Australian based development studio Nnooo – the team behind highly acclaimed escapeVektor on Wii – confirmed to Aussie-Gamer this week that the studio is currently working on a Nintendo Wii U game.

Earlier this year the studio announced they had been approved to become a developer for Nintendo’s new HD console, Wii U. We can now reveal the studio is indeed working on some ideas for the console, though they are currently in concept phase.

“We’ve already got one game concept that we’re not announcing yet,” Nic Watt, Creative Director at Nnooo told Aussie-Gamer this week. “we’re going to start, hopefully in the next month or two, prototyping. I want it to be quite a quick turn-around game.”

“I want it to be a co-operative experience that you play together rather than a single player game where you play alone.”

When asked if the game will use the Wii U’s unique ability to offer “asymmetric gameplay” – the ability for one player to use the Wii U GamePad and the others using Wii Remotes or Wii U Pro Controllers to accomplish different goals in the same game – Bruce Thomson, Business Director chimed in;

“If we’re getting Wii U Dev Kits at the start of the console’s lifecycle, you’ve got to use that – otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity.”

“The whole design of the game is multiplayer,” Nic added. “I’d like to look at some of the social aspects as well so you could play asynchronously with other players – so maybe you’re doing something and some hours later your friend does something in response.”

We had to ask if Miiverse integration was planned;

“Yes – there’s a lot of ideas and until we can dive in and figure out what you can and cannot do with Miiverse, there’s some ideas that we’ve tied into that social experience like posting updates on how you’re progressing in our game, and particular features of our game will suit particular features of Miiverse, but I can’t really say any more!”

The team have quite a few ideas for Wii U and are currently in the process of prototyping different ideas to see if they work;

“We’re prototyping a couple of things,” Bruce said “so there’s no set one idea that we’re working on yet. We want to have a look at a few ideas. There’s three or four ideas we’d like to take on, but right now we’re prototyping just to make sure they work.”

“Two of the games that we want to prototype work really well with [PlayStation] Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and they would obviously be played slightly different.” Nic said

“The game I was describing before would mainly be asynchronous on Vita and 3DS, and the other one on Wii U you could either play asynchronously with friends or asymmetrically.”

The reveal comes from a larger interview with the studio where we discussed their upcoming titles escapeVektor and Spirit Hunters Inc., the state of the Australian video game industry and more. Look out for that interview, coming up soon!

Inside Nnooo Studios!

Nnooo is an Australian based developer who hit success making a set of applications on Nintendo DSiWare and their first game – and one of the WiiWare Launch titles – Pop!. They’ve since released the critically acclaimed WiiWare title escapeVektor and are currently bringing that title over to Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

Later this year, Nnooo will release Spirit Hunters Inc. on Nintendo DSiWare. Check out our hands-on feature here!

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