Well, Tuesday for us in Australia, but you know what we mean. Microsoft have sent out media invitations to a special announcement in Los Angeles on Monday.

Actually, so mysterious is the announcement that they didn’t actually tell anyone where to go to see this announcement. Is Microsoft planning an invasion by space aliens to promote upcoming Halo 4? Probably not, but that would be one awesome PR event!

It’s a little soon from E3 for it to be a new Xbox console – especially since they only just announced ‘SmartGlass’ for the current 360, but who knows at this point? The most likely candidate is a new mobile phone, but aren’t we all sick of Microsoft talking about phones and tablets? Would it really be super exciting?

The invitations seems to think so. “This will be a major Microsoft announcement – you will not want to miss it.”, it reads.

Another guess would be Microsoft is trying to get a one-up on Apple and their rumoured TV. That’s possible; perhaps it has an integrated Xbox 360 and Kinect?

Or maybe it’s just some boring announcement with words like “enterprise” thrown around – in the boardroom term, not the Star Ship.

What do you think Microsoft has up it’s sleeve for Monday? Speculate in the comments below!

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