One of the biggest games in Japan right now has apparently been confirmed for launch in US and European territories in 2012, according to Edge Magazine.

Monster Hunter 3G was released in December last year in Japan to huge acclaim and fanfare. Being a port of the Nintendo Wii version, Monster Hunter 3 (Tri), the Nintendo 3DS version features more monsters to hunt, more items to find and equip and a slew of extra missions, including SpotPass and StreetPass support. The game will launch in Europe in the third quater of 2012.

The Nintendo 3DS version also supports the optional Circle Pad Pro controller attachment for the console. This adds a second analogue stick which is used to control the in-game camera instead of the touchpad.

While relatively popular in the West, the Monster Hunter series in Japan is a social-gaming phenomenon. The series single-handily saved the Sony PSP in the region with the release of Monster Hunter Freedom (Portable in Japan), catapulting the console into the top three sales position for many months in the wake of every release.

A Nintendo 3DS exclusive title in the series, Monster Hunter 4 is rumoured to be released in Japan by the end of the year.

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