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Monster Hunter 4 Aiming for Spring 2013 Release on Nintendo 3DS Monster Hunter 4 Aiming for Spring 2013 Release on Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter 4 Aiming for Spring 2013 Release on Nintendo 3DS

Capcom have released a new trailer for upcoming Monter Hunter 4 which will release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS next year.

The title was first unveiled by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in a “Nintendo Direct” video last year, but since then no word had been revealed about the title until Capcom’s Game Jam convention, which is happening in Japan this week.

The new title will feature some new abilities for characters, such as climbing up cliffs, walls and even monsters. Characters will now be able to jump platform style. The new trailer for the game (below) shows some familiar monsters, namely Felynes, the Tigrex and Rathalos.

The overall look of the game has also had a bright new coat of paint. Monster Hunter is an incredibly huge deal for Japanese gamers and has had a loyal following in Western regions in later years – and to have an exclusive title from a series this massive is an extremely big deal for Nintendo.

Check out the trailer below. Monster Hunter 4 will launch in Japan in “Spring 2013”.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=742637917 Luke Kyo Reichmuth

    Graphically, 3G looks better. :l

    Oh well, i’m still excited for this.

  • GavtheNinja

    yes. They better not be using the excuse that the world your in is so huge or that it has online so they don’t need put anything into the graphics. hopefully the graphics resolution is still being worked on. this game MH4, also better not be what Sevvenson, (however you spell his name) was saying that, “the monster hunter future is bright” for. obviously its going to take from two to three years for us (US and UK) to get MH4 and this game doesn’t have the right to replace 3G at all.

    MHT3G NEEDS to come out here. but isn’t Capcom worried that a large enough fan-base isn’t present? first of all, the cover art for the game Monster hunter tri for Wii itself didnt really look appealing. when i first saw it in Wallmart (having never heard of monster hunter) i saw what the guy on there was wearing and it looked like he came from some village. it looked like you had to do boring village quests like bringing in meat for the village or something before you got to ‘slay the dragon’ that was threatening your village. that was what i thought being a noob to the game and didnt buy it beause of that- I was a possible addition to the fanbase in the west and im sure thats one of the reasons Tri didnt sell as much as Capcom would have liked it to. through the cover art, MHT didnt look like the game it actually was. luckily, however, my friend introduced me to that wii version and now im a complete MH fan.

    Monster hunter tri 3G actually has an appealing cover art. you see a unique scary looking monster, with lava in the background, and a guy in an awesome blue armor with an awesome kind of sword, standing up to it. “ooo i want to get THAT game!” is what the kids who’ve never heard of monster hunter, will most likely say to their parents or to themselves. cover art matters when trying to appeal to new gamers in a store or anywhere for that matter :/ .

    its also funnie because compaired to other MH games, Tri is almost a rip-off in a way. but because MH usually has so much fun content, cutting that content in half and making the game MHTri out of it still left the game with a considerable amount of content and so it is still fun.

    MHT3G has enough new and mixed up content in it to make it a completely new game aside from Tri and MH Portable 3rd. There is an incredible amount of content on it. and i think Capcom, Nintendo, Soney- whoever it is who is in charge of making the decision to buy the game and then localize it, would be missing a HUGE chance of greatly increasing the MH fanbase NATIONALLY. the game would do even BETTER with online wi-fi but i dont want them to use putting it on as an exuse to take off any content lol.

    Please Capcom or Whoever- i Need to hear word on Monster Hunter Tri 3G- That it will be localized! this waiting without word or information is killing me!