E3 is finally behind us and it’s back to business as usual – which, of course means unfound rumors and speculation!

Yes, the video game world is full of rumors – in fact, when they’re not playing the latest version of Call of Duty most gamers are gathering around the internet, spreading lies for the brief taste of fame. Which is where we come in. Each week, we round up the latest video game rumors and give you our opinion on the validity of said tales!

Let’s get on with it then!

New Xbox Coming in 2012

The Rumor: Microsoft will show off a brand new video game console at E3 next year. The console (which everyone’s calling “Xbox 720” or “Xbox 7”) will be capable of running Direct X 11 (the current 360 barely runs Direct X 9 well).

Where it came from: Some guy who works from development studio/game engine development house Crytek apparently spoke to VideoGamer.com, putting the website on the map in the process. The unnamed source told the website that Crytek are developing a game for the console (read below).

Fact or Fiction? Does it make sense that Microsoft (and/or Sony, for that matter) will reveal a console in 2012? Probably – we still think that the Xbox 360 and PS3 still have life in them, but an announcement wouldn’t hurt. Though I wouldn’t be holding my breath for a 2012 release, expect any new console from them to appear late 2013/14.

As for this rumor? It smells of baloney, but may materialise. Crytek or Microsoft weren’t prepared to bother to respond to our emails… Mind you, the Xbox E3 conference was arguably boring this year. Maybe developers are looking at the new system after all?

Crytek Working on TimeSplitters 4

The Rumor: Crytek – the developers responsible for Crysis – are developing TimeSplitters 4 for Xbox 360’s successor console. The game will be shown alongside the new console at E3 in 2012.

Where it came from: Apart from just talking about a new console, the Crytek guy apparently told the website above that they are developing TimeSplitters 4 for the device!

Fact or Fiction? Crytek famously purchased the rights to TimeSplitters a while back, so it MAY hold some ground – or atleast be a well crafted hoax by that website. And a new TimeSplitters would be awesome.

To make a verdict; we will boldly say “fact” to a TimeSplitters game in development – the games sold fairly well after all. Is this story true? Probably not.

Nintendo Wii U Will only handle One Touchscreen Controller

The Rumor: Nintendo’s brand new console – the Wii U – will only support one of the console’s brand new, touch screen controllers.

Where it came from: Nintendo revealed the console last week at E3 but none of the press images shown had any reference whatsoever of the console using more than one of the new controllers.

One thing led to another and the world’s media jumped to the conclusion that it must mean the console is not powerful enough to handle more than one touchscreen.

Fact or Fiction? Fiction. Not only were developers on the E3 announcement video reel talking about using multiple controllers in their upcoming games, but Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has confirmed the console will support multiple controllers – not one, not two – multiple.

Nintendo Wii U Graphics Card Details Leaked

The Rumor: Nintendo Wii U’s graphics card will use an AMD graphics card, custom built for Nintendo but similar to the R770 card from the hardware producers. The card will support DirectX 10.1 and can stream up to four standard definition video streams, presumably for the controllers, as well as displaying a HD channel (for the TV).

Where it came from: This one popped up on a Japanese Gaming Tech Site, no source was given (at least, we don’t think there was… Google Translate FTW.)

Fact or Fiction? It’s hard to say, but sounds about right. Nintendo have a long history with AMD/ATi, and the games did look quite awesome. If true, the console will be quite powerful indeed.

And that is indeed that for this week! Did we miss one? Post your rumors in the comments below, or join the forums to discuss with our members!

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