Still not convinced you want to buy this year’s most anticipated Wii title? Well Nintendo have released the opening movie from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which is set to be released this November.

The movie contains glorious new footage of the game, though purists need not worry as there are no discernible spoilers. It’s more of a tease than anything – sort of like a cruel joke from someone in Nintendo’s marketing department.

Commence drooling. Several features from the Zelda series have been brought up to date in Skyward Sword. First, there’s an deep item upgrade system that allows you to hunt for materials to upgrade or create weapons, 1:1 motion control and cinematic cut scenes worth over 3 hours. The entire game, according to series creator Shigeru Miyamoto will take 50 to 100 hours to complete.

You can check out our preview of Skyward Sword in our free online magazine. Check that out here.

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