Guy Takes Wii U onto Bullet Train in Japan

All you need is a power point!
November 26th, 2012 at 6:35 pm

A Japanese blogger has found a way to take his Nintendo Wii U with him as he goes to work.

The console isn’t portable, but since it doesn’t require a second screen, all you technically need is a power outlet and you’re good to play most games directly on the GamePad. And since he lives in Japan, Bullet Trains appear to have power outlets for commuters to plug in their notebooks and, in this case, gaming consoles.

The blogger tethered his phone to the console to allow for online connectivity, meaning he was able to play games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II online while on his way to his destination.

The Wii U isn’t out in Japan yet, though – so he must’ve imported the console from America. Australia is set to get their hands on the console this Friday, November 30. Wii U hits Japanese stores a week later.

Wii U on a Train

Wii U comes in two versions – a budget friendly 8GB White console called the “Basic Pack”, and a Premium Pack which is all black and comes in 32GB, along with extra accessories and a copy of Nintendo Land. Apart from High Definition graphics, Wii U is deeply integrated with the internet, featuring a robust eShop for downloading games and an exclusive online social network called Miiverse.

Does this look like something you’re going to wind up doing eventually? What tips would you give other must-be-mobile gamers? Share below!

Wii U on a Train

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