Free Kirby Anime Channel Heading to Nintendo Wii

Back in 2001, Nintendo commissioned a 50 episode anime based around the adventures of everyone’s favorite gender confused pink ball of fluff; Kirby. Today it was announced that the resulting product, Kirby: Right Back At Ya! will be available for free on the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo plan to make the free service go live as early as tomorrow and will feature four episodes on the channel on day one. Nintendo plan to add two new episodes every week, replacing the old ones.

Kirby is the brainchild of Nintendo’s current CEO Satoru Iwata and Super Smash Bros. Brawl developer Masahiro Sakurai. The two worked on the very frist Kirby game that was released 19 years ago; Kirby’s Dream Land.

A new Kirby game has been announced for Nintendo Wii; aptly named Kirby Wii, the title is due for launch later this year. But Nintendo aren’t making you wait too long for a Kirby fix, with the free Wii Channel being available for download on Wii Shop Channel this Friday.

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