Miiverse Launches on Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's social network is about to get a lot more social

Nintendo today released a system update for Nintendo 3DS that pushes the social network Miiverse to the handheld console.

Players can now access Miiverse on their Nintendo 3DS to post about a selection of popular games for the system. Those who own a Wii U console can link their Nintendo Network ID account and use the same account on both consoles.

Linking the Nintendo Network ID allows players to unify their Nintendo eShop accounts, too. This means players are able to use one credit card or payment for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShops, which should simplify the process somewhat.

Currently, players are unable to access their Miiverse friends list from their Nintendo 3DS, meaning friends lists are still kept seperate between devices however players can keep tabs on their Wii U friends by accessing their Miiverse Activity Feed on Nintendo 3DS. Wording within the handheld Miiverse suggests the unified friends list is in the works for a future launch.

The system update issues a new icon for the network on the Nintendo 3DS home menu and is able to be accessed while playing a game or using another piece of software. Just like the Wii U version, players can post screenshots of supported titles to the network. 3D mode is supported with these uploads. Photos taken with the built-in 3D camera are not supported.

The Nintendo 3DS version can also be used in ‘offline mode’. Players can make posts while not being connected to the internet for publishing once they come in range of a WiFi signal.

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  • MachoViper

    WooHoo! It works a little slow but that’s fine. No virtual console communities yet either.