Lionhead Studios are gearing up to release Fable Heroes, apparently, which is a colourful multiplayer role playing game that was mysteriously leaked by the Xbox Live Marketplace today.

According to a handful of screenshots, the game looks to be a kind of abomination cross between Fable, one of the most epic RPGs of the current generation and Mario Party, a “video board game” with a variety of mini games.

The first thing of note is the graphics – gone are the quasi-realistic approach of the actual Fable series. What we have here is a cartoony, dare I say cell-shaded approach. The game appears to be a four player affair, and appears to take place on a variety of game boards.

Mini games seem to be filled with variety, too – ranging from die casting to battles.

Puppets also seem to feature, but in what ways we can only speculate at this point until a press release or confirmation from somebody become available. Still, it looks bright and cheery and could be fun. We’ll keep you informed!

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