A Wii U owner in North America has turned the fantastic Wii U Chat function into a pretty creepy horror movie.

Inspired by movies like The Blair With Project and VHS, Frank Howley and a group of friends filmed the 4 minute movie titled “The Blair Wii U Project” complete with special lighting and sound effects. The Wii U camera helps set the creepy mood.

Wii U Chat is a video calling application which is enabled after you run the system update after buying Wii U. It allows players to host free video calls on their TV or Wii U GamePad. Players can also draw over the screen with some pretty cool neon colours, just for fun.

Wii U GamePad has built in microphone and speakers making it a complete unit for video calling. All you need is a Nintendo Network ID to get online and start calling other Wii U owners!

Wii U hit stores in North America on November 18 and Australia on November 30. Frank Howley uploaded his horror movie to YouTube earlier this week.

Sure, the movie is a little cheesy but there’s actually a pretty awesome twist at the end. Do check it out!

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