Dead Space 3 Kinect Voice Commands Help Bring Down the Necromorphs

Fight back with these voice commands!

Dead Space 3 is upon us and we have the full list of Kinect voice commands you will be able to use throughout your journey.

The game is enhanced with Xbox 360’s Kinect hardware that constantly listens to your voice. Giving the console some vocal commands can make playing Dead Space 3 all the more easier and more seamless, as you can avoid pressing buttons in combination using this system.

So, whether you wish to open your inventory, reload a weapon or help out a friend in Co-op, these Kinect voice commands will free you up to experience the horror that awaits in Dead Space 3!

Basic Interface Actions
  • “Find Objective” – locates an objective
  • “Find Suit Station” – locates a Suit Station
  • “Find Bench” – locates a bench/workstation
  • “Access Inventory” – Opens inventory menu
  • “Access Database” – Opens Database menu
  • “Access Mission” – Opens mission menu
  • “Scavenger Bot Status” – Opens the Bot Status menu
  • “Exit” – Exits opened menu
Gameplay Actions
  • “Reload Weapon” – Reloads current weapon>
  • “Switch Weapon” – Switches to the next available weapon
  • “Quick Heal” – Uses the health pack
  • “Refill Stasis” – Uses the stasis pack
  • “Switch to Scavenger Bot” – equips the scavenger bot
  • “Pick up Item” – Picks up an item
  • “Use Stasis” – Uses stasis while aiming
  • “Grab Object” – Uses TK Grab while aiming
  • “Throw object” – Uses TK Launch while aiming
  • “Get off me!” – Paired attack escape
Co-op Actions
  • “Give Partner Health Pack” – Gives your partner a health pack
  • “Give Partner Stasis” – Gives your partner a stasis pack
  • “Give Partner Ammo” – Gives your partner an ammo clip
  • “Help me!” – Calls your partner for help
  • “I Need a Health Pack” – Ask partner for a health pack
  • “I Need a Stasis Pack” – Ask partner for a stasis pack
  • “I Need Ammo” – Ask partner for an ammo clip
  • “Find Partner” – Locate a co-op partner
  • “Revive Partner” – Revive your partner

Dead Space 3 is out now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Look out for the Aussie-Gamer review next Wednesday!

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