Nintendo revealed a new application for Wii U overnight that will allow users to explore Google Maps on their TV.

The application will go live on the eShop in Japan in January and has an enhanced Street View mode where users will be able to move their Wii U GamePad around to get a more realistic view of the pictures provided by Google.

Also announced overnight was a flurry of game titles hitting Nintendo consoles over the next few months. Monster Hunter Ultimate from Capcom will launch on Wii U and it has now been confirmed the game will be displayed in ‘native 1080p’.

Lego City Undercover, also for Wii U, will launch in early 2013. To co-incide with the release, Lego will be releasing a set of Lego toys that come packaged with exclusive download codes that will unlock special vehicles in the game.


Pikmin 3 has been given a more liberal “Q2 2012” release date, meaning it will come out sometime after March 2013. This is also the case for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS which is already out in Japan. The delay on Animal Crossing is localising the tens of thousands of lines of text the game provides in several European languages.

Nintendo also promised 2013 will be the “year of Luigi” and proceeded to give information on Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon, which will also release before the end of March 2013.

For Europe, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge on Wii U was slated for a January 11 release.

You can check out all the announcements from Nintendo in the Nintendo Direct video below.

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