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Get the 'Who's Who' of Video Games on your Wii U

One of the greatest non-game features of Wii U is undoubtably Miiverse, the social network plugged into every single piece of software. And developers are taking notice.

As more and more games are released for the next-generation console, video game developers are flocking to the system to interact with gamers.

The service appeals to them more so than Twitter or Facebook because the conversation is all about the games and is moderated heavily to keep offensive and vulgar comments away.

High profile developers are using the service in different ways. Recently released Toki Tori 2 developers Two Tribes are harvesting player feedback so that they can patch their title up at a later date, while Shigeru Miyamoto (perhaps the most famous developer on the planet) pops in every now and then to launch new services, such at the ‘Year of Luigi’ community.


We’ve put together a list of who’s who on Miiverse, so that you may Follow them and get updates on your favorite games. As Miiverse grows, we’re sure more developers will be lining up, so if we missed anyone please share with the community in the comments below this post and we’ll update our list!

The usernames are in italics. To find the developer, go to Miiverse on your Wii U, head to User Menu and tap on Search Users. Make sure you enter the username exactly as shown.

To follow, view the user’s profile and tap “Follow”. Their updates will appear in your Activity Feed. Some may even allow you to add them as a friend, though that option is usually blanked out for most.


  • Satoru Iwata, CEO – SatoruIwataE
  • Shigeru Miyamoto, General Manager EAD – ShigeruMiyamoto
  • Satoru Shibata, President Nintendo of Europe – SatoruShibata
  • Yoshihito Ikebata (Luigi’s Mansion 2, F Zero GX, Metroid Prime, Others) – NintendoIkebata
  • Toshiaki Suzuki (Wii Street U, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Others) – NintendoSuzuki
  • Eiji Aonuma, Producer of The Legend of Zelda series – NintendoAonuma
  • Takashi Tezuka, Produces of the Super Mario series – NintendoTezuka
  • Masataka Takemoto (New Super Mario Bros. U, Wii Sports, Others) – NintendoMasarioE
  • Yoshikazu Yamashita (NintendoLand, Pikmin 2, Others) – NintendoYamaY_E
  • Takayuki Shimamura (NintendoLand, Wii Sports, Resident Evil) – NintendoShimaE
  • Martin “Marty” Born, Nintendo of Europe Social Manager – NintendoMarty
  • Zach Fountain (Nintendo TVii) – NintendoZach
  • Nikki, Character from Nintendo Letter Box/Swapnote – LetterboxNikki

Nnooo (EscapeVektor, Spirit Hunters Inc)

  • Bruce Thomson, Co-Founder – Nnooo_Bruce
  • Nic Watt, Co-Founder, Creative Director – Nnooo_Nic
  • Steven Ogden, Programmer – Steven_Ogy_Ogden

Two Tribes (Toki Tori 2)

  • Mr. Tribes, Official Account – TwoTribes
  • Collin van Ginkel, Co-Founder – Collin.TwoTribes also ColloU
  • Martijn Reuvers, Co-Founder – mreuvers
  • Toki Tori, Official Account – TokiTori


  • ZombiU Development Team, Official Account – ZombiU_Dev_Team

Broken Rules (Chasing Aurora)

  • Felix Bohatsch, Co-Founder – mcloister
  • Martin Pichlmair, Programmer – martinpi
  • BroMii, Official Account – brokenrules
  • Clemens Scott, Art – Rostiger

Tomorrow Corporation (Little Inferno)

  • Kyle Gray, Designer – kylefromthefutur

Wayforward (Mighty Switch Force)

  • Ivan Smith, Director – IvanDashSmith
  • Matt Bozon, Creative Director – Mr.Bozon

Frozenbyte (Trine 2)

  • Lauri Hyvärinen, Founder – LauriFB
  • Frozenbyte Official Account – Frozenbyte

Namco Bandai

  • Katsuhiro Harada, Game Director/Chief Producer Tekken series – HARADA_TEKKEN

Zen Studios (Zen Pinball)

  • Mel Kirk, PR Manager – crackervizzo
  • Bobby Loertscher, Community Manager – BarbieBobomb

Tecmo Koei

  • Yosuke Hayashi, Director Team Ninja – Ninja_hayashi
  • Fumihiko Yasuda, Lead Designer Ninja Gaiden 3 – tn_yasuda

Shin’en Multimedia (Nano Assult Neo)

  • Bernhard Wodok – BartmanAbyss
  • Manfred Linzer – Mandred_SHN

Renegade Kid (Mutant Mudds)

  • Jools Watsham, Founder – RenegadeJools

Gaijin Games (Bit.Trip)

  • Alex Neuse, Co-Founder – AlexNeuse
  • Mike Roush, Co-Founder – MikeNRoush

8-4 Ltd

8-4 Studio is an indie studio in Japan that does contract work for several video game development studios, usually localising Japanese games to English, or English games to Japanese. Titles include Tales of the Abyss, Monster Hunter Tri and Mario Power Tennis, to name but a few.

  • Mark Macdonald, Executive Director – MarkMacD
  • John Ricciardi, Chief Operating Officer – johntv

Sony Computer Entertainment

  • Shuhei Yoshida, President Worldwide Studios – gameape2001


  • Shigesato Itoi, Creator of Earthbound – itoi_shigesato
  • Lauren Stirling, First person in the world to win a Wii U – Leeluu

  • Tynan Muddle, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Nice guy – AussieGamer
  • Jayden Williams, Contributing Editor – JaydenJshuen

Don’t forget to share your favorite people to follow on Miiverse in the comments below!

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    BadgerFiend and FreakerUK are developers of Lego City from TT-Fusion.

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