So, Nintendo has given you until March 31 to collect 1 million coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2?

Have no fear — we have some pro tips to make your coin collection skyrocket in no time!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 on Nintendo 3DS is about one thing: coins. They are everywhere and if you wanted to, you could collect coins until the end of time. There are billions of the things, but Nintendo want you to prove you have one million to earn a limited edition certificate.

We channelled our inner Scrooge and have come up with some pro tips to getting to that magic number! Read on and you will be a millionaire in no time!

Spoiler Alert!: This article may contain some spoilers about New Super Mario Bros. 2!

Unlock Coin Rush Mode

If you haven’t done so already, the first thing you need to do is unlock the special Coin Rush Mode.

This mode is a first for the Super Mario series and gives you access to a whole lineup of brand new stages full of the gold shiny stuff. Many levels here are designed to boost your coin collection, while others present quite a challenge that isn’t really possible in the scope of the story mode.

Coin Rush Mode also enables StreetPass so you can share your coin collection records with random Nintendo 3DS owners as you pass them on the street. Here you can challenge their score, which is a great incentive to collect even more coins!

Unlocking Coin Rush Mode is easy: all you need to do is get through World 1 in the story mode. Once you defeat 1-Castle, Coin Rush Mode will be accessible via the main menu.

Become a Millionaire in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Fast with these Pro Tips

Star Coins are Bonus Coins!

As you play through New Super Mario Bros. 2‘s Coin Rush Mode levels, you will notice the three large Star Coins are hidden through the stages.

Collecting these will not add to your tally in Story Mode, but they will give you some much needed coinage for minimum effort. Collect one, and you will get 10 coins. Get the second, and it’s 20. The third will give you 100.

Make sure you study each stage carefully for clues as to where to find the next Star Coin. Usually, they’re hiding in a place you’d least suspect!

Become a Millionaire in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Fast with these Pro Tips

Double Your Coins Instantly

Coin Rush Mode gives you a fantastic opportunity to double your collection each time you clear a stage. Learn this tip well, it will certainly come in handy!

When you get to the flag at the end of each stage in New Super Mario Bros. 2, make Mario land on the very top of the flag pole. In Story Mode, this will award you with an extra life. In Coin Rush Mode, this rewards you with double the coins you collected on that stage!

The greatest part about this tip is that your coin collection saves as you progress through three stages. So, you might collect 1,000 coins on the first stage, that will double to 2,000. Then, your tally might be 4,000 by the end of the second stage — hit the top of the flagpole and suddenly you have collected 8,000 coins!

This is a great way to supercharge your total and hit that 1 million mark extra quick. However, getting to the top of the flagpole isn’t always easy. Be on the lookout for nearby enemies you can use as a springboard — as soon as Mario lands on the enemy’s head, hit the jump button for a higher jump.

Remember, though — you may need a run up first!

Become a Millionaire in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Fast with these Pro Tips

Hidden Rainbow Levels!

Each world in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Story Mode contains hidden Rainbow Levels. These secret stages are teeming with coins ready for your collection.

Getting them is super easy — you just need to pay attention to the world and stage you are currently playing through, and the countdown timer.

To reach the hidden levels, get to the flag at the end of the stage. Before you jump on the flagpole, wait for the timer to tick down. What you’re waiting for is the time to reach two consecutive double digits.

For example, if you are on Level 1-1 (world 1, stage 1), then you must wait until the timer reaches x11 (eg: 411, 311, 211, 111 or 011). You must be on the flagpole the instant the clock reads 11 in this example.

The Rainbow Levels are located using the same system. In World 2, you need to jump on the flagpole in Level 2 (Level 2-2) when the clock hits x22, and so on right up to Level 9-9.

Rainbow Levels in New Super Mario Bros. 2 have no enemies or traps, so you are free to collect hundreds of coins. Be on the lookout for giant coins which will hurl through the air, giving you access to some huge numbers!

Become a Millionaire in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Fast with these Pro Tips

Gold Mario

In New Super Mario Bros. 2, Gold Mario has the ability to turn his enemies into coins, but did you know he can also collect tonnes of coins by jumping on enemies?

It gets better: if you jump on lots of enemies at once, without touching the ground, the coins Gold Mario collects will multiply until you are collecting 100 coins per enemy!

This is a great way to boost that coin count, especially in Coin Rush Mode.

Also be on the lookout for Gold Rings, which turns every enemy in the level into gold. Combine Gold Mario with a Gold Ring and stomp continuously on enemies for thousands of coins!

This tip takes some practise, but once you master the skill you’ll see a huge increase in your coin profits.

Become a Millionaire in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Fast with these Pro Tips

Buy Extra Levels

Nintendo have released many new levels for New Super Mario Bros. 2 which you can download via Coin Rush Mode.

Some of these new levels have been designed to literally shower you in coins from the moment you start the stage. Better yet, each pack costs only $3 which comes with a set of three levels and better still, Nintendo are offering the latest pack for free!

To access the shop, make sure your Nintendo 3DS is connected to the internet and load up your New Super Mario Bros. 2 software. On the menu screen, enter Coin Rush Mode and select the shop button. An update should run the first time you boot up the game while being connected to the internet which adds the shop button to your menu.

Become a Millionaire in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Fast with these Pro Tips

Do you have any other New Super Mario Bros. 2 pro tips? How many coins have you collected so far? Why not take a moment to share your hints and brag about your skills in the comments below!

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