Nintendo Won’t Be Forced to Discontinue Wii U Next Year

Let's discontinue the doom and gloom

Another day, another impending doom warning for Nintendo, this time from glorified online forum ‘Motley Fool’ whose contributor is warning investors that Nintendo might have to discontinue Wii U next year due to an “abysmal” first year.

The article is, of course, standard alarmist link bait masquerading as helpful advice, so I thought this week I would show the same arguments raised by the piece but in a slightly different light. Could a batch of arbitrary numbers be manipulated to spell success for Nintendo? Perhaps, but let’s start with the first point raised by the author.

The Wii U Has Been a Total Failure

How does one define a “total failure”? The author of the Motley Fool article claims that Nintendo expected to sell 5 million Wii U consoles by March last year and “only” sold 4 million by the end of September.

This point here is intriguing because it takes Nintendo’s own expectations and uses them against the company. Nintendo has every right to be optimistic about their latest products. It’s not going to come out at an investor’s briefing and say “hey guys, this console is pretty crappy. We’ll probably only sell a million units”.

I also wonder in what universe that 4 million units of anything is not considered significant? Sure, Wii sold a lot more in a lot less time, but we saw a similar trend with Nintendo 3DS. That console was also considered a “flop” in its first year on sale, now it’s the world’s fastest selling console and is actually on track to be the best selling console of all time.

The Fool article claims that Nintendo’s goal of 9 million Wii U sales by March 2014 is “utterly insane”. I tend to disagree here, though. Obviously, the year end sales is always huge and this year there’ll be two new consoles on shelves, not to mention two new iPads, two new iPhones and about 9.8 million new Android tablets. But Nintendo are bringing something to the table the others aren’t: originality.

I use that term in the broad sense — Wii Fit U, Wii Party U and Super Mario 3D World are hardly new franchises but they are the complete opposite of what the competition is doing. PlayStation 4 has Killzone, Xbox One has Dead Rising 3. Wii U has Wii Sports Club (not to mention a year of pretty good titles, such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD).

Wii U will not be discontinued next year

This is a huge advantage for Nintendo. There are a lot of younger players out there but more importantly, there are a lot of gamers out there who don’t buy their own games and consoles. Parents will be looking for the cheapest and the easiest console to buy their kids and Wii U with it’s white box, cute characters and fun mini-games is obviously going to be a major drawcard, not to mention the $200 lower price tag.

But there’s one other thing going for Wii U this holiday: it won’t be sold out.

PlayStation 4 is already buckling under its own popularity. Is that good? Who knows. For all we know, Sony have only shipped 500,000 units worldwide. Yes, that’s unlikely but simply selling out of pre-orders doesn’t automatically indicate they’ve burned through 9 million sales.

Xbox One is also facing stock shortages internationally. Again, this is most likely a good thing for Microsoft but when parents venture out into stores to buy their kids a shiny new console, they’re simply not going to be able to buy a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, possibly until January or even beyond. Older gamers have seen to that as they quickly snap up pre-order allocations.

Wii U will be bountiful in supply. There are new, cheaper bundles with great games that represent great value. The price has been lowered to something much more attractive, especially compared with the others.

Besides 9 million lifetime units by March 2014 isn’t so farfetched for Nintendo — the total worldwide sales have already eclipsed 6 million units, they need only sell another 3 million over Christmas. Wii U was the second highest selling console last week in Japan (Nintendo 3DS was number 1) on the back of Wii Party U and Wii Fit U, and I can only imagine the holiday sales season will boost the numbers even more.

Microsoft will steal Nintendo’s core market

The next point by Motley Fool states Microsoft is about to seal Nintendo’s “core” market with Xbox One’s Kinect sensor, doing what the company attempted with the original Kinect for Xbox 360.

I’m not so sure. There’s no doubt that Kinect 2 on Xbox One is a lot more intuitive and more fun than the original Kinect, but arm waggling with Kinect so far has shown us that the control style is popular with only one demography: the very young.

Preschoolers will love the idea of dancing with Elmo and gang, but anyone older than 5 are simply not interested. Waving an arm to change the TV channel, or to navigate the Xbox One menu is fine, but not a system selling feature for older players. And despite Nintendo copping a lot of flack for their “kiddy” image, few seem to realise the publisher doesn’t really cater for very young players.

So Kinect might grab preschoolers, but Nintendo aren’t really doing that anyway. Realistically, the youngest Nintendo seems to go is 10 years old. Games like Pokémon and Animal Crossing require a decent grasp on reading skills, while many of the puzzles in games like Super Mario may be too difficult for anyone younger to enjoy.

So the question isn’t “will Microsoft steal Nintendo’s core market”, but can they?.

So far I’m not seeing it. I don’t see Microsoft making any majorly popular game aimed at 10 year olds. There is no Microsoft answer to Pokémon. In fact, for every Mario game that comes out these days, Microsoft releases Halo. And while games like Halo or PlayStation’s Killzone can indeed be enjoyed by young kids, their age rating and realistic themes often prove a high barrier of entry. These games never set the world on fire because they’re targeted to people who have jobs, who can afford all the DLC that come with them. They’re not games for kids.

Can Kinect change that? It’s a hard question to answer. But if history is anything to go off, it’s going to be a tough sell to anyone older than 6 years old.

Wii U will not be discontinued next year

Unlike Sony, Nintendo can’t afford to support a failing console

This is probably the most ridiculous argument the Motley Fool article makes, for several reasons.

The first point worth mentioning here is that every console in Nintendo’s history — except for Wii — was sold at a loss, at least initially. Nintendo has never gone out of business, and there have been worse selling consoles in Nintendo’s past. So Wii U being sold at a negative profit is nothing new, but that’s why Nintendo has accountants and people who make budgets. That’s why Nintendo charge full price for games online. That’s why Nintendo, like all publishers, price games at the AU$100 end of the scale. And it’s exactly why Nintendo is a public company in the first place: investors give Nintendo money in case customers don’t.

But wait a minute — is this author suggesting that Sony is some kind of wealthy business that could do no wrong?

Sony might have its fingers in a whole lot of pies, but that doesn’t automatically mean they’re extremely wealthy and can afford to throw money all over the place. Sony was worth $100 billion in 2000 but has since fallen dramatically, slashing over 10,000 jobs and selling their American head quarters. Compared to its heyday, Sony is in as much financial pain as Nintendo.

Both companies however have a secret weapon: huge cash hordes. Sony is sitting on $9.6 billion in cash, while Nintendo has about $10.5 billion. Nintendo has no debt and they can post a loss of $257 Million every single year for the next 60 years before they will have to go out of business.

Wii U will not be discontinued next year

Now obviously this doesn’t automatically mean they’re sustaining an income. They have savings in the bank but if their products fail to sell, they won’t be able to grow as a company. And since all Nintendo’s eggs are all in the video game basket, it’s more important that their consoles sell well. Sony could after all make their profits from manufacturing AA batteries if PlayStation 4 flops.

One thing’s for sure though — both of these companies can splash their money around, but neither should. Nintendo has beefed up their spending in Research and Development this year, meaning new consoles are already in the works for future releases. Sony are spending more money in advertising this year than ever before. Both companies are suffering financial issues, mainly due to currency conversion costs.

If anything, the two companies are more comparable than Motley Fool implies.

This holiday season will be crucial for Nintendo

I’ve already explained how Wii U is likely to sell pretty well over this holiday season but even if it doesn’t, I highly doubt Nintendo will simply give up on it altogether.

There’s little doubt in my mind that Nintendo have already signed off on what their next generation console should be like. It probably wouldn’t take them very long to whip up something to compete on a power level of PlayStation 4, along with some kind of transfer middleware for easily porting in-development Wii U games to the new machine. It’s just highly unlikely they would abandon Wii U so soon.

And it is soon. The console is only starting to get the must have games that Nintendo are famous for. Next year there’ll be Donkey Kong, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Then there’ll be Zelda, probably Starfox and a whole host of other titles to fill in the gaps.

Abandoning Wii U now would be like the movie industry giving up on BluRay in its first year. After all, how long did it take BluRay to become mainstream? Even now a trip to the local JB HiFi underlines how slow customers are making the move to the new format, as the BluRay aisle slowly takes over the DVD. Consoles are only as good as their game library and Nintendo knows this and is preparing plenty of reasons to buy Wii U.

Wii U will not be discontinued next year

This holiday season is important for Nintendo, but it’s more important for Wii U. If Wii U doesn’t sell well at the end of this year, I don’t think it’s going to be a huge disaster for the company. They can simply try again next year with a more robust game library. Either way, the most unlikely conclusion to be made here is that Wii U will be discontinued. 6 million owners is significant enough to continue some level of support, and it’s a big enough user base to nurture, one that has the ability to grow purely on word of mouth.

Wii U won’t be discontinued next year. We can only hope, however, that these doom and gloom articles are.


After writing this article, it seems the original Motley Fool article has been copy/pasted ‘syndicated’ onto AOL-owned website, Daily Finance.

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  • Rodger Jamjet

    Good article and one that makes sense for a change. The wii u is an awesome peice of kit. The best I’ve played in many, MANY years and I have never regretted my purchase.

  • Diego

    Wii u will have the same destiny as 3ds,the problem is that it will take more time than 3ds but first they need to survive ps4 and xbox one for at least 5 months while mario kart,bayonetta and smash bros come out

    • Tynan Muddle

      Right. Everyone got excited about Wii’s popularity that they all forgot that game consoles NEVER sell that well, that fast.

      They’re all slow burners because game development tends to take so long. Nintendo know what they’re doing, and they’re good at what they do. Wii U will be fine and if not… hey, GameCube was apparently a “flop”, but look at the awesome games it had. As a Wii U owner, you can’t really lose.

      And actually one could argue that when consoles are struggling, Nintendo are best at making games. Wind Waker was leagues ahead of Skyward Sword in my opinion. People love Metorid Prime (GCN) more than Other M (Wii). Hell, we got Ocarina of Time and Starfox when 3DS was “failing”.

      • Jacob D. Taylor

        Very true!

      • Matthew Wesley

        But you can’t seem to find those naysayers of the 3ds now… where are they? I’m already aware and waiting for the inevitable launch problems the ps4 and xbox one have. It happens almost every launch cycle.

        • Gman

          It’s funny how people make fun of the 3DS since Nintndo literally owns the handheld market. The amount of people I know who own a Vita can be counted on one hand, while the amount I know who own a 3DS can be counted on two or three. Nintendo has survived long enough and they know what they’re doing, people make fun of them but in truth Nintendo will probably survive longer than Microsoft or Sony will in the video game market.

          • John J. McCalister Jr.

            I have 5 daughters, each of them has a 3ds. Its funny that you mention Vita. I have a Vita and the only time I have ever played it was when my wife and I took our kids to the Philippines to see her family. I work at Sony DADC. We inented the CD, DVD and Blu Ray disc as well as some not so successful formats such as Laser Disc and Minidisc. When we were moving from DMD (PSP) to Flash Media (Vita), I moved to that department. There are 5 of us in Vita and there are sometimes days where we do absolutely nothing. Now, the Playstation lines are slammed, but its our peak season. They are normally slammed around this time of year anyway. Judging by how things look at our plant throughout the rest of the year, I would say that Sony needs PS4 to be succesful A LOT more than Nintendo needs the Wii U to succeed

          • Matthew Wesley

            Wow… your frankness is astounding! I’ve made this same point numerous times to my associates, but I get told I’m an idiot or ”hating” on Sony.

      • uptownsoul

        you said 6M wii u units sold worldwide. where is your source? nintendo just put out worldwide sales at 3.91M wii u’s sold as of Sept 30/Oct 1st 2013. where did the extra 2.09M wii u’s come from

        • GoliothOnline

          That would be the extra %1500 units sold in japan over the last 10 days.

          • uptownsoul

            so including the 1500% spike in wii u sales in japan, from Oct 1st 2013 through today, there were 2.09M wii u’s sold? where is the link to the 2M wii u’s being sold in the last month and a half. if you can share that

  • Huguinho Rojas

    Superb article, wii u just needs a little more time but we can see that a lot of “experts” are obsessed with every step nintendo does.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      “A little more time”… Heard this for almost a year now. Wii U is soon in its second year, and its supposed peak should be around mid-life, year 3 and 4. It doesnt look good at all. It doesnt help either that Nintendo have been dropping the ball over and over again this gen, and now it going to face its competitors. The one year earlier launch was to get a head start before the others, it failed this in every aspect. No, Nintendos Wii U is fininta la commedia. It was a joke from beginning to an end. My guess is a discontinuation before E3. We didnt see or heard of a single new title since E3-13. Thats not a good sign. Its a death sign.

      • Aamir Islam

        But how are you certain the Xbox One and PS4 won’t have the same problem? The Wii U has a much stronger first party lineup than the upcoming platforms. And, most people love to forget this, but the PS3’s first year was TERRIBLE. It sold terribly and had a terrible lineup. Look at the console now. I suspect the same happening with the Wii U. It just received a price drop, it has lots of games already out like The Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros U, Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Zelda: Wind Waker HD. Coming soon are games like Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, X, Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong, ect.

        The time for waiting is over. I’ve been a Wii U owner since launch and I know this is the a great time in its life. Why on earth would they discontinue it before e3? They would lose MILLIONS of dollars, have to cancel games in development such as Super Smash Bros U AND lose the support of the 4 Million+ Wii U Owners. Did Sony discontinue the PS3 after the first year? No. And it wasn’t a death sign that it was selling terribly and third parties were not willing to create games for it. And we have heard of new titles since E3, you’re not paying attention so you have no right to say that.

      • Bob Wilkerson

        Oh Magnus… Same old illogical pessimism on a different site. That would be silly just on the fact Nintendo has no home console to put in place with of the Wii U. Maybe the Wii U will not have a 7+ year life but it will be around for at least 4-5 years. Maybe they will lose some money on this but they have money to sustain themselves.

        That being said I do not believe the system is or will be a complete failure. The same type of predictions were made for the Wii, 3DS, GameCube and N64 before this and if Nintendo is doomed they are the most successful doomed company in the world.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Hi Bob! Nice to meet you in here. Well, its actually not that illogical, its more that you dont want this to happen. Im afraid that the logic is on my side. But we will see soon.

          • Bob Wilkerson

            So it is logical that Nintendo would discontinue their home console sometime in the next 6-7 months and have no home console at all?? Just live off the 3DS and all the highly anticipated games due out in 2014 would be shelved?

            Yeah that makes absolutely no sense.

          • Tycalibre

            Are you by any chance, a betting man, Magnus?

            Or in the market for a bridge, perhaps?

      • Guest

        The Wii U hasn’t even been out for a year numb nuts.

  • jt

    I’m buying one

  • manowaffles

    The Motley Fool’s ability to crank out such drivel makes it apparent that they have no actual skill or knowledge of business. Perhaps they should next publish the article “The Motley Fool forced to shut down Next Year,” though that article might have some truth to it.

    • Tynan Muddle

      I see the site pop up on Google News all the time… not sure if it’s a legit analyst site or if it’s just a bunch of forumers who like to think they’re good at spending money…

      Either way, I usually resist the urge to write up a massive, long winded “you’re wrong” article haha

      They usually post stuff like “the gaming industry is screwed, long live Apple!!!!!”

      • manowaffles

        I have a coworker who actually frequents the Motley Fool for his financial advice.

        • Nick Jones

          Their articles are meant to be controversial and pull you in, and every once in a while they actually have good content. The article that this corrects was just abstract and beyond reasoning in many ways. I’m glad this article could bring some rational thought to the conversation.

          • manowaffles

            A broken clock is right twice a day.

      • Elbee23

        Motley Fool often comes up in the Windows 8 news app as well when you search for specific news topics. I sure am sick of reading their drivel and out and out lies though. :-(

  • GeekMan

    I had to post something on Miiverse contradicting this article before anyone freaked out….

    • Tynan Muddle

      This article?

      Or THAT article? :/

  • thecrows2332

    Its a bit early to call a quits on it now. Next year will be the test,with Super Smash Bros,Mario Kart,Donkey Kong and Zelda bring out new games out Next year is going to be the challenge. Personally i think with the new games next year Nintendo will be fine. They just make a profit,but not by much.

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    Motley fool and the others forget about history completely, drawing on only their favorites to use as reference. Anybody remember the PS3’s first 2 years?

    • Tynan Muddle

      Do you remember how much Nintendo 3DS was SLAMMED by the media? I mean, it was way worse than Wii U (and that’s saying a lot!)

      Meanwhile… PlayStation Vita has sold… how many units? And you just never ever hear about it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve EVER read an article about how Vita is failing and how it’s failure will mean Sony will have to back out of the hardware game. Such double standards.

      Of course, as owner of this website I could write those articles. But I don’t because of one reason: the video game industry isn’t doomed. Well, two reasons… the other is that I love video games! 😀

      • Jacob D. Taylor

        Haha, well said. At first I thought I was looking at the Motley Fool responding but I must say I am extremely relieved to see you instead! It’s true… not one article about Vita, it’s interesting isn’t it? When the Xbone lugs behind (I don’t think it will flop but it won’t be a record grinding success either) I doubt we’ll see a single comment on it. It’s commonplace to write against who everyone else is writing against but very counter intuitive to see otherwise.

        The Wii U has the power and potential to be a 3ds success story as well. I feel Nintendo tried to ride on it’s coattails after the Wii and expect the public to be lined up for the new dog but that would never have been the case. The public is aware of what the public is aware and rarely anything else.

        • Tynan Muddle

          You know, I’m not sure PS4 will be the resounding saviour of the gaming industry the likes of Kotaku are making it out to be. Like I said, game consoles rarely sell like hotcakes and if they do, they do for about a month or so. Wii was a rare exception.

          That’s not to say it’ll fail. They will all do well, it’s just that we need to realign our expectations of what “good sales” means.

          Are they going to sell 200 million units because iPad does? Of course not. But Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are going to be happy with 10 million, then 20 million, then maybe 40 million. I think I got an email last week saying that PS3 hit 90 million units worldwide since launch.

          So while iPads or iPhones can easily sell 97 billion units a month, it’s not really what video game consoles are about.

          • Andreas Sunde

            And even if both of the Clones sell millions in their first month, well, so did the Wii U.

          • doberdad

            Please fanboys. Don’t be blinded by enthusiasm. I too am hoping upon hope wii U suceeds.Noone does old school like Nintendo. But they aren’t even aiming at the market base sony and microsoft have in their pocket. But they still have a large enough base loyal niche customer base to suceed. Mario 3d, sonic,Donkey wil all boost sales. Mario Kart is a given to sell a couple of milllion units at least by itself. That doesn’t mean you have to fool yourself and compare sales numbers. It wont outsell them, or come close. But the market is their, their core audience, will buy these games if they are released. And that handful of gems is good enough. At least it is to me.

        • doberdad

          I’m a video game fan from day one(back in the Magnovox Oddesey days) but a fanboy like you bashing other systems to boost your preference up flushes all your credibilty down the toilet. I happen to like the new consoles, as do most in the market, my taste varies from FPS to old school. In fact I’m a sensible parent who wont let my six year old play adult themed games and was ecstatic to see the holiday lineup for Wii u and bought him one for christmas. Was so excited for him that when I got to the register, I bought myself one too. (Hugh..hugh Donkey Kong fan) But there is no doubt Microsoft, who has had as few failures as is technically possible, will have another hit with their Xbox one. Enjoy your Wii U as you should but that xbone fanboy stuff makes you sound as ignorant as the wii u haters.

  • banksst

    The wii u is horribly underpowered and it.shohld be scrapped and nintendo should make a more powerful system. Its the only wa it will survive the console wars. The 3ds does so well because it a kid friendly handheld and is less than 200.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Are you daft?

    • Tynan Muddle

      I’m seeing more 1080p games on Wii U than Xbox One.

      Just sayin’.

      • Tycalibre

        More running at 60fps too :)

    • Simon Stevens

      Hardly fair on the consumers that bought Wii U already, selfish asshole.

    • Bob Wilkerson

      Survive the console wars?? Nintendo does not want to fight in the petty childish console wars. Only angry dudebro gamers fight in that war and real gamers play games to have fun and on the platforms they want. They do not care about which platform has the most power because power means very little.

      For many years Nintendo has been marked doomed and the two arguments you idiots keep coming up with are the consoles are under powered and they make kids games. Well as you can see the doom predictions have not gone anywhere in over 10 years and that makes Nintendo the most successful “Doomed” company in the world.

      Oh and I love your excuse on why the 3DS sells so well. Does that justify your reasoning on the Vita which has sold less than 3 million systems a year?

      A word of advice for you. If all you continue to care about is power and specs then you will be sorely disappointed in your lifetime because there is always something that has more power and higher specs. I advise that you just play the games that are fun to you on the systems you choose and you will be a much happier person.

      • Matthew Wesley

        Actually, darn near every time Nintendo releases anything, they’re doomed. It’s getting really old.

        • Bob Wilkerson

          Yup… Nintendo is the most successful “DOOOOMED” company in the world.

        • Jacob D. Taylor

          It really is. I just get frustrated when I see Nintendo gloom and doom. It’s amazing to me. I don’t care what you other idiots buy. Go by your need for call of assassin’s battlefield, I think you have terrible tastes in games and poor hygiene (joke don’t take literally) but why is everyone SO INCREDIBLY HUNG about NIntendo going bankrupt? Why do you all care what I play? If you don’t like these games awesome, why are you calling for it to be shutdown and go under? Why is that so important for them? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

      • doberdad

        If you read up on the specs, while not as powerful as the other two, Wii U isn’t underpowered at all. There is only one unknown here. What will Nintendo produce as far as games. People buy nintendo mostly for first party anyway. Even if u didn’t read, watch some traiilers. Thats not a wii with tablet. thats a pretty stepped up dual core if memory serves me. Its not as powerful as xbox and ps but its no slouch and has more than enough under the hood to play the games Nintendo needs to make.

        • Bob Wilkerson

          I know this… Specs rarely concern me anyway. I just want good games as that will get me to buy the console. I thought I made that point in my earlier post.

          • doberdad

            I think both are important and must coexist. Wiiu has enough power for what it was meant to produce. Now if you have faith Nintendo will make these games you wont be dissappointed. I wouldn’t buy it last christmas because of the abyssmal holiday lineup. had it in my hands and tried to convince myself but couldn’t. When I saw the beautiful Zelda special edition(and I’m not even a Zelda fan) and the trailers for Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic, even the Pac man open world game looks cool (bought it for my son)Lego City is very nice and also an exclusive, Marvel lego was made for everyone but also Wii U.Had to buy one for my son and being a collector had to get the Zelda special edition for myself as well. Also preordered all those games I just mentioned(except lego city. Wait a couple of weeks for that. This year I blew my gaming budget sky high,lol) Mario Kart was announced and looks spectacular. So what other titles are you waiting for?

          • Bob Wilkerson

            Exactly.. Specs and Power matter to a point. As long as it is as powerful enough to do what it needs to do then it does not matter which is the most powerful. I say let the dudebro gamers fight over the PS4 and XB1 specs..

            Now that I have Super Mario 3D World and The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds my gaming time is filled up and I have other games I have yet to open and play. The game I am most looking forward to now that has a confirmed release is Mario Kart 8. I am also looking forward to Smash Bros. and the announcement and more information on the next Legend Of Zelda for Wii U.

          • doberdad

            Something is wrong when people have to fight over video game superiority, an object that was created for pure joy. I’m fortunate, I have them all so I root for all of them(I confess slight favoritism for xbox , but that’s a pro xbox thing, not an anti other system thing)

          • TheLastManOnEarth

            What the dudebro gamers really want is Nintendo to make a console that is a carbon copy clone of whatever Sony and MS are making. Nintendo has never gone that route, even back in it’s glory years, and it shouldn’t cave to “peer pressure” at this point. If Nintendo sticks to its guns, they’ll be fine in the long run.

        • Jacob D. Taylor

          I agree. The level of ‘HD’ is good enough for me at this point. Would I like PS4 quality? Of course, but it’s not worth $400 to me. It’s such a MINUTE difference that its just frankly out of the question for me. Has anyone seen the video comparisons of Assassin’s Creed IV? The difference between Wii U is visible yes, but it is NOTHING like the stark contrast between Wii and PS360. That hop skip and a jump just isn’t worth that much money to me. I’d rather have innovation then a penny’s worth of a spec upgrade.

          • TheLastManOnEarth

            I agree. How much better are the PS4/XBOne’s graphics than the Wii U’s anyway? If the Will U did have CoD, how much worse would it look? No regular gamer would ever know the difference.

          • Jacob D. Taylor

            My point exactly :) there have been a few good articles talking about the wow factor, and how it’s just not there anymore for Xbox PlayStation users. For us Nintendo guys however, that HD sheen is still fresh!

    • Bob Smith

      Go home, stupid. Just go home.
      (If you’ve played KI:U you’ll get the reference)

  • zpoccc

    yeah, the motley fool for a long time was promoting ‘insider tech investor info’ explaining how ‘cloud computing’ was going to run microsoft out of business, totally oblivious to the fact that the company is (and has been for a long while) a major proponent of cloud computing in the first place. nothing they say about tech businesses has any value – probably true about everything they have to say, really.

    here’s the video if anyone’s curious – you’d think they’d have taken it down out of embarrassment by now:

    • Tynan Muddle

      Any website that calls its readers “fools” is probably not worth paying attention to :/

  • ZainreFang

    Where did 6 million units come from? The last time I heard, it sold 3.5 million.

    • Simon Stevens

      I heard 3.91 million, be wonderful if it was at 6 million though

  • izzy1985

    Bravo Tynan. An article that is actually worth reading because it uses LOGIC and ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE!

    • Tynan Muddle

      Thanks for reading! 😀

  • Charles Herold

    Good comeback, although note that Motley considers Nintendo’s core market to be casuals while you’re talking about their core market being kids. So you’re not quite responding to what they said regarding that, although it’s easily refuted that a $500 machine is going to win the casual market..

    • Tynan Muddle

      Well, what I was kind of saying was that while Nintendo’s main focus is on 10 year olds and up, Kinect is really only popular with under 10’s.

      What I was getting at is that Microsoft doesn’t really do 10 and up’s very well… and by that I mean, 10 – 14 kind of market. You know, the Pokemon age or the Mario Kart age (even though we all love those games haha).

      So, for Microsoft to “steal Nintendo’s core market”, they will need to come up with an answer to Pokemon and Mario Kart. I don’t think the Sesame Street games are going to cut the mustard there.

    • TheLastManOnEarth

      Nintendo’s core market has never been “casuals” or even “kids”–Nintendo’s core market is people who like to play Nintendo’s first party games. That’s where Motley is wrong. What’s ironic is that most “casuals” –Nintendo’s supposed core market–have never even heard of the Wii U–but they have heard of the PS4 and Xbox One.

  • Patrick Devine

    so true the guy who wrote the anti Nintendo article is obviously a moron going on hear say and not facts.

    The Wii U is slow because 1 its kinda pricey for what i offers game wise, when the next gen of games come out on it people will jump on it, they have only just finished ironing out some of the major issues the console had,

    the wii also features backwards compatibility thats some thing Sony and M$ seem to forget to do and its not as hard as they like to claim. that means any of your old wii games are still good with a new console and you can still use all of your old remotes.

    if anything PS4 and XboxONE should watch out for the Wii U and 3ds nintendo still seem to understands the gamers wants to some degree, something sony and M$ seem to have forgotten to care about.

  • dubious

    i have found the wii u to be very useful for youtube, google, & netflix, & most of the games i have played have been very good. with more software on the way, i think it should be very strong in its 2nd and 3rd year. if it did bad, nintendo will just release new hardware after 4-5 years. i’m curious what kind of innovative hardware they will develop to succeed the wii u and 3ds…

    add me on miiverse my nnid is dubious :)

    • Tynan Muddle

      Find me — AussieGamer 😉

      Wii U’s web browser is the best TV web browser experience that I’ve used to date.

      • Simon Stevens

        My laptop is fucked, no need to replace it either, the browser is that good! lol

      • Matthew Wesley

        I know, it’s better than it has any right to be.

      • Allan Orr

        It should be, the browser Nintendo used from the Wii and DS (cartridge + GBA slot memory cart) onwards has been developed by Opera who are IMO the best dev house for browsers in general. Firefox and Chrome have a lot of love from their users but Opera have been consistent and also have built mobile editions that are far superior than the stock browsers on most phones (I can’t comment on iOS devices period lacking personal experience). Nintendo put some restrictions on features at times that were perhaps ill advised but overall yes it’s a very good browser. Now if only the dang eshop was as easy to use.

  • heavenshitman1

    It’d be more expensive for Nintendo to discontinue the WiiU next year than what it would cost to continue producing it. Even if it doesn’t do well, they’ll still get some money back. To discontinue the system then would probably mean cancelling several games in programming or halt em for another system in future.
    And then being forced to mass spend on a new system build, release and the advertising to go with that etc..

  • helmet


  • Alex

    well written, i can’t stand the doom and gloom articles anymore. i’ve. Had a Wii U sice launch and it’s my favourite console ever and i’ve had them all.
    Mt PS3 has. Been collecting game dust since i’ve had it and only been playing BluRay movies. I love it to bits so much that i am giving the old PS4 and Xbox a miss this Gen around i think. But time will tell, both have. Nice exclusives on the way. I am 36 now and don’t have the time to play as i used to anyway and one console should be enough to s till the fix so Iwata, get those Bananas out and keep the WiiU what it is…Fantastic with even more room to rocket upwards.

    • mark

      I feel exactly the same way. I love my Wiiu so much. My ps3 is abandonded, and i have no hype or interest in getting a ps4 at launch. It would take a very compelling ps4 exclusive to get me to buy one in the next year or so. The games i’m truly excited for are all coming to wiiu over the next year.

  • Matthew Kenealy

    I would say that Sony is in more trouble that Nintendo is honestly. Nintendo seem to be doing a much better job of financials than Sony, even if the PS4 has high demand the company as a whole is in serious debt.

  • Osians

    I don’t know about you, but I usually buy a video game for fun. I really don’t care about your graphics power, I just want to grab a controller and play a intuitive game and forget the world for a little while. The best thing I tried last year was to see my 60 years old father having fun with a Wii. I think that video game is about fun.

    • TheLastManOnEarth

      I’d much rather play a good game with only decent graphics, than a bad one with dazzling graphics. Graphics and sound can make a good make great, but won’t make a bad game even good.

  • Nintimdo

    More or less sums up my feelings towards Nintendo’s situation. To be honest it’s Sony who have proved with the ps3 that a console can build momentum literally years after its release. The Wii U will do fine once it has all its best (well, most popular is probably fairer wording) games out in the market (like Mario Kart and Smash Bros.) and Nintendo can sustain it until then. The Motley article was as you said lick bait. I’m so bored of doom and gloom.

    • Tynan Muddle

      Right, it’s all about the games.

      I think PLayStation 4 and probably Xbox One will both see the same thing happen to them as Wii U, simply because there isn’t a huge variety of games announced yet. They’re all shooters. They need more variety… and it’ll happen. It’s just a question of “when”.

  • leodio

    Its really funny to see people talking about Wii u failure. Was Wii more powerfull than PS3 and Xbox360? Yes, Wii is less powerfull And 3ds vs Vita? I had Vita and i have 3ds and i can tell you that Vita is much more powerfull than 3ds but 3ds is much more funnier to play. Its the case of Wii u. I have a little kid so i bought her a Wii u. Should i bought her a PS4 with a Killzone? If you are going to buy a console to children you HAVE to buy a Wii u. I have also a PS3. The only great game for children is LBP. Wii u will have many. All Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, and many more. Which console can give you the funny to play Donkey Kong? Or Mario Kart? Only Wii u.

    • mark

      I have a Wiiu and a PS3. When my 11yo niece and 8yo nephew come over, they skip right past the PS3 and grab the Wiiu gamepad and start diving through my nintendo games stack. The ps3 might as well be invisible as far as they are concerned.

  • Rinslowe

    Savvy piece of vindication. Well written.

    It’s a shame there are so many people online today with a problem with Nintendo for no real justifiable reasons. Other than perhaps it’s a fab to down them….

    It’s also rare to see people articulating so clearly in Nintendo’s defense… Not that there are a lack of intelligent fans but most people are not prepared to go all in on a discussion that more often than not turns into more than most rational beings can be bothered with.
    The Anti Nintendo crowd being quite vocal these days…


    • Tynan Muddle

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!

  • Nintengoth

    Ninty will be fines! grrr why does everyone always rip on them and not the others ill never know, all of 2014 we have some great games coming out! cant wait! 😛

  • Matthew Wesley

    Yeah… once that Smash bros. hits, it’s over.

  • Sean

    a cunning retort to a poorly written/ ill conceived article!

    • Guest


  • Simon Stevens

    The Motley fool article made me chuckle, clearly biased to Microsoft, an unwritten rule in journalism is to leave personal choice to one side, the author seems to believe the xbox1 will be successful of entertainment, maybe in 2006 but not in 2013/2014 with smart televisions and boxes, in the UK Sky have a box out which is a roku clone called nowtv, for just 10 quid! lol cheap or what, they offer out subscription packages to sky movies, entertainment channels and sky sports, both live and on demand plus whatever else is in the roku channel store, so yeah, Microsoft won’t be successful in that department, Wii U will find it’s feet, people are just pissed that there is no 3rd party support for the games Nintendo don’t even cater to (nobody buys a Nintendo console for fps games), the hardware is fine for what Nintendo want to do with the system, there will ve 3rd party support but it’ll be for the games that suit the platform and most will be exclusive games that nobody else can have (looking at you Dragon Quest), the system is far from dead and if they weren’t going to stop support for the gamecube for so called failings, they won’t simply abandon the Wii U either, days like that have been and gone, truly.

  • Jock_Nerd

    “Consoles are only as good as their game library and Nintendo knows this and is preparing plenty of reasons to buy Wii U.” Exactly.

    • Simon Stevens

      Que the bombs bitches 😉

  • Orange Lada

    The Fool article was ridiculous, given that they are financially oriented, to the point that I wasn’t leaving a comment there.

    While Sony and Nintendo have about the same amount of cash, Sony has a LOT of debt to service and other divisions “in the conglomerate” that require cash as well.

    Of all the ridiculous articles I’ve seen, the Fool one topped them all.

    • Tynan Muddle

      You know, I’ve written my share of “pro-Nintendo” articles on the back of other websites’ doom mongering and I think this is the first time the comment section has unanimously agreed that Wii U isn’t doomed.

      I mean, I could put this down to several factors but it’s good to see people are sort of coming around on Wii U — it’s no longer “cool” to hate it, it seems. At the very least, more people are realising that whether they love the Wii U or not, Nintendo isn’t doomed because of it.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Tycalibre

        The more people see of X1/PS4 the more the scales are beginning to fall from their eyes.

  • Nintendoro

    I totally love the article. Though I have to say that Wii U would sell much better if only it was available in stores to buy. I live in UK and neither console, nor it’s games are easily found in the shops. Too be honest it’s completely missing. How on earth can this amazing system or it’s games sell good when no supermarket want to sell them. I buy my Wii U games online only. Such a shame Nintendo UK is doing poor job marketing the system in this country. Yesterday I pick up PS4 COD Ghosts at Sainsbury’s. That game was available to buy for the system that’s not even out yet, but not on Wii U, that’s been out for a year at least. It’s pretty sad

    • Tynan Muddle

      Yeah I hear it’s kinda hard to find in the UK. But I suspect that will change once the doom and gloom dies down a little. Also, Microsoft and Sony are obviously paying for more shelf space, but that’ll probably calm down mid next year.

  • Nick Jones

    Excellent article, a voice of reason in a Motley sea of confusion. Given the same time period with either the PS3 or 360 you can see how slow game developers were to create system selling games. It’s a vicious cycle that all new consoles go through. Heck, I have a Wii U purchased at launch which is just starting to get it’s better games (though I already have a collection of 18 great Wii U games). I have a PS4 on order but am not interested at all in the launch lineup. I’m looking forward to games like Division, Final Fantasy, Destiny, and Kingdom Hearts that won’t be out until around May 2014. Call of Duty, and Battlefield 4 just don’t look much better at all in their ported PS4/XBox One versions. By the time Sony and Microsoft get any decent games Nintendo will be steamrolling it’s blockbuster titles everywhere.

  • Bob Wilkerson

    This is a great counter-article. The Wii U is struggling but it is not failing. There are things Nintendo is failing on but it seems they are working to remedy that. They have some huge promotions coming up with experiences set up in malls, cruise lines, and in other retail locations.

    What I find hilarious is that recently some information on the almighty PS4 and XB1 showing some major DRM and restrictions on how a player can use the system.

    If people look at the history of Nintendo’s console sales (including the Wii) there are always huge sales around the holiday season and I expect this to be no different.

    In the end I do not think the Wii U will be as successful as the Wii as that is a tall order to live up to but it will do fine and discontinuing it so early would cause more loss to Nintendo than to try and making it work for at least a few years while a successor console is developed.

    • Tynan Muddle

      That’s another good point about Nintendo — even though they do similar services to Sony and Microsoft, they tend to be far less restrictive and a lot more honest.

      You never hear of credit cards lost through Nintendo consoles, or Nintendo profiting off selling customer data. That should really be a selling point in this day and age.

      • Torry Murray

        Consumers by and large are not concerned with their data being sold. Look at the combined number of Google+ and Facebook users. For all the grumbling about NSA spying and violated amendments, people love posting personal information online.

        Also, the Nintendo Wii / Wii U is not a console that swarms of gamers purchase game DLC through. The eShop doesn’t exactly make the process of purchasing digital content easy. The most lucrative DLC belongs to console games that few people play on a Nintendo console (Battlefield/CoD). Nintendo represents a much smaller target for those wanting to steal credit info.

        • Tynan Muddle

          It’s dead easy to buy DLC on eShop. While playing a game, load the eShop app and you get a list of all the DLC you want to purchase.

          Then you just click and it downloads.

          Honestly, third party publishers have no right bitching about about the lack of DLC interest in Wii U owners until they actually make an effort. Activision, for example, hid Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 from all their advertising then claimed they would “see how sales go” before considering DLC on the platform.

          Then you have the media problem… Assassin’s Creed III has DLC on Wii U, but the media seem to think it doesn’t. Hell, they can’t even agree if the game on Wii U does 3D or not (p.s: it does. And very well.) To review a game, one should play it… something that some media outlets need to learn.

          Anyway, back to the stealing credit data thing… I don’t think hackers are avoiding Nintendo because they feel 1 million credit card numbers is not as good as 200 million credit card numbers.

          But yes, sadly people don’t care about their personal data as much as they should these days…

  • Tynan Muddle

    Retard huh?

    Alright — you got me. I’m mentally handicapped and should be publicly ridiculed and put to death because I made a simple typo. I’m clearly the first and only known human on Earth who has made a typo on the internet. I shudder to think what my third grade teacher would think of me now after all those spelling lessons.

    • Marius Valasinas

      Tynan has his point. Though I’m not so sure if Wii U has sold 6 million units. Last time I heard it was 3.7 million or something

      • Tynan Muddle

        3.9 million worldwide as of September 30, 2013. I read somewhere it sold close to 1 million in October, and at the start of November it has risen in weekly sales something like 1,500% in Japan and 200% in the US. From what I was reading online, I thought it was general knowledge that it was at least nearing the 6 million mark… if that’s not the case, it’s certainly closer to or more than 5 million.

        6 million might be wrong, I’ll agree with that. I didn’t keep my ‘sources’ for sales data handy so I can’t give links, etc. But if you do some digging you might come to the same conclusion.

        Even so — and let’s say for argument that Wii U has sold 4.5 million units so far, I still don’t think getting to 9 million my March 31, 2014 is going to be a major drama for Nintendo.

        First of all, it’s a figure Nintendo were comfortable with publishing. They’re not idiots, they’ve done their homework and I’m sure they’re aware at the huge amount of doom and gloom out there, they wouldn’t want to suggest a high number for the fun of it.

        Secondly, never underestimate Mario. New Super Mario Bros. U sold pretty well, but I don’t think it’s a so-called “system seller” so much because on the outside, it looks too similar to NSMB. Wii, especially to the “casual” player.

        Mario 3D land, however, looks very different and I think that’ll be the must have game for Nintendo at the end of the year.

        Then after the holidays, there’s a couple of gems coming out. Donkey Kong and Mario Kart are apparently slated for Q1 2014. Nintendo is likely to launch those in March, so I’m not sure how much time they’ll have to gather sales data on those before the end of their financial year, but I think Wii U sales will be “rejuvenated” by then anyway, they might get to 8.5 million by the end of February.

        Wii U is already on track to sell 1 million consoles in Japan alone this month, assuming it keeps up current momentum. That’s massive, can could mean that worldwide it will sell 2 million in November.

        I’m sure the same will happen over the holiday season, if not because of the games then purely by default (people buy more stuff in general over Christmas, it’ll get the sales boost because it exists). 2 million over December is conservative, but even if we started at the 3.9 million figure, they’ll be at 7 million at the end of December.

        That means they need only sell 1 million worldwide per month unit the end of March to hit 9 million. And sure, it might not have happened in 2013, but they have the games now (Wii Fit U will hit retail in December and it will be massive).

        • Elbee23

          My understanding is that Sony and Microsoft have delayed releasing their next gen consoles in Japan until next year. Sony have openly said they won’t have enough good games in that territory for a while, and Microsoft are implying that Japan tends to hate what they make on their consoles.
          Although I don’t think the Christmas period is as important in Japan as it is in the West, that is still giving 3+ more months for Nintendo to release more games on the Wii U and to continue to develop the size of their user base.
          Still though, it can be hard to tell what the future brings until it actually arrives. But just from those two points, on the surface it looks like Nintendo have got the advantage.

          • Tynan Muddle

            It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in the consoles’ attractiveness in your own backyard, many people forget that these publishers need to think globally.

            JRPGs are never popular outside of Japan. Monster Hunter goes nuts there, for example, but are pretty much lukewarm outside of the country. So while it sells systems in Japan, the same game released on the same day might not have any effect at all.

            When it comes to Wii U, people say “there are no good games on Wii U”. Japan, on the other hand, say “Well, we love Wii Party U.” Then again, in the West people moan about “no third party support”, yet there’s Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and many many others…

            So… yeah, lots of irrational complaints by people who probably are too young to buy these things anyway.

  • Paladinrja

    G’day again Ty.
    Easily the most balanced system I’ve ever seen, it’ll prove itself, I’m actually at a loss at how much this thing flies in the face of convention. While its competitors field closed box PCs; Nintendo has created the most straightforward synaptic system I’ve ever seen.
    Shame no one does an interview with NERDs Takeda. Would be a great insight.

  • Tim444

    I completely agree that the Wii U is not doomed, nor will Nintendo in any way shape, or form give up on it anytime soon. That said, things are certainly not all roses with the Wii U. Aside from lackluster sales globally, I do think the PS4 and Xbox One releases could have an impact as they will attract more of the hardcore gamers. Casual gaming is definitely changing, in my opinion, because of the tablets and smartphones. I thought about a Wii U, but then realized that I won’t use it much and we already have a Wii and a number of tablets laying around the house for casual gaming. I do still like to game occasionally, but I find myself drawn to the PS4 since it will have a good price-point and I really love how Sony has embraced indie gaming companies which I find more interesting going forward.

    Time will tell. I don’t see the Wii U going anywhere, but I also think things could stay lean for the console as it may struggle to attract casual gamers and as more serious gamers flock to the next gen MS and Sony consoles. We will see. I have no plans for a Wii U at this time, but that can change.

    • Tynan Muddle

      You know, people thought that Facebook games spelt the end of consoles.

      We all know how that panned out.

      It’ll happen with smartphones and tablets, too. One day, humanity will realise how stupid we all look with our necks bent down, staring at a glass rectangle and new technologies like Google Glass will be more attractive.

      So phones, I think, will someday go back to being a “phone” — a communication tool, rather than something we use all day for absolutely everything.

      • Rinslowe

        I totally agree. All the analysts do is follow the trend at the time and try to stimulate investments. There’s a literal treasure trove of related deals that go along with that.
        I always find it funny how people fall for it hook, line and sinker…

        “Mobile is eating into console and PC gaming”
        “Mobile will phase out all other forms of gaming” etc.. etc..

        In fact what a lot of people don’t realise is that many casual mobile players are also traditional gamers and many mobile only players have never touched console in their lives, while both sections of the gaming industry have massive massive room to grow…
        The fact that consoles and PC’s are still in hot demand globally proves that out of the 7 billion souls on Earth, there is in fact plenty of pie to go around.

        And more and more people will come on board over time, both traditional gaming and mobile platforms will grow in tandem. Not necessarily in direct competition.

        Just my opinion, though…

  • Glitch256

    Microsoft may sell off their gaming division due to the amount of money the company is hemorrhaging from its xbox brand. It was in Forbes. Nintendo is in good shape. Dont worry.

  • squareroot

    Imo, the Motley Fool article was poorly research article and I accuse the author, Sam, of sensationalism to get more views.
    A few days before this author wrote that half-ass article, there was a comment on one of his articles (“bleaked nintendo something”- title via Motley Fool). The poster commented, “Most important, the fastest way to convince a consumer not to buy a product is to tell them that the product may be discontinued…” and was followed by a link to a blog from mynintendonews. Several days later this article shows up speculating WiiU’s discontinuation and using the blog post as a source. Coincidance? I think not, but thats just my opinion.

    Back top the original speculative Motley Fool article, here’s my rebuttal.
    -Dreamcast and VBoy booth had a different situation from WiiU. Sega didn’t have enough funds to compete and VBoy only shipped 700K.
    -This part is incorrect: “Nintendo cut the Wii U’s price by $50 in late August”, price cut were on Sep20(US), Oct(EU), Oct31(JP bundle).
    -‘MS Xbox1 stealing casuals away from Nintendo’-section is speculative. You can’t use speculations to support another speculation (atleast not professionally ethical, imo).
    -Nintendo has 3DS to absord or negate WiiU loses. Sony has some financial trouble and is still supporting Vita, so Why can’t Nintendo do the same for WiiU?
    -Nintendo is also in it for the long term, Sega thought us the short-live products (Mega-CD, 32X, Saturn) can have a negative impact on consumer confidence. Cutting off WiiU will be a huge risk for Nintendo.
    -Most importantly, this author make his speculation mainly from what Iwata has said. Iwata didn’t get into detail, but his word can have many interpretations, but that didn’t stop the Author from chosing one of the troubling interpretions, speculating, then writing a pieace on it (sentationalism).

    The quote i was talking about:
    ” Making a rare appearance at a Wednesday press conference in Osaka to explain the company’s earnings, President Satoru Iwata said that the success of Nintendo’s newest console and the future direction of the firm were riding on the performance of a slate of new games during the upcoming holiday sales season. Once those results were in, Nintendo executives would review them to decide “what the company needs to do, over the long-term, about its platform,” Mr. Iwata said….Mr. Iwata didn’t elaborate further on options, although he said that he still didn’t think a major strategic overhaul was needed. ” — source (quoted by mynintendonews blog, commented by a poster in on of the authors MF articles, then used by the author to write the MF speculative article).

    • Elbee23

      Those are some interesting insights into what might have inspires the MF article. Still though, the MF article sure did show a whole lot of negative speculation and bias, and to imply that the Wii U will be stopped in terms of production within a year as a major headline for a financial advising website…

      Man, that’s just plain old irresponsible if you ask me. Almost enough to consider a case for slander, though I don’t know if that can apply to companies. :-S

  • Stephen Bias

    You know what kills me, and let me be clear here I am a Steam fanatic, the last real console I owned was a Gamecube. I went straight PC, because I did not like the Wii mote. I purchased a Wii U for myself and my now six year old daughter. Wind Waker was a major factor in my decision, it is one of my favorite games of all time. I love this unit, I like off tv play, I actually like the controller, and I think Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Nintendo Land, and Wonderful 101 are gorgeous. It has been one year. The heavy hitters are not here yet. And when Mario Kart and Smash Bros. come roaring in,another 50 dips off that price? And I say look out, it may not sell Wii numbers, but I really think it will pass the Gamecube totals easy.

  • uptownsoul

    this article isnt bad, but its not that accurate itself. “the total worldwide sales have already eclipsed 6 million units, they need only sell another 3 million over Christmas.” where is the linked site proving 6M wii u’s sold? last i checked nintendo said 3.91M units, so where did the extra 2M units since oct 1, 2013 come from?

  • Johnny LoveFive

    *cough* there are a few mistakes. One, Nintendo until the WiiU and 3DS NEVER sold any of their systems at a loss. They were either break-even (NES, SNES, N64, GameCube), or in the Wii’s case, at a slight slight profit, but NEVER did they take a loss until the WiiU/3DS (after they lowered the 3DS price they were taking a loss per system). Second, they have NOT eclipsed the 6 million units sold worldwide for the U, because their last financial statement said as of September 30, less than 4 million were shipped WORLD WIDE. I kind of doubt in 1 month they shipped another 2 million plus world wide.

    The smart thing Nintendo did back in 2007/2008 when Wii was selling faster than iphones on steroids, was to build up their cash reserves. There is one more point I’ll make that neither side has made. Talking about “cheap” systems. The Wii Mini is the cheapest console on the market (now that it’s finally in the US) at less than $100. THAT was NOT a bad thing, and Nintendo did that on purpose to squeeze out a few extra units, as well as making more money, to back up the WiiU if it doesn’t reach its goal. It probably won’t, similar to the 3DS in its first year, but I do see the U taking off next year when all these franchises are finally available (Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Metroid, Animal Crossing- still no Wii U version yet, and the like).

  • Johnny LoveFive

    I heard the GameCube called a “failure” during its entire 8 year lifetime. Amazing how 22 million consoles and 209 million games counts as a failure!

  • 3rdworldgamer

    the main problem for Wii U is having games being made for the system, it is simply not enough. their main franchises like mario/zelda/donkey kong/et. al. is not enough to entice a lot of people to buy the systen. nintendo franchises are good but they cannot just rely on it. 3rd party developers just simply ignore the system citing how hard it is to create or even port a game for the console. hopefully, the next console they make will be better because we really need Nintendo in the gaming industry to be successful.

    • Tynan Muddle

      I sort of disagree — third party games have never been “system sellers” on Nintendo.

      When Nintendo launched Nintendo 3DS, they came out and said “we’re not releasing any key Nintendo titles for launch, this is time for third party publishers to shine” (or something along those lines). They basically stepped away from the biggest sales point so that third parties — who always complain about competing against Nintendo games — could have a go.

      What ended up happening was that third parties did what third parties do best: they released half-baked ports, unfinished games, and a bunch of games that just weren’t right at all. They delayed games. They cancelled games. The Nintendo 3DS launch was in shambles.

      So Nintendo turn around and say “… erm… well that failed miserably” and got to work unleashing hit after hit after hit. COD not on 3DS? Who cares — it has Pokemon. And that’s all it needs.

      So third party games aren’t system sellers, even when they’re given the prime real estate. This is different from Sony and Microsoft systems, though, as those publishers aren’t great at making hugely successful first party games. So third party publishers on Xbox and PlayStation are system sellers because, frankly, customers don’t really have a choice.

      • uptownsoul

        so where is that source that has nintendo wii u’s at over 6Million units moved?

  • Hipster Victor

    Wow….I know nintendo go alot of cash in the bank but…..enough to survive thousands of losses in 60 years o____O my god no wonder why they don’t give a damn to what some “gamers” say

    • Tynan Muddle

      In one of the Iwata Asks interviews, Miyamoto and Iwata discuss new recruits at Nintendo.

      People graduate from university wanting to make games. They come to Nintendo, which is the biggest game maker in Japan. And the Nintendo sits them down and tells them how everything they learned about making games in University is wrong. In stead of starting with huge graphic ambitions, Nintendo start making their games with a cube on the screen. They work to make sure that controlling that cube, that when the cube “jumps” or runs or fires a bullet, feels right.

      The entire game is just a cube or a square until it feels perfect. Then they craft around it graphics, soundtrack, story and everything else.

      I think it’s remarkable. They worry about the gameplay first and foremost before caring about the graphics or the story. It’s very different to developers like, say, Naughty Dog who clearly spend a lot of time and money working on the story and look of the game.

      And I think it shows, too. That’s why there are still people playing Super Mario Bros. on NES, trying to beat worldwide high scroes and yet… when was the last time anyone played the original Uncharted?

      But bringing it back to your comment, it’s interesting that while people come into Nintendo with hopes and dreams about how Mario should be, they learn very quickly the reason Mario has certain limits and how it’s beneficial to the gameplay. Very interesting.

      • Hipster Victor

        Wow, I never really saw that part in Iwata ask. This is why I like Nintendo, always making sure that any game they make, will be fun and worth going back to play anytime.

  • Devon Day

    I just cannot wait until these “Professional Video Game Websites” eats their words come 2014. Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Olympics, and a Wii U Zelda mention at E3. All this “Nintendoom” propaganda needs to stop. Like Iwata-san said regarding the days of the SNES and Genesis days, “People who claimed Nintendo in trouble is just trying to make noise.” Heck, even if the Wii U gets discontinued (That’s A BIG “IF”), 3DS will have more golden years ahead, and I personally think the 3DS will be the best-selling console of all time, which for me, ultimately would have been a success story, as people claimed that a failure and look at it now: 2013’s BEST CONSOLE. PERIOD. I don’t know about many of you, but what I do know is that Wii U isn’t going anywhere any time soon. For those “professional video game websites” (*cough, *cough, IGN) who would like to prove me wrong, go ahead, I dare you. Wait, YOU CAN’T. 2014 is going to be the year that Wii U bounces back. It will be tough, but when Smash Bros. and a Mario Kart game in the same year, forget about it. 2014 is Nintendo’s year. Just watch people, just watch these websites eat their words.

  • -jp

    The biggest problem with the Wii U right now is the total lack of 3rd Party support. I know this year there are 3rd party games coming around the holidays (CoD, ACIV, Splinter Cell, etc.) but the lack of Madden, NBA, and FIFA alienates a lot of potential buyers. I own a Wii U, and I love it, I will be getting A LOT of games for the system over the holidays and the following months. Hopefully Nintendo can do enough to convince EA and Activision to put forth more support. I do think Wii U will start to sell better, but I also believe this holiday is important. If it posts poor holiday numbers, I am just not sure when the sales would come for the system.

    • Tynan Muddle

      I’m going to go against the grain here and say that Nintendo’s problem is never what’s happening with third party support. Sorry, but they have given third parties an entire year to absolutely own the Wii U. Without competing with a major Zelda or Mario Kart, third parties were free to wallow in their own crapulence.

      What happened? Third parties got all uppity. Activision just… did what Activision do best (slam Nintendo to make sure their PlayStation and Xbox sales grow). Ubisoft delayed… everything. EA didn’t spend a single cent on bringing over their unique titles (like FUSE). As always, third parties blew it.

      So Nintendo’s problem, I think, is that they need more first party games. Which are coming. And I think people will be playing Wii Party U long after Call of Duty Ghosts becomes obsolete, anyway.

  • Gamerguy85

    They need to bring back star fox. This time make it look and feel more like the ’64 version cuz that was the best one

    • Elbee23

      They released a revisioning of Starfox 64 on Nintendo 3DS recently. Apart from the multiplayer and 3D imagery it is pretty similar to the original version I believe.

  • AzureHedgehog

    Motley Fool? More like “Mostly Fools”.

  • TheLastManOnEarth

    Look, even if the Wii U is doomed, Nintendo is not. They would have to produce at least two major flops in the future for that to happen. I’ve read so many comments and articles saying the big N should step out of the console arena now and just produce games for Sony, MS, Google, and Apple–Nintendo doesn’t need to head down that road yet. I truly believe Nintendo can make a console people want to buy–they’ve proven that how many times over the last 30 years?? I’m sure when they make their next one, they will have learned from the mistakes they made with this one and will do the next one right.

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah time for nintendo fussion terminial v and fussion ds too come out