Rumor Mill: PlayStation Vita Delayed?

June 23rd, 2011 at 9:55 am

Another week, another helping of juicy rumors from the video game world! When will they end? No one really knows.

This week we cover lots of ground, both handheld and home console – even Apple sneaks in for once. Get your grains of salt handy as we dive into the video game rumor mill for another week.

Apple to release a television

The Rumor: Apple will release a television with built in Apple TV download service that will “blow Netflix and all the others away”. Apple will be teaming up with Samsung and other manufactures to implement the service.

Where it Came From: This one came courtesy of website “DailyTech” who claim to have spoken to a “former Apple executive”. And, you guessed it – no names were shared. This is potentially significant to video games since Apple’s new iOS 5 will support games streamed from the iPad to your TV via Apple TV.

Fact or Fiction? Apple make absolutely fantastic displays, but will they bother moving into the TV market? We don’t think so for one main reason – it’s unlikely Apple would rely on Samsung or anyone else for that matter to pump out displays.

Grand Theft Auto V Coming Next Year

The Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V is almost complete, with only finishing touches being added to the game at this point. The game will be released in 2012.

Where it Came From: Unnamed sources are all the rage this year – as you would know if you regularly read the Rumor Mill every week – and this convention is sticking. This one comes from Gamespot who apparently spoke to “sources close to Take-Two”. Close as in “janitor”? We’re not sure.

Fact or Fiction? There has been talk about GTA V for quite a while now, spurred on by a casting call for a game by Take-Two codenamed “Rush”. At least, we hope that’s for GTA – a game based on the crappy Australian “police drama” (which one…) would be extremely disappointing. But we’re getting off track – is this rumor true?

Probably. And it will probably come out on Wii U, which may explain any delay we’re seeing. Time will tell.

Max Payne 3 Coming in December

The Rumor: Max Payne 3 has been given a December 1 release date.

Where it Came From: Website RockStarWatch pointed out the change of release date on Amazon.

Fact or Fiction? Did Rockstar get the memo that E3 was on this year? Look, it’s not unusual for retailers to put in a “placeholder” date based on an assumption – and we do know that Max Payne 3 is indeed on it’s way.

It’s just that there has been very little info on the title, except for a “2012-2013” release date and a handfull of early screenshots. It seems extremely odd that this game would just “pop up” on retail shelves with no marketing at all.

Dragon Quest X Heading to Wii U?

The Rumor: Square Enix’s hugely anticipated Nintendo exclusive RPG, Dragon Quest X will be released on Nintendo’s new console, Wii U.

Where it Came From: Square Enix held an investor’s Q&A in Japan and were asked why the company were still working on releasing a high profile game for Nintendo’s ageing Wii console. The answer was that they are working on a way to make the game somehow compatible with Wii U’s features.

Fact or Fiction? I think we can say this is fact with confidence. Though, will the game be graphically overhauled? Or will it merely have a couple of Wii U exclusive features?

PlayStation Vita to be Released in January 2012

The Rumor: The new PlayStation Vita handheld console from Sony will launch in January 2012, despite the company aiming for a November launch as stated at E3.

Where it Came From: This one has come from Amazon and from various sources. Since retailers are quite to earn some money on products that haven’t been released, the company originally listed the console’s release date as “November 4”, but changed it earlier this week to “December 31st”, meaning people who pre-order the console will be actually receiving the hardware in the first week of January.

Fact or Fiction? Since when was Amazon the God of Release Dates? Sony have only said they’re aiming for a “holiday” release – so yes, it could be true but I would think that if Sony wanted the console to come out around the holiday season, they are surely smart enough to release it BEFORE Christmas.

But maybe that’s just my bizarre logic.

That’s it for the Rumor Mill this week! Be sure to check out the Mill next week for more rumors that are sure to follow. You can check out previous rumors by heading here.

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