PlayStation 4, Xbox One Unlikely to Sell Better than Wii U

Will the doom articles still flow?

While it would make a sensational tabloid story, the next generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are unlikely to sell better than Nintendo’s Wii U console.

Since the day Nintendo announced a release date for the Wii U, the American media has done its part to stir the pot by declaring the console “dead in the water”. The justification here is usually chalked up to “poor sales” and a “lack of games”.

It’s surprising, then, that the other new consoles aren’t being treated with the same level of intense scrutiny (Xbox One DRM issues aside). In fact, media are already declaring the PlayStation 4 as the winner of all things.

The reality is far less entertaining: neither of the consoles from Sony or Microsoft will do any better than Wii U. And here’s why.

Wii U isn’t doing so bad

If I had a dollar for every Wii U console Nintendo sold, I would have well over $3 Million already. Not bad for a console that’s just over 6 months old.

In fact, Wii U managed to out-pace sales of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 launches, selling over 1.8 million units in its first four weeks on sale. That’s not to say that Wii U’s sales haven’t slowed down since: they have, but these numbers represent a huge hurdle the other consoles must overcome, especially when you consider past performance.

Xbox 360 only managed to sell 940,000 units in its first four weeks, with PlayStation 3 performing much worse at 540,000. Wii, for the sake of having all the figures here, broke records at 2.02 million sold in its first four weeks on sale.

Next Generation Consoles

What these numbers tell us is that both Microsoft and Sony need to more than double their past performance of their previous consoles and maintain that momentum to compete with Wii U.

This isn’t an impossible mission of course, but the odds aren’t in the manufacturer’s favor considering their hardware is likely being sold at a loss, and is likely to be a tough sell when compared to the cheaper Wii U. Which brings me to my next point…

Next-Generation Marketing Sucks

Sony and Microsoft are taking a highly questionable approach to their marketing strategy with the next-generation consoles.

PlayStation 4 commercials that are already popping up show an unremarkable stagnation in terms of how the company intends to communicate the console. The blues are back, the “PS4” logo is prominent (which doesn’t tell a non-gamer much about what the console is), and the company is relying on hailing the more confusing aspects of the console, such as the PlayStation Eye which no longer comes packaged with the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft aren’t much better. Again, the same colours are used and the name is questionable, since we all call the original “Xbox” the “Xbox 1”. We haven’t seen what Microsoft intend to do to market the console in full force yet, however all the official artwork for the device seems to depict the massive box floating in mid-air for some reason.

More so, the console itself looks very “gamer-orientated” with sharp edges and complex features. In fact, both companies are more concerned about selling the consoles to gamers than anyone else.

This is a poor move because given enough money, any gamer would buy all three consoles without question. They don’t need commercials. The ‘casual’ crowd is the one that needs convincing and is the one that ultimately decides the victor in the sales wars.

We see this time and time again. PlayStation 2 was filled with casual games and outsold the gamer-focused GameCube and Xbox. Likewise, Wii showed people they don’t need to be gamers to enjoy video games, and it outsold both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sure, Nintendo’s marketing hasn’t been all that fantastic to date either for Wii U even though they are targeting the casual crowd more than the other guys, but Nintendo always has an ace up their sleeve in the form of recognisable characters.

When Nintendo consoles start on the downward trend, they need only unleash games like Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda which stay in the top ten charts for years, something no other game publisher has ever managed to achieve.

If Sony and Microsoft were relying on marketing to boost their new consoles, they need to up their game and fast.

It takes something special to spark a phenomenon

Perhaps the biggest misconception people seem to have about PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is that they are automatically guaranteed to sell millions and millions of units from the get-go.

Again, the reality wont be so fantastic because it takes something truly special to spark a phenomenon. And while both consoles are impressive from a gaming point of view, so far neither have come to the table with that “x factor” that makes a product a must have.

Both consoles do a lot of things right for certain people. Graphics are better for those who love games like Call of Duty. Cloud processing and better architecture is enabled for developers. But for the mass consumer, the two consoles are very ‘samey’ when compared to what’s already on the market and indeed each other.

Next Generation Consoles

Wii U, on the other hand, has the GamePad as a major selling point which will undoubtably become a staple in the gaming landscape much in the same way the Nintendo DS-pioneered touchscreen has in the past.

While much of this will probably come back to how well Sony and Microsoft market their products before, during and after launch, if anyone is expecting these things to fly off the shelves any faster than Wii U has based on what they bring to the table alone, they may end up being very disappointed.

Power isn’t popular

If you’ve followed the video game industry since the mid-1990’s (around the time of the “consumer boom”), you’ll notice that console power is the least important deciding factor when it comes to sales.

The reason is pretty simple: people (as opposed to ‘gamers’) don’t understand the difference. To the average customer and even to most gamers, RAM, CPU or ‘teraflops’ aren’t as exciting in practice as gaming and technology bloggers like to exclaim.

Regardless of how powerful the console is, a game can still look and play poorly if the developers behind the game lack time, talent or budget. In other words, it’s not the tool that’s important, it’s how you use it.

Wii U may have an advantage here. Nintendo’s reliance on less-than-bleeding-edge technology means developers already know how to wield the console. To them, making a game on Wii U is like making a game on Xbox 360. Making a game on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 is a little like going back to the drawing board and starting from scratch.

That’s not to say the entire development community will be left scratching their heads, merely that time it takes to learn the quirks and optimise their code will be much shorter with a console that’s closer to what they’re already used to.

And this happened with Wii U. In fact Nic Watt of Australian studio Nnooo told us in an interview last year that while Wii U was fairly easy to dive into, any new console requires a learning period,

“When I first started working with games, I was on the PlayStation One and Nintendo 64 days, and they were really tough to work with.” he told us.

“The transition to PlayStation 2 was probably the worst one from my memory in that you got the dev kit and you got a manual or a set of manuals that were all in Japanese and then… that was basically it. So most developers for those first 3-6 months couldn’t speak Japanese so it took them a long time to just get one triangle drawn on the screen.”

PlayStation 2 eventually featured one of the most robust game libraries in history, so initial stumbling blocks are always overcome. Wii U may have the advantage in the near-term because most of this learning curve has already been absorbed into the development community.

Next Generation Consoles

But to bring this back to my point about power, the games and consoles that thrive are those that deliver fun experiences. Game such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft are not what you would call technical marvels, nor do they require state of the art technology to run, but both are enjoyed by millions of players every day because they’re simply fun to play.

Power alone isn’t going to make the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One sell by the millions, Sony and Microsoft need to guarantee consumers that their consoles will remain fun for years to come. Handing them a list of complicated numbers does not accomplish this goal.

At this point I should make clear that declaring the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “wont sell much better than Wii U” is different from me suggesting that “Wii U will outsell” those consoles.

Nintendo still have a lot of work to do if they intend to come out on top of this generation of consoles. That much is painfully clear. However it’s folly to assume that PlayStation 4 or Xbox One have any hope of performing sensationally better than Wii U has in its first six months at this pont.

And while I may be predicting that PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U will share similar sales numbers in the first year or so, I’m not for a moment suggesting those numbers are poor or harmful to these companies or indeed the gaming industry in any way. As demonstrated, Wii U’s current sales are typical of new console launches despite the multitude of negative press on the subject.

At the end of the day, the experience we have as gamers with these consoles is what will determine their success, not a bunch numbers scrawled on some accountant’s tax report.

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  • Nicholas Pearce

    Good read, working in retail I have a lot of pre orders for the Xbox1
    and PS4 compare to Wii U. Nut in saying that Nintendo really didn’t let
    consumers know what the Wii U really is most normal customers assume its
    a handheld or an add on for the Wii.With PS4 and XB1 I assume a lot of
    potential buyers will wait once they are informed about the zero
    backwards compatibility… Only time will tell, XB1 has a lot of
    exclusives announced and PS4 has mainly indie games announced exclusive.
    I assume they will struggle as well, maybe not as bad as the Wii U but
    they will struggle

    • andy

      I work in retail too. We currently have DOUBLE the preorders in Ireland of the PS4 than we do actual sales of all the 3 Wii U consoles TO DATE. Yeah so the PS4 has already outsold the Wii U alone technically. Adorable article though.

      • lmao

        shh, he might hear you through his bubble.

      • Paladinrja

        Oh really? PS4 and X1 total pre-orders wordwide are under 300K. Wii U managed 288K pre-ordered less than a week after E3 2012. Say what you want but please don’t lie, saying that I hope the PS4 lives up to your expectations.

    • tlcdlite

      Backwards compatibility should not be a problem, that’s where your hdmi passthru comes in, don’t you think? Why sell your old system if you can play it thru your new one?

      • Elbee23

        I’d rather have a system with backwards comparability than two systems that need to take up working desk / shelf space.

        The Wii U is the only TV console of the next generation with proper backwards compatibility. Maybe they can do stuff with cloud processing, but that’s quite a maybe and likely at the least requires you to own a digital copy of the game. =

      • Paladinrja

        You’re kidding right… Do you not pay for the exorbitant unit cost of power in this country? BC is a very big issue to Aussie gamers. Last night was my partners birthday party. We’re all gamers here and she wanted to show off the Wii U, which everyone now wants.
        Upon learning about the PS4 not supporting direct BC via disc media; elicited shock and dissaproval from everyone.
        Make of that what you will.

  • And here’s why.

    You lost me at WII isn’t doing so bad.
    Seriously, I can’t take anything else after that as being any sense of creditability.

    • Tynan Muddle

      Wii U isn’t doing so bad^.

      And if you bothered to read the rest of the article, you might’ve avoided embarrassing yourself.

      • PantherCrane


        • Tynan Muddle

          lol No.

          • bigevilworldwide

            But in reality it is…It’s not something that is put Nintendo close to trouble or anything BUT….The sales definitely are not there, they are next to nothing since before Christmas…I literally walked into a store and bought a Deluxe model on Christmas eve, that says a lot.

            The thing of it is though at the same time anyone who expected it to do Wii numbers is simply mentally retarded…The Wii was a FAD, they caught the right crowd they got NANA, and the Soccer mom to buy one most of the soccer mom’s bought Wii fit and that is it they bought nothing else for it. Those people are not coming back Nintendo and the zombie delusional fanboys need to get over it.

            Like I said I bought one and just traded it to put towards my PS4 reservation and I don’t regret it, I know 4 other people who did that also because there are NO games. Hurry up and wait just doesn’t work with some people. I tried to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt and I know others who feel burnt over the Wii U also, It’s not for me I hate the waiting game BUT I wouldn’t trash someone who wanted to buy one, IF they don’t mind waiting and can live purely with Nintendo franchises as 3rd party support flees for the PS4 and Xbox more power to them and I hope it works out well for them

          • Tynan Muddle

            Well, you say “the sales aren’t there”, but.. they ARE there. Wii U is selling at an average rate when compared to other consoles. There’s absolutely no reason anyone should automatically assume PS4 or X1 will automatically sell significantly better than Wii U.

            Go ahead… go outside and ask a random passer-by and ask them “what console are you most likely to buy: Wii U, Xbox One or PlayStation 4?”. If you get a blank stare, I’ve proven my point.

            GAMERS will buy all three consoles if they had enough cash, and a high-end PC, a kick arse plasma TV, the best sound system in the world and probably a Ferrari so they can drive to their local game shop.

            But the non-gamers are the mass market. THEY are the ones you need to target as a console manufacturer. And so far, if Wii U isn’t engaging those people, what hope does X1 or PS4 have?

            You can have all the Call of Dutys and Assassins Creeds on these consoles, but CONSUMERS (otherwise known as “casual” and “non-gamers”) don’t care. They want Angry Birds and Words with Friends. They want a trendy console, not the most powerful.

            Anyway, I covered all this in my article which you may or may not have read.

          • cgh

            Although you’re point is correct, There’s no need to be quite so arrogant. Very unprofessional.

          • dranicite

            Tynan with what you said here ” You can have all the Call of Dutys and Assassins Creeds on these
            consoles, but CONSUMERS (otherwise known as “casual” and “non-gamers”)
            don’t care. They want Angry Birds and Words with Friends. They want a
            trendy console, not the most powerful.”

            I agree but as you said they want those specific games which run hell of a lot better on cell phones, PS vita, and 3DS. Also some might run better on a low end computer which you can buy for about 200-300 dollars which would run all those games.

            Also many developers said they were not going to develop for Wii U (some have changed and are now developing for it) and the Wii U is suffering a game shortage which isn’t necessarily getting any larger due to the lack of third-party support

            I as a gamer hope the Wii U sells more but until it gets more games for the console it seems as if the console is on the decline.

          • Tynan Muddle

            Thanks for reading and for your comment.

            I think what I was trying to say there is that the non-gamers will buy anything as long as it’s “trendy”. I don’t think people cared about the technology or potential the Wii Remote brought to gaming, they were more concerned about having the “trendy product”.

            So, what I guess I’m saying is that gamers want something different to what ‘non-gamers’ want out of their consoles. Gamers don’t care if the console is trendy or not, they just want to play cool games.

            To that end, I don’t think Wii U needs third party support, so long as Nintendo can make their own ‘trendy, must-have’ first-party games. The majority of people buying the console will rather pick up Mario than Watch_Dogs.

            And if they made a Pokemon RPG for Wii U, we’d laugh at the notion that Wii U wasn’t successful, since that game would satisfy gamers and non-gamers alike.

            I think Wii U will be fine. But my article wasn’t really about “Wii U is selling really well and is winning!!”, it was more about “Wii U is selling as history has taught us consoles should sell, so PS4 and X1 need to change their tactics for a Wii-like success, or just be happy selling less than 1 million consoles a week”

            Finally, I’d like to say yet again that I think gamers and media put too much stock into sales numbers. The truth is that most people don’t know what these companies consider successful. Nintendo might be happy to sell 2000 consoles a week. Who knows? I think we all need to stop worrying about sales numbers or game engines or graphics and just enjoy games.

            To put it another way, there are plenty of movies that flop at the box office, but they remain great movies that lots of people enjoy later. However, when a game (or console) doesn’t become an instant hit, it is slammed by the media and pummelled into the bargain bins, never to be taken seriously again. As someone deeply passionate about the gaming industry, I feel the attitude needs to change.

          • Benjamin Ibbetson

            I’m pretty sure a large proportion of the purchasers of of Call of Duty (and to a lesser extent Assassin’s Creed) as well as FIFA, ARE the mass market (I would imagine the male part of it). For a large proportion of the ‘casual’ gamers, these games are all they will buy. Those people will become more interested when they learn the best version of their favourite game series is on such and such a console.

            Also, consider that the vast majority of early adopters (and day one buyers) are the ‘core’ gamers. The mass market will not buy till the price comes down. Consoles just aren’t worth spending £300+ on in a ‘casual’ gamer’s eyes (conversely mobile phones and Ipods are).

            In other words, Microsoft and Sony are fighting for the share of the early adopters: the core gamers.

            They will shift their marketing strategy in due course when the consoles are more widely known

            Just look at the last generation: Both the 360 and, to a lesser extent, the PS4 shifted there focuses a bit by releasing motion controllers to appeal to the mass market.

            Even the PS2, the crux of your argument, followed that same pattern; Target the core, then broaden your focus.

      • Bjoernsen

        By what standard is the Wii U not doing bad?
        Not by Nintendo’s. It has consistently missed their targets. Third parties are also dissatisfied and several publishers have given up hope on the platform.

        Maybe they all had too high expectations, but then again the Wii had no such trouble. The only reason the Wii didn’t go on to sell more at launch was because of enormous demand and not enough supply. This went on for quite some time. It’s much more interesting to compare the sales between the Wii and Wii U after six months.

        Wii U has also been thorougly otsould by PS3 and 360 this year. Boy.

        Can the Wii U pick up its pace? Sure, it probably will to some degree. Once they get their first party line-up onboard. But right now, no they’re not doing that well.

      • Russell Gorall

        Holy fuck you are a douchebag.

    • M

      The wii didn’t do bad at all. Did you mean the wii u? bro do you even read?

  • joshua

    good read… long but good

    • Tynan Muddle

      Thanks for taking the time to read! Glad you enjoyed

  • King-Podigy-X


  • Michael Clanton

    WII U is doing bad, 3rd party support is bad, software sales are bad, and its being outsold by last gen systems…. PS4 and X1 will both outsell it, nr 1 is between ps4 and x1…because they have the support of 3rd parties..fully, not half ports or non existent support. PSN and XBOX LIVE both offer better online and distribution models….WII U is seen as the wii, as a grand ma sister for little girls and old people.
    Nintendo have a zelda rehash and not much more. Tynan is delusional, posters defending the wii u dismal performance lie, but numbers wont and dont.

    • heavenshitman1

      Just touching on ur point about previous gen systems outselling WiiU, firstly thats normal practice in any era. PS2 by comparison was probably massacring PS3 in sales for a long while. Secondly, its actually probably to Sony n M’softs disadvantage the PS3/360 is now just selling so well, because these are just masses of consumers that wont buy PS4/X1 anytime soon. Or their games.
      And as for online services, Nintendo is making the biggest catchups, but also Sony and M’soft cost subscriptions, something that will be lesser affordable for the masses as the average wealth only gets tighter. M’soft and now Sony, charge because they have to, it costs them fortunes for their online infrastructures. If they lose subscribers, they’re in trouble. For Nintendo it doesn’t matter cause they have so little over heads.
      Bottom line is, Nintendo is still doing ok in their worst case scenario, Sony and M’soft need a major success to survive this business.

    • Tynan Muddle

      I was waiting for the “delusional” argument. Congratulations, it only took 3 hours this time! :)

      Thanks for reading.

      • Charles Crowe

        Great article. It’s just not something fanboys and haters are going to want to hear. They enjoy pushing their BS as fact and don’t like being shown they are wrong.
        This hype we have now is mainly ebayers looking to make a quick buck. Same thing happened with PS3 and within 2 weeks from launch they were just sitting on store shelves here in the U.S. and most ebayers had to take a loss if they could even sale them.
        Nintendo beats them both in price short term and long term, has far more exclusive games, and isn’t forcing people to pay to access online.
        PS4 is launching with late ports. Yeah people talk about Wii U and its 6 month old ports, but it doesn’t bother them that they are getting 2 year old ports of PC games that they will have to pay to access at all, while those games are still free to play on the PC.

    • Orange Lada

      I don’t think Tynan is delusional at all. What he said in effect, was that PS4 and Xbox1 are going to struggle, just as much as the Wii U is.

      Unfortunately, you may find Xbox1 and PS4 selling at these levels too, and there is nothing to indicate otherwise at this point.

    • Charles Crowe

      You call 2 year old ports of PC games full support? Lmao good one kid. Both offer better models is highly subjective. Of course like you most likely did last gen I will say it this gen. I will take free online even if it is inferior, rather than pay for a service that is free on other platforms.
      BTW when PS4 launches and PS3 outsells it, you are going to be left looking really stupid, not that you have any cred now after that ignorance filled rant.

  • Clint Walker

    yeah i just can’t accept that, the wii u will be left in the dust

  • Jacob Smith

    Well written, but misguided. You’ll need to do a bit more fact checking. Both the PS4 and XBO have major exclusives and 3rd party titles available at launch and post-launch. Nintendo did not have that and they don’t have it now. We won’t see strong Wii U sales until Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart come out. I have a Wii U. It’s not exactly my most used console. You are looking at all of these things from the wrong angle. Marketing? Sony’s marketing has been phenomenal lately. Look how many hits their YouTube videos are getting! The new marketing firm is one of the best in the industry. I’m sure Microsoft won’t slump in that category, either. They’ll pump tons of money into marketing. If the Kinect has proved anything it’s that people will buy anything if you tell them to do it enough.

    I’ll bookmark this article and respond again in one year.

    • Elbee23

      Nintendo had a number of first party exclusives at launch and still has a strong relationship with Ubisoft and Capcom at least. I still suspect that, as the original author has pointed out, there will not be as great a launch for the XB1 and PS4 as their publishers would like.

      I’ll just add one more point in to this debate that people often seem to miss. The PS4 and the XB1 are planned to launch at about the same time, November this year. Certainly, just the consoles themselves will cost $500-600, but when you add in the cost of games, controllers, peripherals, subscriptions… it likely will add up to $1000 if you just want to get 3 games and the console. That’s a whole bucket of money, and to do that twice in one month is asking a lot.

      I have little doubt that the consoles will sell well enough, but will they be record breaking? That is highly unlikely. Take away the brand names and you are left with the games. How well they do in that area can make or break a console, as the Wii U has shown. Let’s see if the “next generation” can really do any better. =

      • lmao

        “Nintendo had a number of first party exclusives at launch”

        Yeah…that number is 3, Nintendo Land, ZombieU and NSMBu.

        …sadly that number has barely risen since then.

    • Charles Crowe

      “Major exclusives” is an opinion, not a fact. I see a lot of late PC ports for PS4 launch and they will cost you a lot more to play on PS4 than PC because they are free to play on PC.
      Sony fans always hype anything PS related. It didn’t make PS3 a winner, PSP didn’t beat DS, Vita is bombing. Hype from Sony fans is irrelevant.

      • StrikerCG

        Wow copy and paste this ^ as my opinion. Nothing is good or relevant unless Sony makes a half-hearted version. Then and Only then is it OK. Paying for Xbox live is so dumb. but psn+ its ok now to pay because of A.B.C. and D.. Motion control is stupid Nintendo.. Six axis rocks and Move is the best! Kinect camera?! Lame! PS camera FTW! Look at our innovation of hardware that’s been in PC for years.. Sony never brings anything new or innovative just follows other companies. Should just make games for other consoles and give up hardware. Always wait for one person to tell me what Sony innovated this or next generation.

      • lmao

        The free to play games on PC are free to play on PS4.
        You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

  • M

    Great article. I feel like a few people are missing the point though. All you said was that the xbox1 and ps4 wont drastically sell better than the wii u in their initial months. Sadly many fanpeople seem to be taking it as “the wii u will sell better than x console” which imo means they have extremely poor reading comprehension. It will be interesting to watch and if anyone is like me, they will have learned from the last generation and not adopt the new technology too early. Seriously there are always too little in terms of games in the beginning and you kind of feel like kicking yourself when there is a $100 price drop after a few months for a better bundle. I’m going to use this teething period to catch up on my backlog of games and I’m sure a few other gamers are as well which explains why last gen is selling better than the wii u.

    • Tynan Muddle

      Thanks for reading. I had a feeling people would miss the point, and even included this line:

      “At this point I should make clear that declaring the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “wont sell much better than Wii U” is different from me suggesting that “Wii U will outsell” those consoles.”

      That relies heavily on people reading that far though…

      At the end of the day, we have to evaluate whether or not a console NEEDS to sell 100 Million units before we classify it as a “success”. I don’t think we need to. GameCube, for example, sold about 22 million worldwide and I don’t think Nintendo would call it a “flop” because they made profit from it and more importantly, it had some very high quality titles on it that are still enjoyed by many people.

      • wilMaster04

        gamecube was a flop…

        • Jayden Williams

          Yeah, such a flop that Nintendo made a tonne of money that was then poured into R&D that saw the Wii, DS and 3DS come into existence.

          • wilMaster04

            lol nintendo is loaded and at the time pokemon was making them millions more…had nothing to do with the so called success of the gamecube…nintendo was ashamed of the game cube..they lucked out and got resident evil 4..saving grace for the console

          • Jayden Williams

            Your ignorance hurts my brain.

        • Elbee23

          What makes you say this?

    • Elbee23

      The only problem with this is that if a console fails to sell as well as expected, then developers will not put as much money into games or stop developing for that console all together.
      This argument is actively being used by EA and Activision for the Wii U. Would things really turn around for the Wii U if they dropped the price, or would it be better served by making games that people want to play – and hence by the console?
      The “wait and see” position can be a dangerous one, as it can end up killing a console if it is not handled that well by the publisher. =S

    • lmao

      “I feel like a few people are missing the point though”
      Nobody is missing his supposed “point”, but reality disagrees with his opinion.
      Pre-orders alone show that PS4 (and even Xbox One) are going to do much better than WiiU did at launch.
      But sure, if it makes you fell better, maybe by some miracle people will start cancelling pre-orders in droves and the WiiU will end up selling more..

      • Charles Crowe

        Wii U had a good number of pre orders as well. Ebayers are looking to make money by buying 4-5 of them and trying to sale for extra money if demand is low but just like with PS3 its false hype. It wont amount to anything more than a couple million at launch at most. You must not have very much knowledge in gaming history if you think PS4 or X1 are going to be selling 3-4 million at launch. You must be delusional is all I can really say or letting your fanboyism get in the way of facts


    Stupid are you not seeing preorders idiot person. Only reason why they would not sell much is because of supply they will not meet demand. How are you a writer so so terrible

    • Tynan Muddle

      It’s probably my overzealous use of punctuation.

    • Jayden Williams

      KidSony indeed.


  • Kyle

    This is the only article I’ve read that has put my faith back in the Wii U. I bought it at launch and still play it daily, along with my other systems… I’d like to see the Wii U sell 1/1 with xbox1, and PS4.

    • Jayden Williams

      This. This is what most gamers would think like. Owning, assumingly, more than one system and finding a way to enjoy all equally.

      Forget about “console wars”, which is nothing but a giant pissing brand contest, and just enjoy the damn games.

      • FineLerv

        I still get surprised when I find “adults” out there who actually buy into console wars. I left that mentality in primary school.

        • Jayden Williams

          What’s worse is paid professionals do well enough to fuel this debate, keeping it raging in the interest of generating clicks onto their websites.

          • FineLerv

            Ah, yes! The “professionals”! They have to be the biggest man-babies of them all. Who needs advertisement when you have Internet “journalists” with their celebrity-like status working up their drones into a ravenous fever?

  • laevatein

    Good try making Wii U sales not as bad as they sound. So just over 3 million units were SHIPPED TO RETAILERS last year and only 390 000 in Q1 2013. Do you know what that means? They’ve completely stuffed the channels and retailers are struggling to clear stock. Not to mention to compare to 360 and PS3 is abysmal when it was well known they were supply constrained but both are actually well outpaced Wii U LTD. PS fucking 3 is outpacing Wii U at their US$599. Sure, let’s also just forget the past few NPD and Media Create numbers because you only want the rosy launch period to support your poor argument when Wii U is on track to become the next Gamecube. You acknowledge sales have slowed but you don’t seem to give any indication of awareness of actually how bad they are.

    I’m not arguing PS4 or X1 will to dramatically better, but sales for Wii U have been pathetic. There’s no spinning it into something “not so bad”.

    • Tynan Muddle

      Thanks for reading, though you’ve missed the point entirely.

      • laevatein

        So your point is that Sony/MS need to vastly outperform their previous launches to match Wii U launch? Haven’t I already given the reason for poor launches. You look purely at the numbers but not really the context around them. Haven’t I already said it’s myopic just to concentrate on the launch period as something representative of something that is “not so bad” or not?

        • Elbee23

          I’m guessing that the point is that it is unlikely that XB1 or PS4 will be as great if not better than the Wii U in their first year. The Wii U had many games planned for launch and for following after the launch, but it has taken longer than expected for the games to be actually developed, it has taken longer than expected to get use to the different level of programming needed.

          Both Microsoft and Sony have tried to give the impression that they will have many great games at launch or within the first year, but how many will actually materialise… it’s hard to say.

          Let’s wait and see how things actually go. I strongly suspect that the XB1 and PS4 will in reality miss targets and sell just as badly as what has happened to the Wii U.
          Pre-orders may be a way to compare figures, but we are talking about consoles that have not launched and websites that can inflate figures. A pre-order does not mean a guaranteed sale. These may be secondary game distributors ordering on large web sites, and then having their customers pre-ordering on theirs. It’s also a very imaginary number – whether supplies will match pre-orders cannot be said until the events have passed. We have seen recent launches that have both over and undersupplied the markets, and neither outcome is great for the distributor.
          Let’s just wait and see. 😉

          • lmao

            ” I strongly suspect that the XB1 and PS4 will in reality miss targets and sell just as badly as what has happened to the Wii U.”
            Sony has already UPPED projected sales for PS4, the pre-orders alone outpace the entire time span thus far of the WiiU.

            I’m a WiiU owner, but at least i’m not f’n blind to the fact the console is digging it’s own grave.

          • Charles Crowe

            They also thought PS3 was going to fly off shelves due to initial demand but after the fanboys and bpayers got it they were sitting on store shelves collecting dust.
            Sales for PS3 were so bad Activision actually threatened to pull support from the console. Havent seen a major publisher say that about Wii U.

          • Elbee23

            I believe EA have officially, but hopefully temporarily, suspended the development of new titles for the Wii U at the moment. They released FIFA and the latest Need for Speed games on the Wii U – but they released them several months after they came out on other systems, and then used the lack of sales as justification for pulling development.

            I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you can’t compare major game sales numbers on different systems if you are going to delay the launch of one and not make it well known that a system’s software version is in development. Release at the same time if you want to compare sales figures, as people won’t wait 6 months for something that they already own. =S

      • turbosqurrel

        “You give all games journalists a bad name, please go away”-Your mom

      • Rafael Jimenez

        So then you’re such a bad journalist, cause almost everybody miss your
        point, u need to work some more on your comunication skills, or people just dont agree with ur “point” even if they got it!

    • Elbee23

      I’m pretty sure that one quarter does not equal one year. Look carefully at the stats you are quoting. Yes, perhaps they shipped too many at the start, but it’s far better than having mass shortages and frustrated consumers in my opinion. =S

  • Psytrix

    Is this article a joke?

    • Tynan Muddle


      • Psytrix

        Suspicions confirmed then.. :)

  • Elbee23

    I really appreciate the thought and research that has gone into this article. I sure am tired of the broader gaming media writing off Nintendo as dead and mis-representing facts and figures.

    By no means am I a Nintendo fan boy, but I do appreciate what they are doing to the games industry as a whole. I have every major console that has been released for a while now, which includes the current Wii U, Xbox360, PS3, PS Vita and 3DS. The consoles I am using the most at the moment are the Wii U, PS3 and the 3DS. Not due to some dedication to a brand name, but because of the quality and types of games that are released. I haven’t powered up my 360 for months as their exclusives do not interest me – 1st person shooters with simple plots are not my cup of tea. I haven’t used the Vita for gaming for a while, as it’s going through an even worse gaming drought than the Wii U, but the main stream media seems to be ignoring that fact so much that it may be even doing worse than Nintendo.

    I just want to highlight two other similar facts related to this article. The first is that of the “Nintendo lacking 3rd party support” issue that the media like to talk about. Activision and EA have released a few games for the Wii U, but those have gone worse than they expected them to do. But it so frustrates me how they have managed to get to that conclusion.

    The games that they have released on the Wii U have almost always been out on other systems for at least 6 months before they came out on the Wii U. If I know a game that I am looking forward to is coming out, then I’ll wait, as properly implemented Gamepad and Miiverse functions really do add to the gaming experience. I knew that Aliens: Colonial Marines was planned for the Wii U, so I pre-ordered for that version. I waited, and then the scandals started happening after launch, and then the Wii U version got canned.

    When I saw NFS: Most Wanted being demonstrated by EA at the EB Games Expo in Sydney last year, there was not even a hint that they were planning a version for the Wii U. If there was, I would have pre-ordered it on that console. Instead, I got the PS3 version and played it through to completion, thoroughly enjoying it. Then 6 months later, the Wii U version quietly appears. It has to be a truly amazing game or a huge enough time gap or some huge additions to the gameplay to be made for me to buy more than one version of the same game, so I just have stuck to me PS3 one. It’s a great game, but not one I can justify paying full price for twice in one year.

    I’ll just mention one more example. I am not a CoD fan, but Activision has highlighted it’s less than expected sales on the Wii U to justify them winding back support for the Wii U. CoDBO2 was essentially a port of the Xbox 360 version with support for the gamepad functionality (2 player split screening and switching perks load out between deaths in multiplayer) if I understand correctly. They have also been slow / non-existent in releasing map packs and expansions for that game on Wii U if I understand correctly.

    My point is that EA and Activision are releasing near identical ports that have been out already for 6 months or more, and then not telling people they are planning Wii U version to make things even worse. If you want to compare sales, release games simultaneously, don’t compare something that has been out for a while. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, statistics are being manipulated and people are using or reporting them to make bad opinions. If you want to compare sales, do a simultaneous or even early release on the Wii U, and then see how the sales figures go. You never know, statistics might be more conclusive if you stop skewing them or misrepresent samples.

    The other point I wanted to make was about the handheld side of gaming. I’m not interested in mobile gaming or the casual versus hardcore arguments of handheld markets, but both Nintendo and Sony have released significant offerings in the hand held market, and some people would consider them to be full-fledged consoles in their own right.

    If the statistics are correct, and they sure go get warped on the internet, then in the U.S. the 3DS outsold the Xbox 360 last month in terms of unit sales for that month. Of course the 3DS is made by Nintendo, which a lot of people assume to be the also-ran of the three party console war. Once you include the major handheld consoles into this discussion, the dynamics tend to change quite dramatically, and at the moment the 3DS is doing incredibly well both in overall sales and month by month shipping. Initially it did struggle, but by now it is definitely a well-established and respected device in its own right. The Nintendo DS was the biggest selling console of all time, period, leaving even the PS2 and Wii, the largest TV connected consoles to shame. People often forget this fact, and that it was made by Nintendo, the company that the main stream media seems to have already written off.

    Anyway, those are some big additional points that I wanted to add to your article. Overall I found it a great read with a real basis on statistics rather than bias, which seems to be lacking so much in the mainstream gaming media. Please keep up the good work – I’ll have to keep my out for further well written and balanced articles in the future. 😀

  • GamerAllGrownUp

    I read the entire article. I did not miss your point. I enjoyed the read. I have no intentions to get any new Xbox or playstation. Not yet anyways. I do want the WiiU for the Nintendo first party titles. Have not gotten WiiU yet.


    You are a disappointment

    • Tynan Muddle

      My dream is to live in a bubble.

      • lmao


  • miigamerz

    great read Tynan. Unfortunately, sony fanboys from the cesspool that is n4g will automatically dismiss your reasonable argument.

    • Tynan Muddle

      Thanks for reading!

      I’m apparently a delusional disappointment to journalism who lives in a bubble because I wrote an article that points out my opinion of a bunch of products that haven’t been released yet, practically begging the makers of those consoles to up their game so that they don’t flop.


  • Davvid Dulce Corazón

    Only time will tell I guess…nobody really expect the Wii to be a goliath in console sales. So who knows what the new Sony/MS consoles will do next year alone??

    Btw, I don’t think I’ve read Sony mention that they were going to sell the PS4 with the camera bundled prior or post e3?!

    • Elbee23

      The PS Camera thing I don’t think automatically comes with the PS4, but that does not mean they don’t need to advertise it. If anything, they need to mention it more so that people will pick up on it.

      As for not expecting the Wii U to be a goliath… the Wii original was huge, massive… completely outclassing both the PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s then generation rivals in terms of consoles shipped. The 3DS this month, also made by Nintendo, this month in the US shipped more consoles than the Xbox 360 for that month. The Nintendo DS is the biggest main stream console released, ever, eclipsing both the Wii original and PS2 easily.

      Nintendo have been incredibly successful, and they are still continuing to do so, it’s just that they are setting the bar so high that it is making it hard to top again. It’s just people that don’t know the facts that assume that Nintendo are doing poorly or are automatically going to fail.

      Nintendo have failed to hit some very ambitious target markers that they had set for Wii U sales. As the main article alludes to, they are not automatically doing badly. It’s just that bad media outlets are abusing statistics and misquoting things to get their ill informed opinions across.

      As I have said elsewhere in other posts, I’m not being a Nintendo fan boy here. I’m just trying to get statistical honesty into the discussion. =S

  • WellWisher

    Don’t underestimate the PS4. The price is very competitive (if you don’t include the $70 per year ps+ fee) and no one can hype a console like Sony. I like Nintendo, but they don’t do hype very well, they just get really high metacritic scores and let the product sell itself.

  • Steve

    Comparing the WiiU launch to current gen consoles makes little sense, considering the consumer base is always growing, and attitudes towards early adoption of new hardware have changed in the past seven years (thanks to apple and the smartphone market). Not to mention the lower price point for these new products, and wider general knowledge of the products thanks to the internet.

    I think its very likely that the X1 and PS4 launches will beat the WiiU. Why? Because those 1.8 million sales the WiiU made in the first months? Those were the Nintendo sheeple rushing to the next console, ready to be drip fed their unchanging Nintendo franchises, not people who saw the commercial for battlefield of call of duty, followed by a ‘best on Wii U’ caption. Normal consumers wont care about the new consoles features, they’ll want the best console to play games like COD, Fifa and Madden, and just like people moved to HD, people will buy the new consoles because they want the best possible experience with their favourite products.

    Early adopters for the WiiU were Nintendo fanboys and a few others. Early adopters for the new Microsoft and Sony offerings will be fanboys yes, but also a lot of normal consumers who will want the new consoles simply because they are new, and offer a better experience.

    Also this consistent assertion that consumers don’t know anything that seems popular at the moment is misguided. People are smart enough to see that tablets offer a better touch experience that Nintendos cheap looking gimmick. They can see that popular games aren’t released on the platform, and they remember that Wii was, in the end, a fad. Sure they bought one, but do they really want another one? On that looks inferior to the tablet and console they already own? No.

    And to be clear, everybody knows small, or even relativity big spec differences don’t affect sales, but the huge disparity between PS4/X1 and WiiU is enough to see on screen, and enough to prohibit some system selling multi platform titles from appearing at all, so people will notice. They will see the winter autumn games line up, and whet they go to buy their next Fifa of madden, they will see which console it is best on. And it wont be, and never was, the WiiU.

  • IcyEyes

    Good luck :)

  • Roleparadise

    The Xbox One with its motion-and-voice controlled interfaces and app ecosystem is liable to be the console of choice for the general consumer down the road, but it is too expensive now. My guess is that as the console ages, Microsoft is going to gradually build an Internet TV Service (starting with the Halo television series) and, when it is finished, offer it to Xbox Live “Platinum” members, a new level of the Xbox Live subscription available for $15 per month. Thereafter, Microsoft could subsidize the Xbox One to users who sign a 2-year contract to the service (similar to the subsidization of cell phones by wireless carriers). After a few years, the Xbox One might be available for $400 off the shelf, and $200 with a 2-year contract; towards the end of this console generation, the basic model might be $200, or free with the contract. As prices decline, the general consumer is going to find the motion-and-voice interfaces really attractive; after all, anyone who has had to keep up with a television remote should recognize that Kinect is the future of television.

    However, initially, I don’t think the general consumer will gravitate toward Xbox. However, I don’t think they will gravitate toward Wii U either. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will at least be popularized by the hardcore gamer audience. The Wii U doesn’t attract the hardcore gamer OR general consumer. And for that reason, the PS4 and Xbox One will be much more successful than the Wii U initially. The reason the Wii U’s numbers are comparable to the previous generation consoles is because the gaming audience has grown. Gaming used to be a market for penniless children; over time, social adults (who can afford consoles) have become the market, which is continuing to grow. Expect much more initial sales for the PS4 and Xbox One than their predecessors, as the audience has multiplied graciously in the past eight years.

  • Ohlmay

    This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. Wii U uses the same architectures as the Xbox 360 and PS3… Okay first of all, the XBOX/PS3 use completely different architectures and so does the Wii U. The Wii U is in fact far harder to develop for than the PS4/XB1 as these next-gen consoles are using PC-like architecture which is unanimously far more developer friendly. Secondly, the Wii U is doing god awful; zero third party support, lackluster first party titles; rehashed games; god awful online (New Mario game doesn’t even support online) Console itself is overpriced ($350 for current-gen console with only 8GB on HD…) The O/S is god awful, incredibly slow. Thirdly, the marketing for the Wii U has beyond terrible, majority of people still don’t even know what a Wii U is, they think it’s a Tablet accessory for the Wii. The Wii U is going to be another GameCube/Dreamcast. Unlike Nintendo, we’re actually seeing Sony and Microsoft create this thing called NEW IPs, something Nintendo hasn’t done in a decade. Another Nintendo fanboy, move a long folks.

    • Elbee23

      Nintendo do have 3rd party support. Ubisoft is still with them, and so is Capcom. EA and Activision in my opinion have been jerks, the majority of their games on the Wii U have been 6 month old ports of other titles which people have already bought and they have been very quiet about marketing. They compare apples to oranges, and then bemoan the death of a console.

      The main version of the Wii U console has 32GB of storage. Sure, that might not be much compared to the final generation 360/PS3 and their 500GB, but it’s definitely enough for what you will use it for.

      The OS for the Wii U has had a major system update. It is no longer slow, it’s actually quite fast. There are plans for further system updates to make things work even faster yet again.
      So what new IPs have Sony and Microsoft come up with? Major releases on the X1: Forza 5, Halo 4(5)… on the PS4: Killzone 4, Infamous 3… just because they don’t use numbers, it does not mean they are not sequels. =S
      I’m not saying there are no new IPs on the systems, either made by the main publishers or third parties. Yes, Nintendo do quite a lot of sequels, but that is because their games are very good, and they really do innovate within those titles. It’s only people that are not playing their games that assume that they are carbon copies of previous versions. =S

  • meldarion

    I don’t agree with the marketing part. Sony has been doing a great job since February on marketing the PS4 and with video showing the actual interface and games I can say I already have a very good idea of how and what the console will do.

    Also Power is very very popular all my friends which play a lot of games but are not that much into specs are super hyped up about 1.86 Tflops of the PS4 and although that is a good figure it is not impressive to me who works which much much more powerful PC and I prefer to see new games like destiny or good remote play service for the playstation vita. So power is important for the common people but it will not help with the more technical geeky crowd

  • DaviLancett

    As a Nintendo fan since I was about 6 years old playing the N64, I never really considered an alternative until this generation. I got really burnt out on the wii about 3 years into the system’s life.

    There are a few points in the article that I disagree with, primarily that PS4 and Xbox One marketing is bad. Maybe it is, I haven’t seen enough of it to decide but from everything I’ve experienced and heard, most people don’t know what the WiiU is. Some people even think it’s a peripheral for the Wii. I can’t talk to how well the other companies are selling their consoles but I don’t believe Nintendo is doing a great job of selling the WiiU.

    I’m not hating or anything. I know I’ll pick up a WiiU when there’s a decent amount of games I’m looking forward to playing on it and I’m happy to see that everyone isn’t crapping all over it. I’m sure it is great. I just can’t see it doing better than PS4/X1 if Nintendo continue down this route. Of course when Mario Kart and Smash Bros come out I’m sure sales will soar but right now they are floundering.

  • ARW

    Nice article but I don’t particularly agree; or I am unsure of your prediction.

    Many Wii U sales are from the Nintendo fans and others are upgraders; when we are talking about family sales one purchase is usually enough, though they might pick up cheap secondary console sales, Nintendo lack the community atmosphere that is on offer with Sony and MS and also now attract a lower audience in terms of varied gamers (hardcore, casual, occasional, tech followers, young/old)
    MS have covered kids gaming with Kinect and given developers something to entice hardcore gamers with, Sony are doing this too but with less technical enticement.
    The Wii U already feels out of date and so good developers or not, how are they going to turn the rest of us back to them? For me this is the problem Nintendo face but it won’t bother then due to their great manufacturing cost equations.

    I agree with hardware, anyone with a Dreamcast or Amiga CD32 understand how power means nothing, but games are imperative and Nintendo are losing not only hardcore gamers but casual ones wanting a pick up and play machine. This is further underlines when we consider many picking up consoles as living room devices thus stimulating the community potential.

    Wii U will sell I am sure but games wise they will lose the battle and MS and Sony will do a lot better, perhaps hardware wise they will continue to compete due to early release (how 360 did so well) but they will stumble when it comes to games because their model isn’t quite getting the best of peoples desires and peoples purchases are becoming more and more informed.

  • FreyDog

    Yea after the read I feel like you do not have a great knowledge of the video game industry as a whole and how it works. Time and time again I found myself saying hmmmm, well thats not right. Or how do you come to that conclusion. They only props I can seem to give you is you seemed to be unbiased or if anything a little bit for the Wii U, which god help them because they are in a rough patch.

  • dirkradke

    Casual gamers are educating themselves about the next great console just like they educate themselves about computers and phones and all the other gadgets out there. There will not be a clear winner for years to come. Part of what was said in this article is the reason why Microsoft has tried to concentrate on other things besides games. The early adopters will be gamers, but if the hype reaches critical mass both consoles will sell well. We will have to wait for this November to see what happens. It is way to early to make the bold statement that the consoles will not do better than the WiiU.

  • WhatDidIJustRead

    Clarification and correction on sales date and a typo I made. In regard to Call of Duty and Madden franchises on wiiu: “Those games sell millions ON (not of) PS3/360, they couldn’t even even crack 800k on wiiu.”

    Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 only sold 0.19m on the wiiu platform.

    Madden NFL 13 only sold 0.03m on the wiiu platform.

    The two most successful multiplatform franchises on dedicated consoles. Exactly the reason wiiu is dead. Abysmal sales.

    • Elbee23

      I have no idea about Madden, but BO2 was released on the Wii U 6 months after it had been established on other consoles and the PC. Sure, it did well on those other systems, but why would people buy a game that they already own? It’s a rare consumer that just has one console, especially a newly launched one.

      It just frustrates me that they release late and then compare apples to oranges. It does look like the latest Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed and Batman games are planned to launch simultaneously on the Wii U and other systems. For consumers that have more than one console and a genuine choice, it will be interesting comparing genuine sales figures without a release delay.

      Maybe the Wii U versions might not sell as well, but at least it’s not statistical manipulation and bad reporting that is making it seem that way. You never know, it might even sell quite well on that system after all. The Gamepad and Miiverse when implemented well really do add to a gaming experience, and it is something that only the Wii U offers at the moment. 😉

  • Tynan Muddle

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Two things here.

    1) There were also reports of Wii U breaking pre-order records.

    2) The point of writing this article was to present my opinion, not to brainwash planet Earth.

    • Elbee23

      It seems that several people are using the “pre-orders for (console name here) are awesome therefore (same name) is awesome” argument. Could you look into some facts about actual pre-orders compared to sales numbers?
      I strongly suspect that most console pre-orders are a whole lot of fluff, re-sellers, people simply speculating or numbers that are just over hyped or general nonsense. Could we get some hard journalist facts put into this fan boy Internet discussion?

    • WhatDidIJustRead

      Link the articles. Where are these “record breaking wiiu sales” that were still somehow broken by PS4/XboxOne. Was it amazon, gamestop, bestbuy, radioshack? What outlet, when, what was the numerical amount if one was provided. LINK YOUR SOURCE.

      So let’s say wiiu had these “record breaking sales,” if true they were still shattered by PS4/XboxOne preorders. So you’re still wrong.

      2. So now you’re claiming your “point” was to “present an opinion.” Yet you presented false facts and false equivelancies in the article, in an attempt to paint the wiiu’s current situation as more positive than the “media” would have you think. You were wrong and got called out for you misleading use of ‘facts.’

      Any idiot can claim opinion when they’ve been proven wrong lol. That’s exactly what you just did. I used facts and data to prove you wrong. Instead of “brainwashing” I used sales data. I didn’t manipulate the launch sales in an attempt to write a ‘unique’ pro-nintendo article lol.

      If you’re replying to a comment at least address the facts. Don’t just label numbers one and two as if you’ve successful defended your nonsense of an article lol.


      • Anthony Franqui

        Here in America, Gamestop sold out of Preorders for the console. Which meant nothing because I could go to Target next door and buy it off the shelf. I wouldn’t take those preorder numbers too seriously. Especially considering in certain retailers, preordering can be just a very small down payment or even (online retailers) taking it out of your account on the shipment date.

        So preorders mean next to nothing. Another example of this was xenoblade was the hottest item on Amazon in America for preorders during the campaign for operation rainfall. Look at how many people actually bought the game here……yeah.

  • Paladinrja

    Top article TM. Only a decade ago such sales numbers were phenominal stats. people lose sight of what is median because the Wii was such a freak.

    • Tynan Muddle

      Thanks for reading. You said in one sentence what I was trying to say in 2000 words haha :)

      • drew

        Tynan, I’ve never read anything you’ve written before, and that’s a mistake I’ll have to remedy. This article was thought out, well reasoned and even handed. So sadly that’s flame bait. It would have been more in your interest to basically hammer on a keyboard and title the article “Wiiu Sucks, Nintendo Sucks, They should give up… etc.” Thank you for not doing that. The Wiiu has not had as much success as Nintendo had hoped. But there is pretty much no reason to assume that PS4’s and the Dudebox will be flying off the shelves either. I can honestly say the WiiU is a nifty device. It’s quirky, it has some odd nuances, (it is a Nintendo product, and their way of doing stuff is sometimes amazing, sometimes annoying and sometimes infuriating.) But overall it’s a nice solid console. But anyone thinking Sony and MS aren’t going to face many of the same hurdles at launch are kidding themselves. MS especially has a tough time ahead of it. If I were going to buy another console right now I’d pick up a used PS3. It’s relatively cheap, has a nice library and is a known commodity. That to me is Sony’s main problem right now. The PS4 is WAAY less attractive to me than a PS3. So they are their own competition. The Spybox could not be less appealing to me if someone from MS came to my door and punched me in the face. ANYWAY, sorry to ramble, but thanks again for your article.

        • Tynan Muddle

          Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed.

          The teams’ opinion articles are listed at the following link, should you wish to read some more!

  • Kenny

    I have to agree with you on this matter, because the world economy is in really bad shape as we speak. Nintendo may not have the best hardware in terms of poly count and the best textures, but they have such strong franchises like Mario and Zelda plus Metroid and more. I think Nintendo will do just as well with their console, as Sony and Microsoft will do with PS4 and Xbone. I work in retail as well and i have many preorders for both PS4 and Xbox One. But after E3 i noticed a much higher demand for the Wii U than the previous period, this is because of Nintendos strong titles that are coming this christmas. Many people are sitting on the fence with a wait and see approach for PS4 and Xbox One, because they are very satisfied with what their PS3 and 360 can do at this time, and the systems will continue to grow its userbase and games for a long time to come! Just look at what Naughty Dog did with The Last Of Us, this is a prime example that most people are satisfied with their console at the moment. Preorders never indicates if a console will be a success or not, because the first and second batch of the new consoles are going straight to enthusiasts. You can see a clearer picture after six months how the console will sell and perform, and i don`t think devlopers are going to ditch this generation just yet. Still many strong titles to be launched for this generation like Beyond Two Souls,Lords Of Shadow 2 and Destiny. My conclusion is that the Wii U will not perform any worse than the upcoming consoles!

  • Josh

    Sorry but I have to disagree with you here. You cant just look at the total number of sales but also the price of each console and also how well the previous gen continued to sell. Wii sold well cuz it was cheap and casual, but then sales slowed dramatically. 360 sold well cuz it had a year head start, and MS throws lots into advertising. PS3 sold slow but steady because of all the games and support Sony was trying to make up for due to a poor launch. Now looking at the numbers, PS3 has passed the 360 and will most likely continue to sell well beyond the next gen similar to the PS2 due to continued support from Sony. Nintendo & MS have dramatically slowed supporting their current gens in prep for this next gen which I believe will hurt both of them. Sony will most likely continue support and you will see sales of PS3 jump quite a bit as price drops and great games continue to still be available.

    As for next gen, Wii U has already slowed which is not a good sign. It had a solid release because, like the 360, it was first to the next gen, but it’s slow sales now show that it was short lived. Sony’s PS4 seems to have a lot of momentum behind it and pre-order sales will show you that people want the graphical powerhouse, and those that dont will get the PS3. Either way, its $ in their pockets. The Xbox One has had a rough start but I believe them taking away the used game & online restrictions will benefit them and you will see it sell relatively, surpassing the Wii U strictly due to how many people have come to know the Xbox as THE gaming console.

    We will see, but after reading your article, you talk up the Wii U’s benefits and PS4/X1 deficits, but ignore what the latter 2 truly offer over the Wii.

  • Stu

    Oh man, this article is so off the mark it’s untrue.

    Cringeworthy reading.

  • Russell Gorall

    N4G journalism.

  • Ash

    Great article! Seeing some of the comments I had to chip in.

    I find it fascinating how passionate some gamers get, and can get over protective over their choice brand. The true facts are Nintendo is under selling, but I expect sales will ramp up come christmas.

    Nintendo are one of the most astute and formidable companies in the world, and playground chest beating won’t prove otherwise.

    in 2013 core ‘gamers’ will be catered for with titles such as; Wind Waker, Donkey Kong and Mario World, and the ‘casuals’ will have Wii U Party and Wii U Fit. Make no mistake, Nintendo know exactly what they are doing, and having a strong heavy hitting IP every month for the foreseeable future is possibly being underrated.

    A lot of PC Gamers love Nintendo, so a Wii U unit will compliment their tastes, and many gamers who purchase either the Xbox or PS will more than likely compliment their own setup with the Wii U. It’s not by accident this is happening, Nintendo are putting themselves in this position with good reason!

    Nintendo is one of the richest companies in the hardware & software business and can absorb much loss beyond this consoles generation, in fact they could go another 3/4 rounds. But nonetheless it’s interesting how people forget that factoid.

    Nintendo’s strategy is very sound, although a lack advertising sense has needed damage control, and their online infrastructure is still growing as the company step into the new era of HD gaming (it’s new to them) and their future is further secure for the next 70 years – that’s if they make a continual loss on hardware and software sales with ‘0’ profit.

    I work in marketing and advertising myself, I see many insightful comments from those with little understanding, experience and knowledge of the industry and how it works.

    If old IP’s come to light in the next 10 – 12 months, such as Metroid, Starfox, Pilotwings and F-Zero, I’m pretty sure those who sold their Wii U’s might reconsider a purchase later down the line, forgiving the fact that the IP’s are recycled and reinvigorated into new experiences. Turning heads yet?

    In fact, you may not only be surprised in hearing such announcements, but in the discovery of how they will redefine the way online gaming is executed amongst gamers – forging a new blueprint in online entertainment, which will be replicated by many other studios and production houses.

    But what do I know…

    What ever happens, the Wii U really isn’t dead, and if it is, be prepared for it to rise from the grave – as so many times Nintendo have proven to do ever since the 80’s.

  • Orange Lada

    I’ve been saying the same as the author for sometime now, but I’d add another factor he hasn’t.

    Wii users have incentive to upgrade, the Wii U being compatible with their Wii libraries, the new Dynamic with the Wii U tablet, and the need to refresh Nintendo hardware (the bulk of Wii’s having been sold in the earlier years when demand outstripped supply).

    Xbox360 and PS3 users (and I am one) on the other hand have little incentive to upgrade. In my case, my perfectly good PS3 library would be rendered useless, unless I kept the PS3 around …. and sorry, we all get to the point of “too much stuff”.

    I can replace a console, but I’m not ADDING ANOTHER console. I’d bet I’m far from alone in that regard. Sorry … I just don’t see enough upgrade benefits in either Xbox1 or PS4.


    Love the article… a lot of truths in it..but… i don’t think (opinion here) nintendo tends more to the “casual crowd” UNLESS you’re talking about KIDS.. I say this because I do not allow kids on my ps3 and I’m sure I’m not the only one.. but I also have a wii (for sale too) and wii u.. I just got the wii u about a month ago (for my son) I didn’t read any reviews or look at the sales or anything like that because to ME (opinion) nintendo is like gta, u don’t HAVE to see previews to know it’s going to be good. You hear a new one is coming out and you just KNOW its going to be good so its a must have… I myself, still play mario and Zelda I’m SURE I’m. Not the only 1.. so yeah if nintendo outsells ps4 and Xbox one it wouldn’t surprise me at all they’ve been around the LONGEST so that means they know what they are doing… but developers have also said that they love working with the ps4 and I’m anxious to see what they’ve done

  • troll

    i read, and i have not failed to see your point, it is just intentionally misleading in order to start a fanboy war in your comment section and thus have all eyes on your story which in fact is that WiiU has sold less than it was hoped, mostly because it is still the same stupid console as the Wii in most peoples eyes. What is more is you know this and have filled your article with loads of little disclaimers with which to defend yourself against the flamers. you imply WiiU is doing well and other consoles wont without actually saying so, but to casual readers of poor reading comprehension skill it seems you are predicting the fall of x console. you are a loser a troll and these readers should try rereading each paragraph before moving to the next in order to grasp the material before getting angry. in short WiiU willbe uncomparable to either console and you know it and as much as admit you know it by way of all your disclaimers.

    • Tynan Muddle

      Actually, I thought given my level-headed approach to pointing out all three consoles’ weak points, the fanboyverse would actually implode and this article would be largely ignored. Whoops.

      As for the “loser troll” remarks. No. See, the point of the article is summed up with this paragraph (from the article):

      “And while I may be predicting that PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U will share similar sales numbers in the first year or so, I’m not for a moment suggesting those numbers are poor or harmful to these companies or indeed the gaming industry in any way. As demonstrated, Wii U’s current sales are typical of new console launches despite the multitude of negative press on the subject.”

  • Jayden Williams

    “I am enraged by this article because it’s presenting a different opinion to my own, and therefore is totally wrong and stupid. lololololo”

  • Rosalind Harris

    I agree that they should be advertising to people who are ‘non-gamers’. Both the PS4 and the XB1 have a lot of social media and multi-media features that are clearly designed to appeal to a wider audience, in fact, they’re things that a lot of gamers expressly don’t want or are not interested in. Yet, they don’t want to market these features to the casual audience?? These should be some of the biggest selling points in getting new consumers to buy their products. I also think it’s a big mistake that Microsoft and Sony have both decided to not be backwards compatible, because this is another big draw card for new consumers. I know a lot of customers at my work, buying a Wii U as their first console, and being able to play the library of Wii games has been a big thing in their purchase. It’s the difference between being able to play hundreds of games at launch, and ten. This also means that most gamers won’t be trading in their old games and consoles to upgrade, but instead just adding another console to their things. This creates both space concerns, and makes the financial burden more significant. I also think it’s a bit of a mistake that a lot of the launch window games for PS4 and XB1 are also releasing on PS3 and XB360. This kind of takes away incentive for gamers to shell out for a new console if they can play the new games on the machine they already have. Then when they buy a new console, they won’t be able to play the copies of the new games that they already own…

    Then again, I’m not a marketing guru, so maybe there is a big secret strategy they all have going on here that I don’t know about. …Ha.

  • TwinTails

    Um, I think you hurt all of the fanboys’ egos, because they’re trolling real hard on this page. >_<

    • Jayden Williams

      It’s easy to troll.

      • lmao

        And this people, is the maturity level of the staff on this site.
        Enough said.

        • Jayden Williams

          Oh snap! The insult. It hurts.

  • StrikerCG

    Activision shares in this articles same thought as seen in previous statements by them. I believe even Ubisoft made a similar comment. I believe out of the gate sales will be good but the weekly as you stated may be different then what people expected.. When its PS/Xbox it will be ok to not sell as much as anticipated.

  • Madav1138

    Ditched my Xbox 360 for a Wii U, as the Xbox games are too blood an guts all about the slow mo blood splatter. I have a 5 year old, and its for him really. He is a gamer by nature, thanks to me, but I do have a conscience. Besides, the only thing that kept me from buying a Wii was it wasn’t high definition. Wii U solves that, and we love playing the games on it. The E3 announced games for Wii U coming looks amazing. Wonderful 101, How to Survive game, arcade games, its all there. I may not have the TV options as much as I did on Xbox, but who wants to subscribe to Hulu to watch commercials anyway? Do not regret it at all, and after what Microsoft tried to pull with DRM, even if they did backtrack it, and it will require an update at launch, it shows what they intend to do in the future…I pulled my support for Xbox.

  • Shadao

    Some fans don’t even bother to read and just scream LIES! It’s funny really.

  • thisBlueDude

    ps4 sucks. That is all.

  • GuardiansFan

    great article up to…..

    you lost my interest when you said the learning curve to getting the juice out of the wii u will be less than the other consoles. This is completely untrue. A learning curve exists for that system and is the reason the games you see on the wii u today do not look as good as they will in a year’s time.

    The wii U’s architecture is actually VERY VERY different from any of the systems that’s ever been on the market so far and that includes the Xbox 360 and the PS3. What it comes down to in the end is the development tools provided to the developers and the developers getting familiar with the architectures.

    Having said all that you made great points about who will win the war this time around…the past has shown in the end the processing power doesn’t equal winning the war.

    • Tynan Muddle

      My point about the learning curve wasn’t made as a throwaway comment — I’ve spoken to Wii U developers who have confirmed the point raised. Wii U is easier to develop for, because many of the tricks used in Xbox 360/PS3 can be applied (or don’t need to be) on Wii U.

      One example comes to mind… think about in-game trees. With PlayStation 4, a developer can probably develop all the trees in the game to look different: no two trees are alike. The leaves are individually controlled and coloured, the branches are all different, the height and amount of roots varies. Just like in real life.

      And that’s awesome, but it would increase development costs by a huge factor over Wii U/PS3/X360 where you can just populate the world with standard video game trees and get a similar (or “good enough”) effect.

      Of course, there’ll eventually be middleware (ie: “engines”) to deal with this sort of stuff, but there are a lot of developers (first party mainly) who don’t have the luxury of working with third party middleware.

  • rpgfiend

    8 months later here.Just wanted to say I found the wrong-ness of this article to be highly amusing.