Tech: 1366×768 PC Screen Resolution is Most Popular

In an interesting turn of events, a new report suggests that 1366×768 resolution has outperformed what is usually thought to be the most common screen resolutions in terms of popularity.

1366×763 has taken the crown from the more conventional 1024×768 as most popular resolution for those using their computer to access the internet. The study was done by a firm called StatCounter. The resolution has been rapidly growing in popularity alongside the HD standard 1920×1080 and 1600×900.

But what gives? Well, it turns out that 1366×763 is a common resolution found in cheap or budget end laptops that litter the market.

But for gamers, it’s not really anything to panic about – Steam have produced it’s own stats that show that gamers prefer the 1920×1080 resolution, and around 15% of users have multiple displays which, when added up, run at 3840×1080.

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