Based on the internationally popular Syfy Channel television series produced by Universal Cable Productions, Battlestar Galactica Online (BSGO) is a free-to-play, browser-based space combat MMO that combines high-quality graphics with intense gameplay. To celebrate its birthday, Bigpoint is hosting a week-long party for all players. Running April 30 through May 6, Humans and Cylons who log-in will receive in-game gifts and bonuses. Battlestar Galactica Online is licensed through Universal Partnerships & Licensing on behalf of NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products Group.

“We are thrilled with the tremendous growth of BSGO and how the game has performed over the past year,” said Heiko Hubertz, Founder and CEO, Bigpoint. “BSGO is a breakthrough title that has empowered us to change perceptions of the kind of gaming experience that can be delivered through a web browser. We’re excited to move forward with this momentum, celebrate our achievements, and reward all of our players in the community who helped us get to this point.”

Since its launch, BSGO has benefitted from numerous content updates, including the introduction of new classes of ships (Escort, Line, Carrier), the ability to pilot Battlestar and Basestar capital ships, the integration of the Triad and Prophecy meta-game, custom ship paints, and an eight-foot tall Cylon giveaway contest. Within the past year, the game has enlisted close to 10 million registered players, and has received industry accolades such as the Unity Developers Award for Community Choice, and Best Browser Game at the European Games Awards.

Beginning April 30, Bigpoint will reward players with free items and bonuses. All players who log-in to Battlestar Galactica Online every day for the week will be able to collect their prizes. In addition, the Daily Merit Cap will be increased, and special offers will be made available for players to purchase in-game items.

Leveraging Bigpoint’s vast international distribution network of over 1,000 media partners, localisation in 25+ languages, and team of worldwide community managers, Battlestar Galactica Online continues to attract over 25,000 new pilots every day. The 2012 development schedule calls for many new content releases, as well as more events, tournaments, and fast-paced space combat.

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