Rumor Mill: Nintendo Rumor Extravaganza!

June 6th, 2011 at 10:56 am

There were so very many rumors surrounding E3, we decided to re-open the Rumor Mill early this week! Since the biggest gaming convention in the known universe is about to kick off (tomorrow!), this is our last chance to soak in all that juicy speculation.

Today we’re going through the biggest Nintendo rumors to have popped up over the past week!

Nintendo’s Next Console Named?

The rumor: Nintendo’s next console will be named one of the following;

  • Nintendo Stream
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo Beem
  • Nintendo HD
  • Nintendo Wii 2
  • Nintendo GO!
  • Nintendo X
  • Super Wii
  • Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System

Where it came from: Where DIDN’T it come from? The weekend was buzzing with these rumors, all supposidly “confirmed” by each source. Sigh.

Fact or Fiction? Fiction. Without a doubt. Sure, Nintendo probably have a name in mind by now, but I highly doubt we’ll know the name of the console tomorrow – Nintendo will likely do what they have always done; show off the console’s shell and a few prototypes tomorrow, then – a few months later (probably in September) reveal the actual name of the device.

Still – it’s fun to make up names in hopes that you’re right. Here’s mine; Nintendotron 2000.

Nintendo’s Next Console Specs Leaked

The Rumor: Nintendo’s new console’s specifications have been leaked. The new device will contain the following;

  • Uses a custom IBM triple-core CPU running at 3.6GHz per core
  • The development kit contains 1GB RAM, but Nintendo have hinted that the console will actually have 1.5GB
  • Nintendo will be releasing games that will run 1080p natively. Sources say that with Nintendo’s art style and the power the system, the games look ‘stunning’.
  • The system does run on AMD R700 card, but the architecture is slightly different and the clock speeds are much higher.
  • The System resembles JPN/EU SNES machines in color only and not in shape
  • The development kit is about the size of a 360, not the console
  • Close sources say it’s as if Nintendo is in “damage control” with 3rd party developers. Nintendo is trying really hard to get 3rd parties on board to develop games and have offered incentives such as not releasing big-title Nintendo games in holiday seasons to compete against 3rd party titles.
  • Nintendo went to many 3rd party developers on guidance on what they were after with the new console in terms of system specs, controller and online system.

Where it Came From: Some guy posted up this full spec sheet (with much more – check it out) on gaming forum NeoGaf. They originally appeared on 4chan.

Fact or Fiction? Well, we can kind of hope they’re made up for a couple of reasons; but mainly because the “JP/EU SNES” colour was actually beige. I think we’re past that colour in 2011.

Readers may have more hardware knowledge than yours truely – I’m not sure if the claims are technically possible – but in general, the rumors seem to be the same thing we’ve seen other gaming sites speculate. This could either mean it’s 100% true, or that one website made it up and everyone is following suit. Nintendo rarely reveal hardware specs to the public anyway.

Nintendo’s New Console Contains HD Screen in Controller

The Rumor: Nintendo’s next console features a “tablet-like” controller with a 5.7″ (or 6″, depending on who you ask) screen that can be used as a standalone gaming device.

Where it Came From: This was actually rumored weeks ago by IGN, but it resurfaced in another “official” capacity on Japanese website Nikkei.

Fact or Fiction? I think the fact that IGN are willing to invest so much time in stating a screen will appear in the controller speaks volumes – would they really want to look like idiots if they weren’t 100% certain? Where did they get the knowledge? Probably from one of the hundreds of developers they speak to every day of their lives.

Nikkei is getting the credit for the reveal though – it’s in Japan so it must be true, right? Remember, though, they may just have read IGN and are posting the same story. Take it with a grain of salt, but there has been quite a lot of chatter about this feature.

New Mario Game Coming to Wii

The Rumor: Nintendo will release, by the end of the year, a new game in the “New Super Mario Bros.” series for Nintendo Wii. The game’s title will be something like “Super Mario Wii 2”.

Where it Came From: Some user on NeoGaf posted this photo, reportedly from a retailer listing.

Fact or Fiction? Having worked in retail for many years, I can see this from both sides of reality. Sometimes, suppliers (in this case Nintendo) may re-package a title, or bring it back after a period of discontinuation with a different barcode number. The buyer (or the guy who enters the barcode number into the retailer’s system) may simply shove whatever he can think of into the computer.

I’m not saying this is the case, but if you look at the other games on the list, there is a pattern of short hand. Super Mario 2 Wii may be Mario Galaxy 2, for all we know. On the other hand, Nintendo may want to extend Wii’s life – making Wii the “casual” console while focusing on hardcore gamers for it’s next hardware – in this case I can see a new Mario game as one of the only things that can extend Wii’s life beyond it’s use by date.

Nintendo E3 Game List Leaked

The Rumor: Nintendo will show the following titles off at E3 this week;

  • Super Mario Bros. HD (tentative)
  • Super Smash Bros. HD (tentative)
  • F Zero HD (tentative)
  • Pikmin 3
  • Animal Crossing (3DS)
  • F Zero 3D (3DS)
  • Super Mario 3D (3DS)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)
  • Pandora’s Tower (Wii)
  • The Legend of Zelda: 25th Anniversary (Wii, 3DS)

Where it Came From Some random reader sent in this list using our Contact page. They claim to work in the Los Angeles Convention center as one of the fitout people.

Fact or Fiction? Time will tell…

That’s it! I’m off to get some sleep before the epic 72 hour even that is E3! See you on the other side!

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