Fantastic Nintendo 3DS eShop Games go on Sale

Nintendo have announced the first ever sale for the Nintendo 3DS eShop, marking it’s first year anniversary.

Starting right now, you will be able to download a bunch of the better games on the eShop for a 20% discounted price. These games include Pullblox, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Land, Zen Pinball and Let’s Golf 3D.

This is part one of the sale, which goes from today (June 22) to June 28. On that date, a new list of titles will be on offer for the same 20% discount.

The eShop has also been populated with demo version of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Theathrhythm Final Fantasy which are, of course, free to download and play for a limited amount of times.

Nintendo also announced today a larger version of the Nintendo 3DS wich will be available next month. Head here for the details, and here for a bunch of images of the new console.

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  • Smash Bros Gamer

    Downloading the Kingdom Hearts demo now! This is gonna be awesome!

  • Yoshi25688

    Wow, I definitely wasn’t expecting a sale, this is amazing!