not stalking me are you?

            Anyways, like I told you in that other comment, your not having a conversation anymore, your just being a fanboy getting angry and throwing mindless insults at the other system. So like I said, they both have pros and cons, and lets leave it at that.

          • SKY

            and are you really reporting all my comments as abuse?

          • AussieGamer

            Hey – sorry if some of your comments were removed. We have the system set to automatically remove comments that get flagged x amount of times…

            Since none of the comments were deemed offensive, illegal, etc, we re-approved them to be on the site.

            Douche bags may be banned.

          • SKY

            Thanks! Man I love this site, great reviews and actual customer service!

          • AussieGamer

            We aim to please! Thanks for sticking around! 😀

        • Luke Kyo Reichmuth

          You’re missing the point. The Vita has no Games and it’ll end in the same position as the PSP- as a Device only popular in Japan

          • Kevin

            But the Vita will have more console-selling games this year than the 3DS did in its first year. If you’re saying the Vita has no games, you’re saying the 3DS has just as many. Also, let me note that the PSP was LESS successful in Japan than it was in Europe/NA. Stats taken from vgchartz below:[NA]21.12[EU]21.46[JP]19.02The Vita has equal amount of sales in the three major regions, just like the PSP (essentially) did. Your entire comment has been invalidated.

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            Haha, no games. You do know that the Vita’s library is already better than the 3DS’ and it’s going to be infinitely better by November, right? It’s getting Playstation All-Stars, Sly Cooper, Ragnarok Odyssey, Silent Hill: book of Memories, Persona 4: The Golden, Zero Escape, LittlebigPlanet, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, New King’s Story, Street Fighter X Tekken, Sound Shapes and the new Call of Duty game, all off the top of my head, within the next few months.

            So no games? Really? Give the Vita’s current library a good look and you’d see it’s already better than the 3DS’, that’ll become even more true by the end of the year. The 3DS is a joke. I may be wearing light blue Wii boxers right now but I’m not going to let my Nintendo fanaticism get in the way of my logic. The 3DS is the single most disappointing handheld game system since the Virtual Boy. That’s really saying something.

    • Selo Maarten

      soo true the beauty is there are still people who are talking from a neutral perspective rather then a mindless teen fanboy

      • SKY

        yeah, even though I’m in favor of 3DS, I hate it when people take one side and argue their butts off about this stuff. They made this stuff to be fun, so instead of arguing about it just enjoy it!

    • Selo Maarten

      just wait what nintendo next bet will be if they release their next generation handheld, also the 3ds starts to get really nice games which the vita lacks tremendously

  • Kevin

    This is a completely unfair comparison. You just stated that the first year of the 3DS was a waste. The same could be said of the Vita’s first (current) year. Who’s to say that it doesn’t do well next year and begin taking off like the 3DS did? Who’s to say the 3DSXL won’t fail horribly (the DSiXL sold very poorly); after all, all the XL is is another version of the same product.

    And then you criticize Sony for doing what Nintendo did last year? Nintendo did the same “It’s here” with the 3DS, and they only price cut because sales were THAT bad and they had room for a cut. Sony’s now doing the same thing, but the Vita is a more expensive console (to make) than the 3DS. It CAN’T drop prices, yet at least. And yet you criticize them for not having games, like the 3DS didn’t last year?

    And then you say the 3DS has a large amount of games, when it still doesn’t. There are maybe half a dozen games by the end of this year (all of which will have come this year, and not last) that make the 3DS worth buying, and there are 3 for the Vita (in its first year). You call it doomed for being at the exact same pace as the 3DS was before its library of games expanded, but then forget to contemplate that maybe the amount of games is expanding soon. There’s a new AC game, MGSHD, a new CoD, a new Bioshock, Battle Royale, and Sly 4 (et. al.), many of which launch by this fall. I count four good titles for it (about the same amount as the 3DS will have this fall, in its second year).

    What’s your point about the Vita being doomed? Did you say the same thing about the 3DS last year? Or are you just really, really ignorant? Logic should have you believing that the Vita will likely follow the same path. I don’t knock you for acknowledging the possibility of it failing, but I do for you saying it’s doomed in the same scenario that the 3DS and it’s apparently “huge” amount of games was.

    Also, what are you talking about when you say that you can’t browse the web without seeing a Nintendo article? I’ve done so for weeks on end without seeing one.

    • Nivlak Bifreið

      “you say the 3DS has a large amount of games, when it still doesn’t. There are maybe half a dozen games by the end of this year (all of which will have come this year, and not last) that make the 3DS worth buying” You must not count Nintendo games, as games that make the 3DS worth buying, because if you did than you can add: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 (all games that came out last year), and Kid Icarus: Uprising. Than later this year: New Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. There’s also a lot of good games that don’t sale systems.

      • Kevin

        Remakes do not and will NEVER make consoles worth buying. If it does, I truly feel bad for the morons that believe so. Mario Kart 7 is practically the same as every other one, and I don’t think a game that some people consider worse than Mario Kart DS should make the 3DS worth buying.

        I tend to forget Super Mario 3D Land came out last year because for whatever reason I count that towards this year, so my apologies there. But even so, you completely and unintentionally proved my point. You named 5 games that truly make it worth buying (all 5 of which were part of that “maybe half a dozen,” I should mention). Even if you believe that Mario Kart sells consoles, that’s still 6 – half a dozen. This article writer says that the 3DS has a massive category of games (I’d call it no better than decent) and then says that the Vita is doomed to fail (we don’t know if it will yet) with a huge bias against the Vita, it seems. The Vita has quite a few games that could be deemed console sellers that launch this year (which gives it more first year console-pushers than the 3DS did have), but he completely disregards their existence.

        And then there’s the fact that the 3DS XL is not going to put up 3DS numbers because it’s still the same console ($30 mre for a much bigger screen is a good deal, though, I will admit). Once Pokemon gets a 3DS title, THEN it will get a massive amount of sales – but that could be a while, as GameFreak decides when and where the Pokemon titles go, not Nintendo (see Black/White 2). If we’re comparing 3DS vs. Vita, it’s obvious that the 3DS is the winner in both year 1s (or so we could assume, as the Vita needs about 3 million sales or so to tie the former in its first year), but we have no clue how year 2 could go for the Vita. For all we know, it could catch up, although I’d be completely shocked if it did

        Side note: My prediction for this handheld fight is that it ends up like the DS vs. PSP, but a tad closer. For reference, it was about 150 million for ALL the incarnations of the DS, 80 or so that came from the DS Lite, and 75 million for the PSP (0 of which came from the Go, lol). Depending on the lifespans for these handhelds, I’d say 3DS wins by about 10-30 million (depending on if Nintendo keeps pushing out slight upgrades to the 3DS just for sales and nothing more, and if Sony puts out another failure like the Go).

  • ba9oriole

    PS Vita > Nintendo 3DS XL

  • Chris

    Vita says “Touch my Katamari”, 3DS XL says “Count my pixels”.

  • Smash Bros Gamer

    I consider myself to be a Nintendo fan, and while it is true that I
    have more Nintendo consoles in my house than others, I also play on
    other consoles. I enjoy them all! They’re games! They’re meant to be
    played and enjoyed, not have their players squabble over which company
    is better. I myself disagree with this article. The Vita hasn’t been selling well in it’s first year due to lack of good games, but wait a minute – doesn’t that sound familiar? Oh yes. It sounds just like the 3DS launch. And look how well the 3DS is selling now!

    Also, I remember the Australian PS3 midnight releases. Know what was so memorable about them? Very few people turned up! And now the PS3 is a very popular console.

    “How will the Vita enrich our games? Or indeed our lives?” Oh come the bloody hell on, Ty, just because the 3DS has 3D and a new slide pad doesn’t freaking change our lives. It’s a game console! It’s a minor part in life used purely for entertainment! If a single new video game console has changed so much of your entire life, why can you be angry at something that’s trying to give gamers a solid gaming device? It’s focused on and used mostly for games, and just because it isn’t going to “enrich your life” doesn’t make it a bad console. I’ve got a 3DS, and the only thing it’s changed about me is how my perception on 3D has changed from a gimmick into something really cool. No life changing revelations for me.

    Sony are lacking in their promotional material for the Vita right now, yes, but I’ve also seen plenty of playable Vita consoles rigged up in game stores so customers can have a go. It myself played it, and it was fun! Others found it fun! A lack of games and advertising now doesn’t mean doom and gloom later. Give it a bit of time, Ty. It’s not the end of the Vita yet, it’s still got some life. (See what I did there? Vita = Latin for life)

    • AussieGamer

      Hey Smash – thanks for your comment, you make a great point.

      I guess there’s a little bit of a difference, though. When 3DS launched, there weren’t a huge amount of titles on day one that excited EVERYONE, however, we knew that Animal Crossing, Mario 3D Land, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Starfox, Ocarina of Time, and so many more were on their way..

      Vita, on the other hand, is relying on a Call of Duty and a Smash Bros clone to rally excitement – which is great, don’t get me wrong, but neither is hardly revolutionary in my eyes. I guess I come from a different time, though – I remember when “rag doll physics” was the greatest thing to happen to gaming, and so with that kind of technology, developers pushed themselves with it and ended up developing all kinds of physics engines that are used in every game today.

      Like I said (or at least hinted at), Nintendo tend to have a track record with only putting in hardware features that are worthwhile – the DPad, internet (they were pretty much first to jump on board with internet/internet-like-network back in the SNES days) Analogue stick, analogue buttons, touch screen, motion control, and now 3D screens – all of these have been used in all kinds of areas in our lives, even outside of gaming. My TV remote, for example, has a DPad inspired set up. Glasses-less 3D is going to be the way of the future for 3D TV’s because people hate those glasses… Nintendo have now proven that it not only works, but can be viable in the marketplace.

      A second touch panel isn’t that big of a deal – at least not yet. And Sony haven’t really given me anything to be excited about. We all knew that Super Mario 3D Land would prove 3D once and for all – and it did.

      Likewise with the second A-Stick. Yes, “traditional” games use it, but developers are pushed to make better games without it. Take Heros of Ruin, for example. It’s a dungeon crawling, top-down RPG. It could’ve been over-the-shoulder 3rd person I suppose, but then you’d have to worry about the camera. The result was probably a much better game. Kid Icarus is a great on-rails shooter and there’s a little camera work to worry about, but the touchscreen makes it a breeze – especially with pin-point accuracy and lightening fast motions.

      But you are right about launch titles – check out this article:

      Here I looked through all console launch titles to prove that they mean squat. But there’s still an element there that made each manufacturer prove their worthwhile. Nintendo 64 did it with Super Mario 64, PlayStation did it with Ridge Racer and later Resident Evil, Xbox did it with Halo.

      I think there’s still hope for Vita – but Sony need to do a better job at convincing everyone. That was the overall point of this article :)

      • Smash Bros Gamer

        Well, Paper Mario, Ocarina of Time, Starfox, Mario 3D land and Animal Crossing aren’t really revolutionary either. They’re all sequels. And they all have pretty much the same gameplay as their predecessors. Hell, Starfox and Zelda were ports of an old game anyway!

        I know about the whole 2nd analogue stick. I actually prefer just one. In a comment reply I made below I stated that as a PC gamer, I was easily able to use a touch screen aiming system rather than my Playstation playing friend. It’s all about adjust-ability and personal preference. I was delighted when Kid Icarus was going to use the touchscreen and not the ABXY buttons. It allows for much smoother play.

        You’re right. Nintendo certainly are the most innovative when it comes to consoles. But a touch pad on the back is certainly new. But it takes a great mind to figure out how to work with it properly. Otherwise Sony are just wasting their money. Nintendo knew how to make their Motion controls work, and their two screens, and their 3D. Most people were like “How the heck are they gonna pull that off?” yet they did it anyway.

        It’s only natural that other companies wanted to do something to stand out. The sad thing is, Sony doesn’t seem to want their Vita to be advertised. Only gamers who read gaming news will hear about it. Only gamers who go into game shops will hear about it. A mother wanting a gift for her child isn’t going to see it. A person who likes games but isn’t really computer savvy isn’t going to understand it. Computer specs mean nothing to the casual observer. That’s why Nintendo make game consoles with more innovation than power. They want to bring games to the general public. They want people to enjoy games. That’s why they bring out all of those casual titles. The Vita is for gamers, meant to satisfy the needs of one who games often. The general public wouldn’t fork out heaps of money for something that looks like an upgraded PSP. A gamer would fork out the money for a something that has the power of a PS3 in your pocket. The gamer buys it because he understands it. The casual gamers wouldn’t.

        I get what you’re trying to say here, Ty. It just that it could have been a little better explained (and a lot less Nintendo praising.)

  • Noobkiller77

    PlayStation Vita is, at least at this current point in time, officially doomed.” I don’t think that the Vita is doomed so much as at a disadvantage. The 3DS got a head start. But that’s only because Nintendo was smart enough to make their handheld earlier than Sony’s. So if the Vita is doomed to anything, it’s doomed to not compete with the 3DS until it gets some big-ticket games. Other than that, I agree with this article. Good Read.