Mortal Kombat Leads Video Game Sales Surge, Australian Industry Misses Out

May 13th, 2011 at 9:36 am

2011 has been pretty bleak in the video game industry. Wii sales have fallen, PlayStation 3’s are being traded in due to the network breach, and game sales have been less than impressive across the board. Thankfully for the industry, April has seen an interesting surge in sales, and it’s all due to two lowly titles.

Those titles are this year’s Portal 2 and the banned-in-Australia Mortal Kombat, both available on multiple platforms, according to recently release NPD data. The firm says that Mortal Kombat alone has sold just under 900,000 units in April. Software sales rose to US$503 million in April.

Also performing well was video game accessories (US$147.6 million sold in April), while console numbers rose by 12% to US$279.9 million. Interestingly – especially since this was the period when the PlayStation Network went down – the best selling accessory was the Xbox Live 1600 Points card.

Sadly, the Australian video game industry, that was once worth more than AU$1.2 Billion has not seen the same success, partly due to the Australian Classification Board banning the worldwide best selling title, Mortal Kombat.

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