EA to Spend US$80 Million on Next-Generation Video Game Consoles

May 8th, 2012 at 8:57 am

EA Games have long been the whistleblowers of new and upcoming video game consoles, most recently they spoke publicly about the Wii U before it was launched.

So it stands to reason that when EA Games publicly contributes US$80 Million to the development of games on next-generation game consoles, it would be a safe bet to assume there are a few new consoles in the works. CEO John Riccitiello confirmed big bucks are already being pledged to the next generation in an earnings call overnight;

“We intend to invest $80 million in gen-4 console development in fiscal 2013,” he said. “We are strong believers that console will return to strong growth, representing great opportunity, one that is in lockstep with our digital plan.”

Actually, the figure is more interesting than it seems on the surface; some so-called “AAA” games today can cost over US$80 Million to develop alone, so maybe nothing huge can be expected from the publisher in the immediate future. Of course, $80 Million can buy you quite a few ports and upgrades, so perhaps the upcoming Nintendo Wii U is set for some love?

EA Games also announced a new game in the Dead Space series will be release before March 2013; other games in development are all the usual: Madden NFL, FIFA, Sim City, Medal of Honor and Need for Speed, and a couple of mobile games.

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