We Play Mario Kart 7 – Part 1

Welcome to our weekly We Play series, where we take you through some levels of the hottest games! In our inaugural first part, we fire up Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS.

In Mario Kart 7, players can customise their karts in a large variety of different ways. In total, there are 32 courses to play through; 16 specifically designed for the Nintendo 3DS game, and 16 classic tracks from the rich Mario Kart history.

Over the coming weeks, we will take you through each of these 32 tracks and hopefully show off some awesome skills for you to try to beat. Get involved either on our YouTube Channel, or via the comments by posting up your best time on these tracks. Please note that since there’s no way to record video from the Nintendo 3DS console directly, these videos were taken using a video camera.

Shy Guy Bazaar

Daisy Hills

Cheep Cheep Cape

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  • bmull19

    And, also, it’s extremely hard to play while recording (as your arms need to go right around the camera), so the ‘awesome skills’ might not be so awesome.