Nintendo will activate it’s new low pricing model for it’s latest handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS, tomorrow. For those who have already rushed out and purchased one, Nintendo are offering you 20 free downloadable games, 10 of which will never be released publicly.

But the planet Earth is a fickle one, filled with misinformation and tabloids who can’t wait to jump onto a bad news story about video games. So to do our part, we’ve come up with five essential things you need to know about the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program.

Go into the eShop NOW!

Nintendo have said that to be eligible for the Ambassador Program, you’ll need to sign into the Nintendo eShop by August 12 (Australian time). This means you’ll need to connect your console to a WiFi zone and, if you haven’t done so already, run a system update from the “Settings” menu to install the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

But you’re not done yet – you need to actually log in and sign up. This needs to be done by 2PM AEST August 12, or you may miss out on the freebees.

Patience is a virtue

Nintendo has said that Ambassadors will indeed be given the option to download a bevy of GameBoy Advance and NES games for free, but they haven’t said how or when said games will be made available.

The only dates we have is that the program will start on September 1, and all the games will be available by the end of the year. We highly doubt Nintendo are going to make every single free game readily downloadable on September 1, so be patient and, above all, don’t go on Twitter and complain that you only have one title available. It causes the media to go nuts and it’s simply not the case.

The value of the eShop is found when you go in there often. Our guess is that Nintendo will space out the downloads to encourage this behaviour.

Don’t wait to download

As soon as these games are put up on the eShop, our advice is to download them as soon as possible. Nintendo have not revealed details on how long the games will appear on the eShop, so it would be fool hardy to put off downloading them.

A similar case was seen with the PlayStation 3’s “Welcome Back” package. People inexplicably waited an entire month before they bothered to download their free games, only to complain when they were a few hours late. We’ll be running updates on Aussie-Gamer to let you know when the games go live, so don’t delay!

NES Games will be Updated

Nintendo will rush out 10 Nintendo Entertainment System games for the Ambassadors. These will be made avalible throughout next year for regular Nintendo 3DS owners with an update and a price.

Officially, Nintendo have said the update in question will enable 2-player mode for the titles. What they haven’t mentioned at all is if this also includes an upgrade to 3D classics mode.

Regardless, know that the NES games you will get for free will need to be re-downloaded, for free, next year when they come available to the general public. For Ambassadors, the games will appear at a $0.00 cost on the eShop.

Have your cake and eat it, too!

If you want one to be one of the Ambassadors and take advantage of the free game offers, but don’t want to shell out the current price of the Nintendo 3DS knowing that it will be $100 cheaper tomorrow, we have good news!

Go out and buy the console from Dick Smith Electronics. They have a 14 day refund policy that says that if they lower the price after you buy an item within 14 days, they’ll refund the difference. This means you buy it today at $350 and log into the eShop. Tomorrow, armed with your knowledge, march into Dick Smith again and demand the difference back!

It’s win-win. On one hand, you get free games and a cheaper console while screwing over the sales commission of some snotty nosed brat who is trying to sell you a useless extended warranty!

If you have other tips or advice for those worried about if they’re eligible for the games, or indeed any questions, sound off in the comments below!

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