Australian, New Zealand Nintendo 3DS XL Release Date, Price Confirmed

Australian gamers will be waiting a little longer than our European fans to get a hold of the new Nintendo 3DS XL console.

The device, which features a 4.88 inch no-glasses-needed 3D screen and a 4.18 inch touchscreen, better battery life than the original model and an overall slimmer design will launch in Australia and New Zealand on August 23rd, 2012.

Nintendo Australia also confirmed the suggested retail price will be AU$249.95. For comparison’s sake, the console’s SRP in the US is US$199.99. Australian’s will be able to choose from three colours – Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black.

This also means that Aussies will be getting the console over a week later than the American launch, which was designed to co-incide with the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 which launches there and stateside on August 18.

August 23 is also the date that New Art Academy, a game that teaches you to paint in 3D, will launch. Nintendo want players to take advantage of the larger screens with this title. Nintendo also announced yesterday that players will be able to download additional art lessons with this title through the eShop.

Nintendo have sold over 18 Million Nintendo 3DS consoles worldwide since it’s launch and will be presenting an investors meeting on June 28 in Kyoto, Japan.

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  • Aussiephoenix83

    A game that teaches you to pain in 3d?!? Ouch, nintendo are going all R rated, sounds rather painful lol!! Thanks for all the up to date info guys!!

  • Aussiephoenix83

    A game that teaches you to pain in 3D?!?! Ouch, looks like Nintendo are going all R rated lol!! A painful experience, not sure if I want to pick this one up heheh!! Thanks for all the up to date info guys!

    • AussieGamer

      It teaches you to stick knives in your face. In THREE DEE!!!!!!!

      Quite sadistic, really.

  • Link

    Why not earlier my birthday is on the 2nd of August why cant we get it at least a week after and our dollar is much higher than the US so shouldnt it be cheaper let alone how cloes we are to japan

  • Jason D Lucas

    XL model gee never saw this coming

  • Charlie Henderson

    The only con in all this is the colour. Silver? Eh. Blue? Mergh. Red? Ugh.

    • AussieGamer

      Might be worth an import from Europe to secure a white version. The blue and red are a nod to those old paper 3D glasses – this is why Nintendo 3DS released with Aqua Blue and Red in the first place :) I think it’s cheeky.

      Before I judge the colours (loving the white, but silver is my next favorite), I want to feel the plastic of the body first. The 3DS feels nice – rich, quality, smooth. They got it right, but the resin they used was probably somewhat expensive to make (it has glass injected into the resin, after all). So, hopefully their alternative doesn’t feel “cheap”.


      • Charlie Henderson

        Hmm yeah I thought about that too. The 3DS itself, the case/cover whatever is really nice to touch and feel. The images of the XL make it seem like it’s made from the same stuff as the DS/i and it does make it look cheap. Ehh.

        But, is the 3DS region free when it comes to games? Don’t know much about it, cos I don’t own one!

        • AussieGamer

          I liked the DSi material… Much better than the plastic they used for the later version of Wii Remote (but I guess in their defence, they started shipping with a silicone cover, so you weren’t really going to fondle the plastic too much). But the original 3DS is sublime. It feels expensive for a console. The weight, the shininess, the varying levels of colour – I can see why they would want to make it the way they did, even if it was more expensive in the end. It feels quality, without having to resort to metal and glass like Apple haha

          The 3DS is region locked, however European games will work on Australian 3DS’ (and vice versa).