E3 Expo May Leave Los Angeles Next Year

June 5th, 2012 at 1:07 am

E3 has been a huge boon for the city of LA. Every year, it’s estimated that over US$40 Million is spent in the city in that one week.

But it might be all over for the City of Angels. Michael Gallagher, the president of the Entertainment Software Association – the organisers of E3 – said that the convention may have to leave Los Angeles in 2013 if urgent construction issues aren’t rectified in time.

The convention centre the show is normally held in is in a stage of renovation – that is, if the city can get their act together. At the moment, there’s quite a bit of uncertainty as to whether or not it will be completed, or indeed even started, in time for next year’s show.

“We’re still in discussions with the city of Los Angeles,” Gallagher said in an interview Sunday night, “but we have a number of issues that still need to be resolved. If we can’t resolve them, we are preparing to go elsewhere.”

“We need assurances on things like square footage, the quality of the space, the ease of loading and unloading equipment, signage throughout the convention center for marketing and sponsorships,” he said. “We love being in Los Angeles, but we also have a show to put on.”

Other cities the ESA is considering include San Francisco, New York and Chicago. E3 brings in a lot of money to the city each year, it’s estimated that over 30,000 hotel rooms are booked during the convention so yes; it’s a very big deal.

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