Battlefield 3 Aussie Rip-Off: The Story So Far (Operation Outback Storm)

EA Games’ Battlefield 3 Australian fans have launched an online protest over the higher price of the new Premium feature compared to the US.

The content feature which is downloadable on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has three different cost levels, despite EA’s websites advertising the product to be AU$49.99. The fans’ efforts have already resulted in a slight decrease on the PlayStation 3 side of things (was $79.95, now $64.95) but misleading advertising and virtual silence on EA’s behalf has further enraged these gamers.

Check out our quickly bashed together infographic below for the gist of the story so far.


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  • Rippenharra

    Love it! looks sweets and tell it like it is we want fairness for all.

  • Assange

    EA you better be quick to the mark before someone gets a clue and sues your arses