Australia’s Tantalus Working on New AAA Video Game for Next-Generation Console

Tantalus Media have posted a new job ad on their website seeking developers for a new “AAA Next-Gen” video game title.

The Melbourne, Australia based studio has worked on many games in its rich history, including the Stargate game for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, MX vs ATV: Reflex for PSP and Nintendo DS and even The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon also for the Nintendo DS.

The job ads are seeking contract roles for Senior Artist, Game Designer and Engine Programmers. “Tantalus – a veteran independent development studio based in Melbourne – is about to start a new AAA Next-Gen title and is therefore looking to fill several contract positions” the job posting reads.

So, it’s time to speculate! Tantalus has a huge pile of games under their belt and seem to be the resident “go-to” place for Hollywood studios who need portable console versions of their movie tie-in games developed. Not that that’s a bad thing: game developers in Australia are quite happy to get work in these days when it seems the Australian government are doing everything they can to kill off the industry.

But when it comes to “AAA” titles, not many really stack up to the ‘Marios’ and ‘Lara Crofts’ of the world. Perhaps, then, it’s time for Tantalus to break their tradition and develop a brand new IP, or at the very least a handheld version of a console title.

Perhaps the most exciting news out of this job posting is that there’s a remote possibility that there is at the very least one Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 in Australia!

Anyone know where I can get a crowbar?

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  • Luke Kyo Reichmuth

    …they only do ports, so.. meh.
    Their last console port was Unreal 2, i think.
    So maybe its a new Unreal Game? That’d be rad.

    • AussieGamer


      Though, I always have a laugh about gamer’s attitude towards ports. They seem to think “I don’t care about ports… but if the console can’t support ports I’ll raise hell!!!!”

      haha <3