Australian Retailers Sell Out of Nintendo 3DS Consoles Over Weekend

The Nintendo 3DS was hard to find over the weekend as many Australian retailers sold out a week after Nintendo made effective a price drop on the hardware.

We called almost 30 stores across Sydney late Sunday afternoon in a search for anyone with stock of the 3D device. Of the 28 stores we contacted, only 2 had “one or two” left, with one of the stores confirming their last their floor demo stock. Businesses called were JB HiFi, EB Games, GAME, Dick Smith and Big W in various locations throughout the Sydney metro area.

Since the price drop, which saw AUD$100 shaved off the RRP of the new console, sales numbers have been pretty good. Last week it was revealed that retailers managed to move over 200,000 units just a couple of days after the drop in price in Japan alone, a stark contrast to the previous week’s 40,000.

Specific sales numbers are expected to be released later this week, though Australian numbers may not come out till next month. All stores we contacted assured us that more stock was on the way sometime this week. Did you manage to get your hands on the console? Let us know in the comments below, or join our new forums to discuss in detail with our community!

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  • Mark

    As an early Nintendo 3DS adopter, I feel like I have been screwed over. I paid $350 for the device, the price has been lowered to $250 in Australia and $170 in America! This means that Aussie’s can get it even cheaper, brand new, if they purchase the device from ebay in America. 20 NES and GBA ‘has been’ games? I feel like Nintendo is standing across the room, spitting in my face. I am also very dissatisfied with the current selection of games.

  • Jim

    the game release schedule was always there for everyone to see…maybe u should have checked that before buying. Might has stopped having us to listen to u you whinging now about the available games….GBA has been games? Maybe u should trade in and get a different console.

  • john

    I have to agree with Jim….console has only been out 6 months and Mark complains about games. Lots of good games coming.
    I live in the Ireland and paid 200 euro for the console, a game and a case (it is cheaper now). i dont feel too ripped off by that price. I think good prices were always to be found online…even at launch.