FIFA 13 Heading to Wii U With Exclusive Features [Updated!]

August 1st, 2012 at 7:18 pm

The lastest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine UK has an interesting nugget within its pages; the worlds first look at FIFA 13 for Wii U.

The game has some exclusive features for the Wii U version. For starters, the optional touch screen allows for tackling and passing, giving greater control over attacking and defending. The touchscreen on the GamePad will also be used for goal shooting and disaplys a manager hub, allowing players to make split second strategy changes on the fly.

The second screen option is similar to that of the Nintendo 3DS version, although the Wii U version takes it to a whole new level.

Graphically – the game is actually better than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, according to producer Matt Prior;

“It’s on a par with 360 and PS3 and we were even able to make some key graphical improvements. We focused on areas that would have the most impact on the game.”

We’d love to show you the screenshots, however they’re under lock and key with a sticky embargo – once that’s lifted (read: the screens are leaked online by some other seedy source), we’ll display them here in all their glory! The latest issue of ONM is on sale in the UK right now, so the wait for the first look shouldn’t be too long.

Not many more details were revealed about the game, however EA’s usually pretty on the ball with its FIFA 13 franchise, so a full spec sheet wont be too far away. We will, of course, update this post as the news comes in.

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As promised, we now have the first look at the screenshots for the Wii U version.

Check them out and let us know your thoughts below!







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