Microsoft Teases New Dirt Bike Game for Xbox Live Arcade

E3 is literally just around the corner, and Microsoft are starting to find their ship has a few leaks. Two images have appeared on the PlayXBLA website that suggests a new title will be announced at the expo next week.

Under the post “Secret Squirrel Screenshots”, two images appeared with the name “AMX_Mystery” showing a couple of Xbox Live Avatar-type characters riding dirt bikes around a desert level. The game actually looks like some kind of high definition version of ExciteBike (with some added New Super Mario Bros. pyramids added for massive damage), which would be super cool.

Of course, it’s not much to go by right now. Some are claiming the name of the game will be “Avatar Motorcross”, and the website is asking people to guess the name of the game.

We’ll be bringing you all the latest from E3 next week. Check out for full coverage of all the announcements!



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