Square Enix today finally took the covers off one of the biggest games of next year; Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes. One feature for the new game was that it can be played completely online.

The game will be released on both Nintendo Wii and the new, HD console Wii U. While the graphics are superior on Wii U, players on the new console will be able to play alongside those on current Wii. Square also affirmed that while the game is enhanced online, players can complete the entire game 100% without ever connecting to the internet – this goes for both versions.

Those who don’t wish to connect to the internet can progress through the game using Non-Playable characters in their party – meaning those online can choose to join or start their own party of human players. Combat is completely turn based; just like previous versions of the game – though a unique choice for online-based titles.

Another feature of the online mode is the ability to “lend” your character to another player while you’re offline. Though it’s unclear how this will work, the most likely explanation being the ability to use your character as an NPC. More information on that feature is expected later this month.

Players will be able to choose an occupation for their character, to take away some attention away from combat. Such occupations confirmed are weapon or accessory maker.

Developers are also looking into Nintendo 3DS connectivity – namely the ability to transfer your character to an app on the 3DS so you can utilise StreetPass to trade weapons or items.

The game is being prepared for a “sometime 2012” release date.

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