Kids Want a Wii U More than iPad mini for Christmas

Wii U most desired console by kids this Christmas

A recent poll suggests kids would rather receive a Nintendo Wii U this Christmas over Apple’s iPad mini – the budget friendly tablet released this month.

Wii U went on sale in North America last Sunday and is set to appear on Australian shelves on November 30. A poll conducted by Nielsen shows that 39% of kids aged 6-12 want a Nintendo Wii U, compared to 36% who want an iPad mini.

48% of kids polled, however, wanted the classic version of the iPad, according to the results. Regardless, Wii U topped all other consoles including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS. Interestingly, the poll also shows more kinds want a Kinect than those who want an Xbox 360.

Perhaps even more intriguing is where PlayStation Vita appears on the list — just 14% are asking for Sony’s latest handheld, the same number as those wanted a PlayStation Move. Nintendo’s Wii ranked higher at 20% and the Nintendo DS higher still at 29%. The list doesn’t appear to be all-inclusive, though, as Sony’s WonderBook wasn’t even mentioned despite it being a product targeted directly to the 6-12 age market.

At the end of the day, though, there are some questionable aspects of this research. For example, the question posed to these kids was “Interest in Buying in the Next 6 Months” — one wonders where all these 6 year olds are coming across the money to even be remotely interested in actually purchasing any of these products.

Source: Nielsen

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