Screw this planet.

One day, you’re born into a slimy, bloody, disgusting mess of someone else’s fluids, forced to grow up in a world of unrelenting bullying, trolling and Stargate cancellations only to find out it was all for naught and die an old, wrinkly, pathetic excuse for the biological marvel that you actually are.

Thankfully, some ubernerds in Russia have realised this life is somewhat limited by death and are working on a solution: trans-humanisation.

The movement is called “Russia 2045” and it’s attracting scientists and forward thinking people from around the world to band together to eventually tackle the problem of dying. The consensus was to develop two types of “avatar” androids.

Avatar-A will be a robotic servant controlled by the human mind and has a target release date of around 2025. Avatar-B, which the movement is hoping to release by 2045, is a robotic body that one’s entire being is downloaded into, thoughts, memories and all.

The group also assumes that eventually these bodies will be upgraded to include full sensory perception. This will allow humans to be alive forever, living as robots but experiencing the world as a human. It gets better, though – without the need for food or air, we can finally leave this planet and explore the entire universe.

While the idea of being uploaded into a robot may sound a bit strange, the movement compare it to the development of space travel and nuclear power.

You can join the initiative at For now, check out the information video below.

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