Tom Crago, founder of Straight Right has revealed to Aussie-Gamer that upcoming Mass Effect 3: Special Edition will not use Miiverse functionality.

Miiverse is a video game social network baked into the Wii U console that can be used in various ways, such as commenting on certain points in the game and sharing tips.

But it seems that apart from the standard Miiverse functions, Mass Effect 3: Special Edition will not use the service in an integrated way.

“Miiverse functionality isn’t in Mass Effect 3. In the context of the game we never really talked about it.

“However, it’s something we’re interested in as a studio and with future titles that we might release we would love to look more into it.”

Mass Effect 3: Special Edition does, however, use the GamePad touchscreen and some other Wii U features. The quote is part of a larger interview between the studio founder and Aussie-Gamer Contributing Editor Jayden Williams.

Look out for the full interview soon. While you wait, check out the first trailer for the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 below!

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