As strange as it may sound, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, with a nod to its Nintendo Land counterpart, will feature multiplayer.

Multiplayer was initially leaked last week when it was listed as one of the features in the game on its website. Despite this, the website also states clearly that the number of playable characters was “1”.

To shed light on the situation, Nintendo have confirmed that the game will in fact have multiplayer, and will include download play and online play for up to four people. Allowing for all kinds of fun no matter your gaming situation.

In the official trailer, below, showcases one of the multiplayer modes. Entitled “Hunter Mode”, a team of up to four differently coloured Luigi’s (not unlike the four different coloured Links in any Zelda: Four Sword title) battle through what’s been dubbed a “Scarescraper”. It is here that the team of Luigis race against the clock to suck down many differing types of ghosts in true Luigi’s Mansion form until the floor is cleared of ghosts.

The game seems to cater for all skill levels too, with difficulty being able to be adjusted. Incentives to clear all the floors to achieve bonuses upon defeating the boss at the top of the tower are also present. With a small nod to the multiplayer antics of the Luigi’s Ghost Mansion game in Nintendo Land, fallen teammates can also be revived after capture.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be available in both digital and retail formats in Australia sometime in March, with no solid release date as yet. Does the idea of multiplayer ghost-busting appeal to you? If so, or even if you are just a little intrigued, check out the trailer then comment below!

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Brad Long

Brad Long

Brad Long grew up in a family completely unfamiliar with video gaming. Against all odds, he can lay claim to '100%ing' over 500 different video games, and secretly catalogues his victories. Brad has also started a family of his own, and raises them as future gamers, his son beating Guerilla War on the NES at age 4, his daughter finishing Donkey Kong's Crash Course 3 days after the Wii U launch at age 6.

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