Amazon has posted an image for the boxart of Assassin’s Creed III and Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth for Nintendo Wii U.

Assuming the boxart is real, this would be the first ever look at the graphic style of the Wii U game boxes. The design features a centered, white logo on a aqua blue ribbon, separated by a golden trim that leads into the game’s main artwork. Both boxes also contain the “Nintendo Network” logo, which means the games connect to the internet in some way.

The images were posted on Amazon’s store item page that allow users to pre-order the games. But are they real, or are they simply fabrications from some over-excited data admin guy?

None of the boxarts have actually been released to press yet, so we’re happy to put this in the “maybe” pile. The use of the Wii U logo being completely white would be an interesting choice – Nintendo has trademarked the logo both with and without colour, but it would be weird for them to push a logo in different styles on the product boxes themselves.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo and Ubisoft for comment and will update you when/if we get word back. For now, check out the boxarts below!


We’ve also come across a Just Dance 4 Boxart, also on Amazon. It has been added to the images below.

Update 2!

Nintendo have confirmed these boxarts are the real deal! The game boxes will also be aqua-blue in colour (instead of the current Wii’s white plastic cases).




[Originally posted on August 7]

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