One of the first games confirmed to be in development for Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, has been Darksiders II, developed by Vigil. The team spoke to Eurogamer and touched on the development process and what it’s like to work on the new platform.

Vigil had five weeks before the E3 showcasing of the game to work on the Wii U early development console, and was one of the first developers given the opportunity to do so. From what they’ve seen, the game will be able to work on Wii U at least as well as it will on PlayStation 3. “There’s plenty of horsepower there, so we’re not going to have to make any visual concessions at all for Darksiders 2,” game director Marvin Donald told Eurogamer.

The exact specifications have not yet been finalised by Nintendo for the new console, though, so the team remains unsure of what the Wii U will be capable of. Since they want to release Darksiders II alongside the console, they plan to release it as a direct port based on their current knowledge, adding higher resolution options for gamers with high-powered PCs.

“At a minimum on par, for sure,” Donald said of Darksiders 2’s visuals on Wii U versus Darksiders 2’s visuals on PS3 and Xbox 360.

“Whether or not we can go one step further, that might be driven by what’s available on the PC and whether or not that is easy to translate to the Wii U hardware, because there are most likely going to be resolution choices for the PC version of the game. We know some gamers are just going to have more horsepower at their disposal.

“It’s probably going to be the same graphically, regardless of any minor or major horsepower improvements on the Wii U.

“But, in all honesty, if the Wii U turns out to be this ridiculously powerful machine, we will probably make changes to our budget and scope to take advantage of that. But that’s currently not the plan. It’s going to be a direct port. That’s what we’re planning on. But that’s based off of what we believe the hardware’s going to be like.”

The team are also working on ways to incorporate the Wii U’s unique touchscreen controller. You can read the full interview here.

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