• Link to Review: Tearaway (PlayStation Vita)

    Review: Tearaway (PlayStation Vita)

    PlayStation Articles

    From the creative minds at Media Molecule, who gave us the LittleBigPlanet series, comes a brand new platforming adventure. Tearaway for PlayStation Vita is a lot of fun, simply adorable in every way, and a big reminder of our Arts and Crafts childhood. Playing as Iota (or the female version, Atoi), you’re a letter that […]

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  • Link to Review: Contrast (PlayStation 4)

    Review: Contrast (PlayStation 4)

    PlayStation 4 Review

    Contrast is a unique spin on the puzzle/platformer genre, rather than sticking to tradition like LIMBO or Braid, Contrast adopts a 2D meets 3D approach that, while ambitious, ultimately falls short of what could have been. Set in a 20’s Noir style atmosphere in the year 1923, Contrast sets you in the role of Dawn, […]

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  • Link to Review: WWE2K14 (PlayStation 3)

    Review: WWE2K14 (PlayStation 3)

    PlayStation 3 Review

    WWE2K14 is the first WWE game since 2K Sports gained the WWE license from the now defunct publisher THQ. Many may think that the take-over, which happened halfway into the game’s development period may have had a negative impact on this release, they were very wrong indeed. While WWE2K14 isn’t massively different to WWE ’13 […]

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  • Link to Australian Developed escapeVektor To Be Released In Japan

    Australian Developed escapeVektor To Be Released In Japan

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    Sydney based video game developer Nnooo have announced that their CPU-prison-break puzzle game escapeVektor is heading to Japan very soon. escapeVektor was met with favourable reviews when it was released in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Americas late in 2012, praised for its easy-to-learn and addictive puzzle gameplay. The game will now also be […]

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