Capcom have released a new trailer for upcoming Monter Hunter 4 which will release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS next year.

The title was first unveiled by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in a “Nintendo Direct” video last year, but since then no word had been revealed about the title until Capcom’s Game Jam convention, which is happening in Japan this week.

The new title will feature some new abilities for characters, such as climbing up cliffs, walls and even monsters. Characters will now be able to jump platform style. The new trailer for the game (below) shows some familiar monsters, namely Felynes, the Tigrex and Rathalos.

The overall look of the game has also had a bright new coat of paint. Monster Hunter is an incredibly huge deal for Japanese gamers and has had a loyal following in Western regions in later years – and to have an exclusive title from a series this massive is an extremely big deal for Nintendo.

Check out the trailer below. Monster Hunter 4 will launch in Japan in “Spring 2013”.

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