Australian gamers will be waiting a little longer than our European fans to get a hold of the new Nintendo 3DS XL console.

The device, which features a 4.88 inch no-glasses-needed 3D screen and a 4.18 inch touchscreen, better battery life than the original model and an overall slimmer design will launch in Australia and New Zealand on August 23rd, 2012.

Nintendo Australia also confirmed the suggested retail price will be AU$249.95. For comparison’s sake, the console’s SRP in the US is US$199.99. Australian’s will be able to choose from three colours – Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black.

This also means that Aussies will be getting the console over a week later than the American launch, which was designed to co-incide with the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 which launches there and stateside on August 18.

August 23 is also the date that New Art Academy, a game that teaches you to paint in 3D, will launch. Nintendo want players to take advantage of the larger screens with this title. Nintendo also announced yesterday that players will be able to download additional art lessons with this title through the eShop.

Nintendo have sold over 18 Million Nintendo 3DS consoles worldwide since it’s launch and will be presenting an investors meeting on June 28 in Kyoto, Japan.

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