EA’s CEO Keeps His Job, In Case You Were Wondering

We’re not sure why there was speculation in the first place, but EA has today confirmed that there are no plans to sack current CEO John Riccitiello.

There were rumours flying around that COO Peter Moore would be taking the top job after Michael Pachter (yeah, him) stated that the CEO was floundering around, doing anything to “keep his job”. Then, a website called “GameFront” was told by an “anonymous source” (actual quote) that Moore would take his job at “some point after June 30”.

But all those incredibly reliable sources were shut down as EA’s Chairman Larry Probst praised Riccitiello at the company’s annual shareholders meeting;

“At this point in time, there is absolutely no plan to replace John as the CEO. We have a high level of confidence in both him and the management team. The Board has a very high level of confidence in John and the management team.”

“[the management team] has done a really good job of exceeding their operating plan in the last two fiscal years. We think the strategy is spot on going forward and we have a high level of confidence they will execute well against that strategy.”

Ah, analysts. Will they ever learn?

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