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  • Posted By on May 4, 20160 Comments

    Western Publishers Very Likely to Support Nintendo NX

    Michael Pachter is at it again, panning another Nintendo product -- in this case, Nintendo NX -- almost a year before it launches and months before we get any details whatsoever on the product itself. This round, the analyst claimed Western p … Read More.
  • Posted By on May 3, 20160 Comments

    Coffee Break: Australia Post Just Got Worse (Somehow)

    Coffee Break is a regular column that discusses things aside from gaming. Sometimes it'll be about news events, others it might be about a topic that's particularly interesting. It might even be about gaming. Just when you thought Australia P … Read More.
  • Posted By on April 29, 20160 Comments

    Nintendo is Right But You’re Afraid of Change

    It's almost as though the articles were written in advance: another earnings release, another million opinions on the doomography of Nintendo's predicament. Let's all ignore the strengths of Nintendo's full year earnings report and discuss only … Read More.
  • Posted By on April 21, 20160 Comments

    Polygon’s Star Fox Zero Review Raises Questions About Writing Process

    Gone are the days that game reviewers need put any effort into their work. As the latest batch of Star Fox Zero opinions flurry about the internet, it's clear that any integrity the game review industry (or whatever the hell is going on here) ev … Read More.
  • Posted By on April 2, 20160 Comments

    Nintendo Doesn’t Fire Women for Being Bullied

    Such crap has been written over the private-turned-public sacking of a Nintendo employee (who happens to be female) this week, which I guess comes at no surprise. For those unaware of the "situation", an employee who apparently work … Read More.
  • Posted By on March 17, 20160 Comments

    PlayStation VR is too Expensive

    PlayStation VR is certainly an interesting proposition, but in its current form with the content currently on offer, it's too damn expensive. I must say I was surprised at the announcement this week that the device, which is after all a perip … Read More.
  • Posted By on March 14, 20160 Comments

    Reminder: Video Games are Fun

    If you like to label yourself as a "gamer" chances are that in the last seven days you've been outraged about something that's happened in the world of video games. Perhaps a game you were looking forward to was reviewed poorly. Maybe somethi … Read More.
  • Posted By on March 3, 20160 Comments

    Twitter Moments Excludes Video Games

    This week Twitter launched its 'Moments' feature in Australia in an effort to give more context behind the sorts of things you see people talk about on the social network. Those hoping to use the feature as a source of video game news will be di … Read More.
  • Posted By on February 16, 20160 Comments

    Nintendo NX: The Realistic Predictions

    In 2015, Nintendo's then CEO shook the gaming world by revealing a new console -- code named "NX" -- was in development. The console, it was said, would be an "all new concept" and was used to reaffirm the company's position on making traditiona … Read More.
  • Posted By on February 11, 20160 Comments

    What We Really Learnt From Nintendo’s February Earnings Call

    Nintendo's February earnings call has been and gone and, as always, it seems the many tidbits of informations have been lost in translation as tech and gaming sites try desperately to understand the meaning of all those numbers. Every four mo … Read More.
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